Amiksin for adults – how to take the treatment and prevention of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections?

Every year in the autumn-winter period begins midst of viral respiratory diseases. Colds and flu quickly spread, often leading to the present epidemics. For the treatment of these pathologies using a variety of antiviral agents, such as Amiksin.

Flu in humans can completely any age. The disease is especially terrible for the elderly and children. The manufacturer of this product has provided two forms of its tablets. Amiksin 60 mg is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases in juvenile, and adults created Amiksin 125 mg.

Амиксин - это отличное профилактическое и иммуномодулирующие средство против сезонных заболеваний и ОРВИ
Amiksin - it is an excellent preventive and immunomodulating agent against seasonal diseases and SARS


Amiksin tablets applies only to the territory of Ukraine and Russia. Originally it was developed for use in emergency situations, where people can not access medical care. Since during various disasters person is not able to figure out on their own, which virus was in his body, the drug acts against a broad spectrum of pathogens.

Although the army has always had access to vaccines against influenza, hepatitis A, herpes and other diseases, side effects could make a fighter incapable. As a result, in the mid-seventies, the General Intelligence Department has ordered the creation of a universal antiviral drug, which action would not lead to serious negative consequences.

And there was Amiksin, antiviral and immunomodulatory agent. He is an inducer of endogenous interferon, which allows him to suppress the development of viral cells in the human body. Unlike vaccines, medicine does not deliver ready-cell immunity, but it causes the body to produce its own.

Этот препарат помогает нашему организму вырабатывать интерферон, который отвечает за быструю борьбу с вирусами
This drug helps our body to produce interferon, which is responsible for a quick fight viruses

Release form and composition

The drug is manufactured as a biconvex form tablets, which are painted in yellow color, although it permitted and yellow color. Kernel sectional inhomogeneous, bright orange hue. Each tablet has a volume of either 60, or 125 mg. The capsules are packaged for polymer bottles, each of which is six, ten or twenty pieces.

Adult Amiksin 125 mg of the composition and effects of the principle does not differ from the version for children. In both cases the active substance acts tilorona. It is located inside the capsule, yellow shell protects the component from degradation by gastric hydrochloric acid. it disappears, Only when the drug gets to the intestine.

Supporting elements are:

  • Vazelinovoe oil;
  • calcium stearate;
  • Gelatin;
  • Basic magnesium carbonate;
  • About tropeolin;
  • aeroforces;
  • Sugar;
  • Beeswax;
  • Titanium dioxide;
  • Talc.

Once in the intestine, tilorona causes the epithelium to produce large amounts of interferon. This process further substances such as neutrophils contribute, hepatocytes, granulocytes and T-lymphocytes. If the body has already got ready interferon, this could lead to side effects such as cardiac arrhythmias, but this form to minimize the possible negative consequences.

Для удобности пациентов Амиксин выпускают в форме таблеток в дозировках 60 и 125 мг
For convenient patient Amiksin produced in tablet form in dosages 60 and 125 mg

pharmachologic effect

More than half of the active ingredient penetrates the blood, where production of the three types of interferon beginning to happen. The drug remains in the plasma during the day from the date of entering into the intestine. Because of this need to take pills rather rare. Usually between each reception held at least one day.

Interferon synthesis begins four hours after reaching the desired concentration. As a result of the drug significantly reduces the recovery period, and also decreases the risk of complications. Besides, tirolin strengthens immunity thanks:

  • Effects on bone marrow stem cells. As a result of the increased content of immune cells in the plasma;
  • Stimulating the synthesis of antibodies by plasma cells and B-lymphocytes;
  • Normalize the number of T and B lymphocytes.

The active component is distributed freely by the human body, easily penetrates through the placenta or, eg, blood-brain barrier. He is able to get in to and including breast milk. While in a human body component does not pass biotransformation, its structure remains virtually unchanged.

Tirolin has high connection with blood proteins, they are about 80%. Bioavailability is at 60%. Most of the drug leaves the body almost unchanged with the faeces, and about 7% It comes out in the urine. Typically, the half-life is completed in two days.

Прием таблеток при первых симптомах заболевания способствует быстрому лечению и выздоровлению
Pills when the first symptoms of the disease and contributes to the rapid recovery treatment


Instructions for use Amiksina recommends using it against a variety of viral pathologies. for example, using medications affect hepatitis types A, B and C. It is effective against herpes viruses, and herpes zoster. Other indications for use are:

  • disease, triggered by cytomegalovirus;
  • Acute respiratory infections, like flu;
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • chlamydia;
  • Entsefalomeningit (viral and infectious and allergic-type).

In the case of tuberculosis and other serious pathologies, Amiksin used only as supplementary measures of influence, in the complex therapy. With tablets allowed not only treatment, but prevention of acute respiratory disease. For children older than seven years, the drug is only suitable as a treatment for flu, at a younger age, he is not used.

Sometimes Amiksin administered during the recovery of the body after serious procedures, such as chemotherapy, irradiation or surgery. Despite the theoretical possibility of the drug for children, most often it is prescribed only for adults.

Важно помнить, что Амиксин помогает преодолеть не только простудные заболевания, но и способен бороться с вирусами герпеса
Important to remember, Amiksin that not only helps to overcome colds, but is able to fight the herpes virus

Contraindications and side effects

Instructions to amiksin indicates the ability of the drug to pass through the placenta and passes into breast milk, and the drug is banned for use in pregnancy and baby-feeding. Although in fact the drug is positioned almost completely safe (in addition to bearing, in the list of contraindications include only children's age), this is largely due to an insufficient number of studies.

In Europe, action Amiksina studied only in terms of its impact on the formation of tumors and urethritis. On the territory of the Russian-speaking countries was dealt with and the other effects of medications, but studies were not placebo control. So often, speaking about the safety of this drug, many add the phrase "in the words of advertising".

note. Amiksin incompatible with alcohol. Self medication and alcohol are toxic, and while using seriously complicate liver function.

In many European countries Amiksin not apply, as it is considered, that it leads to numerous side effects. In fact, their list does not look impressive. It consists of digestive disorders in the form of liquid stool (due to the fact, that most of the drug goes through the feces), allergies (often it appears against a background of individual intolerance), fever and chills.

Если вы обнаружили у себя какие-то побочные эффекты после приема препарата, прекратите эго использование
If you find yourself in some side effects after taking the drug, stop using it

How to take Amiksin?

Amiksin can be combined with antibiotics. This is especially useful in a situation, when a person does not know, Whether the body struck by viruses or bacteria. As a result, possible to simultaneously work on two types of pathogen. Amiksin inhibits the production of certain bacteria, but by itself is not an antibiotic, but because its application does not require a subsequent reduction of the intestinal microflora.

some interested, whether Amiksin crush, that, eg, facilitate its reception children. Doing so can not be, because the containment does not allow gastric juices reach the active ingredient. If this happens, the medicine will not give the desired effect. The treatment regimen should be next:

  • For influenza exposure of adults use 125 mg. One tablet drink once a day for two days, then take it with a break of day. All you need to drink about six tablets;
  • To prevent influenza capsule drink once a week for six weeks;
  • Children one capsule 60 mg given at first, the second and fourth days of illness. In the event of a serious flu consume more current one tablet, on the sixth day;
  • In hepatitis in adult treatment regimen does not change, but the duration of therapy significantly increased. Usually, you need to drink 16 capsules per month;
  • In chronic hepatitis, first using a previous scheme, and then take the capsule in a week. Duration of the course at the same time can be 11 months;
  • Chlamydia and genital infections are treated by taking one tablet in the first two days, and then you need to take a break from the eight pieces per day.

If Amiksin used to restore the immune system after radiation or chemotherapy, within six weeks, you need to drink two tablets per week. If necessary, a month after that, you can spend a refresher course lasting six weeks.

При приеме Амиксина нужно соблюдать инструкцию или следовать назначению врача
When receiving Amiksina need to follow the instructions or follow the doctor's prescription

Cost and analogues

In the review, people often mention that, the drug may be useless, if you use it without a doctor's appointment. However, many say, Amiksin that is a good tool for the prevention and treatment of influenza in school children. negative feedback, usually, not, they are either positive, either neutral.

Buy Amiksin can be priced at about 500-600 rubles. As an analogy, usually selected medications like Aktavirona, Tilaksina and Lavomaksa. If you want to find a cheap way, you can buy Arbidol, Anaferon, complications, Tsikloferon, Ribavirin and certain other drugs.

What better Amiksina can cope with a particular disease case, solves only doctor. Often, people choose between this drug and, eg, Kagocelom. Last loses with the speed and range of the impact point of view,. Kagocel prescribed only with SARS, flu and gerpinfektsii. But medicine has radioprotective effect, and no Amiksin.

note. Kagocel allowed to give children over three years.

Ingavirin wins in terms of its value, but it can only take adults, and the medicine has no immunomodulating effect. Arbidol can be given to children from three years, its price is lower Amiksina, but the range of applications is somewhat narrower. Tsikloferon in their effect is almost identical, but causes more side effects.

Если по каким-то причинам вы не можете приобрести Амиксин, можно воспользоваться аналогом - препаратом Циклоферон
If for some reason you can not buy Amiksin, You can use the analogue - drug TSikloferon

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