How dangerous helminth whipworm for man? How to recover from trihotsefaleze

Tryhotsefalez, caused by whipworm - This bot from the group of intestinal nematodes. Currently it holds the second position among the human parasites in the number of infections after roundworm. In order to avoid or early treatment, you need to know, what trichocephalosis (vlasoglav). The strongest danger is, that the period of invasion may reach 5-6 years old.


The causative agent is trihotsefaleze whipworm. The front of this parasite extended, barely more thick hair, the back has a bulge. Length females within 55 mm, male to 45. Color parasite golden brown. Parasite in humans and several species of monkeys.

Once in the body, Parasites are found in most cases in the gut, yet to larvae develop.

Власоглав - возбудитель болезни
Whipworm - pathogen

Attention! Larvae are introduced into the mucous membranes, and damage them, thereby causing disease.

Sexually mature parasite gets into the colon. The female may postpone per day from 100 to 3500 eggs. This is considered to be high fertility, and therefore, develop and grow quantitatively whipworm in the body will very quickly. The main power source and a host mucosal blood. And considering, they can exist for a long time in the host organism, intestinal damage affects other organs and systems.

Important! If a person once absorbed whipworm eggs and are no longer in contact with them, sooner or later, the parasite dies and is removed from the body naturally. But during this time will significantly undermine health.

Ways of infection

Infestation often occurs in areas with warm and humid climate, there, where there are optimal conditions for the development and reproduction. Very often there is a large percentage of the affected population in the, where there is no proper sanitation.

Important! The source of infection is human feces, with it helminth eggs stand on Wednesday. The probability of infection increases, if there are no conditions for the proper disposal of human waste, or when used as fertilizer.

The greatest risk of infection are people, working in agriculture. Trichocephalosis in children occurs as a result of ingestion of eggs, that are on the soil or in water, contaminated with human feces patient.

Риск заражения через грязные руки
Unwashed hands can be a source of infection

Important! Trihuroz can only survive in the human body, pets can not speak source of infection.


Trihuroza symptoms are varied and subtle as. This infestation can be easily confused with other. Detecting intensity of symptoms depends on the number of parasites, living in the body and the condition of the host immune system.

The presence of chronic diseases and pathologies lead to the development of severe trihotsefaleze, and, if found parasites, treatment process is time-consuming and require several courses reception of drugs.

Sometimes adults for asymptomatic disease. This greatly complicates the diagnosis at an early stage and triggers the development of complications. By the clinical symptoms are:

  1. Nausea and vomiting.
  2. appetite loss.
  3. Long, not passing diarrhea or other changes in stool.
  4. It hurts pohozhie of these, that there appendicitis.
  5. colitis.
  6. nervous disorders.

Infection can reveal a number of other symptoms, among them:

  • heartburn and nocturnal teeth grinding;
  • skin defects - acne, spots, itch, hyperemia;
  • men likely to develop impotence, Infertility in women, miscarriage, cycle violation, hormonal disruptions.

The characteristic symptoms are not pronounced, therefore it is necessary for any doubts to analyze for the presence of parasites in the body of this group.

При регулярных дискомфортных ощущениях в животе необходимо сдать анализы на наличие паразитов
With regular discomfort in the abdomen must be tested for the presence of parasites

Important! on, how quickly will be diagnosed, dependent effects on human health. If not alerted in time and did not see a doctor in case of uncontrolled diarrhea mixed with blood, possible influence of the pathogen in the nervous system. This will manifest itself in the form of headaches, fainting, convulsions, sleep disturbance and increased aggressiveness.

The dangers of the disease

In the absence of adequate treatment, But many people do not even know, what trichocephalosis, possible development of a number of complications. Among them, the most serious:

  1. Deficiency of vitamins and proteins. Which leads to disruption of growth and development, This is especially dangerous for children.
  2. anemia.
  3. peritonitis. A high probability of its development, if adults pierce colon host their sharp and thin tails.
  4. Polyps and cysts.
  5. Malignant tumors.


To establish the existence in the human whipworm and purpose of treatment is carried out in the presence of fecal parasite eggs. This analysis can be done in any particular laboratory or in an infectious diseases hospital. Detection of the eggs in the feces or adults is their presence in the body 100%. But at the same time, the lack of them in the analysis does not guarantee, that no contamination, for if from the moment of infection has been less than 2-3 months, in their feces may not yet be.

Так выглядит паразит
It looks like a parasite

Prevention of infection

Treat trichocephalosis long and problem, easier to prevent them contracting. And considering, that immunity to the parasite is not produced, regular ingestion of the eggs leads to reinfection.

Simple recommendations will help to eliminate gelmitizatsiyu:

  1. If on the territory of permanent residence or temporary has spread trihotsefaleze, should avoid contact with the soil, which may be contaminated with the feces of people.
  2. To control the absence of faecal contamination.
  3. Every time you work with the land and stay on the street need to wash their hands.
  4. Vegetables and fruits, which can be ground particles, you need to thoroughly wash.
  5. Drink only pure water, If you are not sure of the purity, that flows from the tap or in the well, better to buy bottled.
  6. All these rules, explain to children and monitor, in what soil they play.


We need comprehensive treatment, frequently includes drugs such exposure:

  • antiglistnye preparations in the form of suspensions;
  • antispasmodics;
  • antihistamines;
  • painkillers;
  • vitamin-mineral complexes.

Antiparasitic therapy is effective next drugs, among them:

  1. mebendazole. This is analogous to the well-known and frequently used by parasites Vermoxum. Ease of treatment in the, that need to take all 1 tablet - 500mg. There is a version with a lower dose at a time, but then treatment is extended to 3 day of 100 mg.
  2. albendazole. Its duration is receiving 3 day of 1 tablet (400 mg).
  3. It has proved effective in the therapeutic treatment of Kvantrelem. Once a day for 3 days must be taken 10(20)mg.
  4. It helps to cope with the symptoms of Ivermectin. The calculation of the drug is carried out on such a scheme - 200 micrograms per kilogram of patient body weight. length of treatment 3 day, taking the drug should be on 1 once a day.
Лечим с помощью вермокса
We are treated using Vermoxum

It is also possible oxygen therapy. Oxygen is introduced via the tip into the rectum. similar dose, as in the ascariasis, but over 3-5 days daily.

Diathermy gives good results. It is administered in combination with anthelmintic preparations, before the chemotherapy course. One electrode is applied to the second stomach to the sacro-lumbar region. Power supply current 1,5 ampere. A session lasts until 30 minutes. all you need 10 procedures.

note! parasitic infection treatment in children is carried out using the same drugs, but with a reduced dosage, which is prescribed by the attending physician.

To support the body in the complex is recommended to take B vitamins and iron supplements. Probiotics are indispensable, they help restore the intestinal microflora.

Pest control treatment does not end, a month after the completion of treatment must pass repeated tests. If larvae are found in the feces, We need to re deworming.

Дополнительно принимаем витамины
Additionally, take vitamins

general treatment

Trihotsefaleze treated for infection should be, and all the members of his family or the, with whom he lives in the same house, undergo triple screening, that will be able to confirm or deny the existence of this type of worms or their eggs in the feces.

After treatment, on the dispensary patient and his family is over 2 years old, every spring and autumn, all family members are required to take the appropriate tests.


the risk of infection in such types of worms that, that they can exist in the human body for years - to eat, grow and develop. Sometimes the infection is asymptomatic, and gelmetizatsii detection comes too late, then, Done when the body is brought too strong. To treatment is not needed at all, We need to implement preventive measures and be tested regularly.

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