Anaferon children (drops and tablets) - indications for use and admission rules

Children most often suffer from viral diseases, especially in winter, when the immune system is weakened and the child's body becomes susceptible to infections, causing colds. To improve the baby's defenses pediatricians recommend the use of drugs, one of which is a children Anaferon, It is safe homeopathic remedy.

Анаферон детский безопасное гомеопатическое средство, повышает защитные силы организма
Anaferon children - safe homeopathic remedy, It increases the body's defenses

In what cases and at what age children are used Anaferon, of which helps the drug and whether it can be used for the prevention of seasonal flu cases, ORVI, ORZ?

The composition and form of the preparation

Anaferon contains special homeopathic substances, stimulating the body to fight off viruses and destroy them. It is produced in the form of a suckable tablet for use by children and adults and drops, directly intended for toddlers.

Composition dosage forms somewhat different:

  1. In tablets contain lactose, magnesium stearate, antibodies to gamma-interferon and microscopic cellulose;
  2. Drops in addition to the main active ingredient, antibodies to gamma-interferon, soderzhat glycerol, food additive, malititol, water and potassium salt of sorbic acid.

note! The homeopathic composition provides immunomodulatory and antiviral effect Anaferon, that allows you to use the drug as a preventive measure to prepare for the child's organism to the season Outbreak.

Anaferon drug active against most pathogens known viruses:

  • Entyerovirusov;
  • varicella;
  • Influenza and parainfluenza;
  • calicivirus;
  • zoster 2 and 1 type;
  • Respiratory syncytial virus;
  • kissing disease;
  • Adenovirusov;
  • coronavirus;
  • tick efntsefalita.

With regular use of the drug in the number of pathogenic germs child's body is substantially reduced, and simultaneously increases the concentration of cytokines and interferon, responsible for immunity. Thus Anaferon activates body to confront pathogenic bacteria and infection.

Indications for use

Homeopathic agent is used when the first symptoms of colds, as well as their prevention.

Анаферон детский применяют при появлении первых симптомов простудных заболеваний, а также для их профилактики
Anaferon child applied when the first symptoms of colds, as well as their prevention

When administered Anaferon:

  • treatment Orville, laringitov, flu, pharyngitis;
  • Infection with enteroviruses;
  • Combined therapy of herpes infection (with herpes angina, chickenpox, infectious mononucleosis, genital herpes);
  • With frequent colds;
  • Infection with coronaviruses, rotavirus;
  • In the complex treatment of secondary immunodeficiencies, viral encephalitis and tick-borne bacterial infections;
  • Prevention of viral diseases.

Under these conditions can be applied to virtually Anaferon infants, since the first months of baby's life.

How to apply Anaferon

kids to 3-4 s recommended for the treatment and prevention of diseases Anaferon in drops or tablets dissolve in water preparation. Older kiddies, who can dissolve the pills, the drug can be given in pill form.

In Drops

Anaferon children instruction indicates, that children should be consumed at a dosage of 10 drops of the preparation according to the following scheme:

  • First, every half an hour to eat a single dose 5 times in a row;
  • Then, within the same day, three reception drops drink at regular intervals;
  • In the next day (from the second to the fifth day) drink three times a day at this dosage.

Eat Anaferon children drops preferably in between meals - for optimum 15-20 minutes before a meal.

In tablets,

Anaferon pill should be placed in the mouth and hold until completely dissolved, children up to three years in the absence of droplets can to facilitate reception dissolve the tablet in boiled water.

Important! Anaferon should start taking the first manifestations of viral diseases. The rapid onset of treatment, the sooner the kid recovery.

Таблетки Анаферона не пьют, а помещают в рот и держат ее там до полного растворения
Anaferon tablets do not drink, and placed in the mouth and hold it there until completely dissolved

How to take Anaferon:

  • The dosage regimen is similar to the use of tablets drops Anaferon: in the first two hours every half hour to dissolve one pill (Total - 5 tablets), then three more pieces of pills to take before the end of the day. In the following days to take three times a day for a pill to complete disappearance of symptoms within 3-5 days.
  • In the treatment of immunodeficiencies take one pill a day Anaferon, unless instructed otherwise by your doctor. Simultaneously, additional symptomatic and antiviral agents can be used.
  • When genital herpes in the first three days drink 8 tablets per day at regular intervals. Then the method reduces to 4 tablets per day rate in one month. Admission may be extended as a preventive measure with a doctor's permission.
  • Anaferon children for prevention should be used for one tablet per day (Course - one to three months) during seasonal diseases.

If, within 3-5 days the symptoms do not disappear after the start of therapy and no improvement, should stop taking the drug and consult a pediatrician.

When harmful Anaferon

In addition you are hypersensitive to the drug, contraindications to Anaferon for children no. Homeopathic remedy is not recommended to receive pregnant and lactating women, and kids under the age of 1 of the month.

note! Unlike other antiviral drugs prolonged use causes no overdose Anaferon, addiction and side effects.

Anaferon of data incompatibility with other drugs is not, so it can be combined with other medicines, including in the complex therapy.

The drug may cause harm to children, lactose having congenital deficiency, tk. it includes the presence of lactose.

Cost and analogues

Price Anaferon in different pharmacies varies and can range from 150 rub. for tablets and 250 rub. for drops.

can be replaced when necessary, a drug other drugs with homeopathic ingredients, affecting the production of interferon, and stimulates the body to fight infectious agents.

Анаферон детский можно заменить другими лекарственными средствами с аналогичным действием и составом
Anaferon child can be replaced by other drugs with similar effects and composition

Popular analogues:

  • Arbidol - the antiviral drug, assigned to the second year of life. It is active against coronavirus and influenza virus. Present in the form of tablets, suspensions and capsules.
  • Ergoferon - homeopathic remedy, having a similar active substance ANAFERON. It used in tablet form for patients from 6 months and a solution for children older than three years.
  • Viferon - candles with interferon alpha, active against viral hepatitis, intestinal infections and other infectious agents. Approved for use even premature babies.
  • Aflubin - homeopathic drops, assigned to the first life for the prevention and treatment of influenza, ORZ, paragrippa, ORVI, rheumatism.
  • Kagocel - drug, similar in therapeutic effect with ANAFERON, but permitted for use on three years. The advantage of the drug is the fact, Kagocel that has a therapeutic effect even in the later stages of the disease, when other similar drugs are powerless.

In addition to resist viruses, and improve immunity pediatrician may prescribe drugs Grippferon, Amiksin, İmunin, Galavit etc. To choose the drug with a similar effect is not recommended, Only a doctor with regard to age, conditions and may recommend the optimum situation for the treatment and prevention of colds.

Opinions of physicians and patient testimonials

Doctors there are versatile opinion on the effectiveness of drugs Anaferon. for example, Komarovsky reviews about the drug are skeptical character - a pediatrician doubts the therapeutic effect of pills and drops due to low content of the active substance. Komorowski stresses, that the drug does not kill viruses, but only stimulates the body's defenses. And this can be achieved without the use of drugs, strengthening the immunity of the child at an early age.

Guest parents can be seen as positive, and negative. part parents, preferring homeopathic remedies treat, Anaferon considered highly effective and at the same time safe means, relieves symptoms of infectious diseases and the development of common cold warning.

Among the advantages of the drug, celebrated parents, relatively low cost, no side effects, minimum of contra-indications and the possibility of long-term use of prophylactic no threat to the baby's health.

Parents often notes, that there is no effect of the homeopathic remedy has not brought as in the treatment of infectious diseases, and in their prevention. but, while no adverse effects with children Anaferon not observed.

celebrated, that the most pronounced effect and a positive effect was observed, if parents start giving the drug at the first manifestations of the disease.

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