Instructions on the use of vaccines against influenza Vaksigripp. Price and reviews of preparation

Which is better - in the season of colds and flu are constantly afraid of sick and almost do not go out, or get vaccinated and protect themselves from possible serious complications? The answer to this question is obvious, However, not everyone agrees on the use of injections, who put in hospitals. Some people prefer to buy their own versions of medicines. for example, Vaksigripp vaccine sold in pharmacies.

This tool is used as a flu preventive measures. The need for such a process, there is little doubt, because every year in the world there are new strains of the disease. Pathogens flu mutate easily, why epidemiologists have to annually develop new vaccinations. Thanks to them, the virus does not take away so many lives, as it was in the last century.

Прививка от гриппа не дает гарантии, что привитый человек не заболеет гриппом, но она помогает обезопасить себя от возможных серьёзных осложнений
The flu shot does not guarantee, that vaccinated people get sick with influenza, but it helps to protect themselves from possible serious complications

How dangerous the flu?

Influenza - an acute infection, activator which is an influenza virus. He regularly gives rise to epidemics and pandemics. According to the World Health Organization, annually from the disease killed about five hundred thousand. known, that in some years the figure was increased almost twice.

The influenza virus has high ability to mutate, which is why almost every year, people are faced with a new form of the disease. For many, it becomes a reason to refuse vaccinations, However, this may be true, eg, for residents of Asian countries. The fact, that epidemiologists have identified patterns in the spread of the pathogen. Therefore, for the autumn season diseases in hospitals are usually already have a ready vaccinated against the pathogen, which earlier this year was seen in other countries.

Many do not see a serious difference between the flu and the common cold, and therefore do not reflect the need to protect themselves from disease. but, if cold is usually limited to a small temperature rhinitis and, in the case of influenza's different. Its symptoms include:

  • Prostration,
  • Pain in muscles and joints,
  • Aches in the whole body,
  • Abdominal pain,
  • Chest pain,
  • cold,
  • Cough,
  • gastricism.

In particularly serious cases during illness temperature can reach forty degrees. The heat will be accompanied by the creation of a confused, vomiting and cramps. At the same unpleasant symptoms - not the only danger flu. The disease often leads to complications. There are a variety of diseases, including pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, otitis, heart diseases, liver, kidney, joints and the gastrointestinal tract.

Кроме непрятной симптоматики грипп опасен осложнениями
In addition to flu symptoms nepryatno dangerous complications

Description of the preparation

Although Vaksigripp vaccine, like any other, can not definitely guarantee that, that people do not get sick, it makes it easier for disease and reduces the chance of complications. It is the manufacturer of the drug company Sanofi Pasteur S. A, which is in France. First means have started to use in the late sixties, and to Russia reached in the vaccine 1992 year.

For the growth of viruses, which then will be used to manufacture the drug, used chicken embryos. After that, How should the pathogen appear in them, his cleave and inactivate. In this state, the microorganism is unable to cause human infection, but it helps to direct the body's defenses to fight the disease possible.

Vaccination is a trivalent Vaksigripp. It means, it protects against three types of pathogens. As with most such drugs, it contains two type A strains and one type B strain. First, all pathogens are grown individually, and then combined into a single composition.

Manufacturers annually monitor the emergence and spread of new strains, properly changing its vaccine. AT 2016 year, emphasis was placed on swine flu, and is projected to physicians in the season 2017-2018 expected to Hong Kong. Along the way there is with them, and the spread of some of the older strains.

Вакцина Ваксигрипп - препарат французского производства, в России начала использоваться с 1992 года
Vaksigripp vaccine - a drug produced in France, in Russia began to be used with 1992 of the year

Instructions for use

The flu shot is made in bottles of 0,5 ml. This slightly iridescent whitish liquid. Vaksigripp vaccine consists of three groups of antigens. Besides these, the structure includes a buffer solution. It is created out of the water for injection, as well as substances such as:

  • potassium chloride,
  • sodium chloride,
  • potassium dihydrogen phosphate,
  • sodium dihydrogen phosphate.

Since the flu vaccine created by a pathogen growing in chicken embryos, it may contain particles of ovalbumin. Usually one dose is found no more 0,05 ug of the substance. However, the possibility of its presence causes one of contraindications for vaccination. Injections can not put people, who may be allergic to chicken protein.

Instructions to Vaksigripp not prohibit vaccinations put children. If the child is more than three years, then use the dosage for adults. They are administered once 0,5 ml formulation. Vaksigripp children from six months to three years in the amount of chopping 0,25 ml. If immunization is performed for the first time, a month is better to pass it again.

The drug is administered by intramuscular or deep subcutaneous injection, or in the upper third of the shoulder, or in the middle third of the thigh. Intravenous means not applicable. According to the manufacturer, the immune system successfully produced approximately ninety percent of the people, unvaccinated. The effectiveness of the drug is maintained throughout the year.

После вакцинации, иммунитет вырабатывается примерно у девяноста процентов людей, и сохраняется на протяжении года
After vaccination, the immune system produces approximately ninety percent of the people, and maintained throughout the year

special cases

The vaccine Vaksigripp banned for use only in two cases - when a person has an allergy to chicken protein, or previous injection has led to a any allergic reactions. Pregnancy is not a contraindication to the use of. The drug is safe for women, and for her fetus.

note. It is better to delay the vaccine against influenza at least until the second trimester. Prick transferred to a month in advance, if an elevated temperature.

Side effects develop after the vaccination is very rare. Usually, the negative effect is limited to redness at the injection site. The review referred to Vaksigripp consequences in the form of a small increase in temperature, about 37 degrees. In some cases, chills occur in people, head, joint and muscle pain.

Very rarely, preparation but nevertheless can lead to angioedema, neuralgia, prehodyashtey thrombocytopenia, paresthesia, cramps and hives. Doctors recommend not to leave the clinic for half an hour after the injection, so that in case of negative consequences could immediately assist. It is also good to give up walking for a few days, not to comb, and not to wet the injection site.

После прививки Ваксигриппа побочные эффекты развиваются очень редко, обычно это покраснение в месте укола
After inoculation Vaksigripp side effects occur very rarely, usually redness at the injection site

vaccination rules

To be most effective vaccination is necessary to put in the right time, namely - in periods of high-risk disease. Typically, annual vaccination is from October to March. If at the time of injection, the man already had the flu in the form of incubation, then the drug will not help. The same applies to the situation, if the disease is caused by some other strain than those, that are contained in a prick.

The main rule is immunization in good health for two weeks before the date of the procedure. If a person doubts about the condition of the body, you need to see a doctor and get tested. Children are always pre-inspected by a pediatrician.

Council. To reduce the likelihood of negative reactions from Vaksigripp, better a few days before the injection to give up food, could lead to allergies.

It is important to get vaccinated people, at risk. It includes persons, suffering from heart disease, kidney or respiratory organs of metabolism. Injections should be given the elderly, since it is among them the highest death rate from influenza. Military and medical personnel undergo compulsory vaccination.

Хорошее состояние здоровья на протяжении двух недель до момента прохождения процедуры - главное правило иммунизации. Если есть сомнения в состоянии здоровья, надо обратиться к врачу. Дети перед вакцинацией в обязательном порядке предварительно осматриваются педиатром
Good health for two weeks before the date of the procedure - the main rule immunization. If there are doubts about the state of health, it is necessary to seek medical advice. Children before vaccination mandatory pre-examined by a pediatrician


Buy Vaksigripp vaccine in pharmacies in Moscow can be roughly 260-300 rubles. The analogue can use Russian drug Grippol. He has no significant difference in composition, Contraindications and side effects. Grippol cost slightly lower - 200-250 rubles.

many think, they take - or Vaksigripp influvac. Here the situation is similar to the previous case. Drugs are not a significant difference except, except that, producer. Influvac created in the Netherlands. In Sovigripp can be used as an analogue - is another domestic vaccine.

To inoculate foreign drug, it is necessary to buy their own pharmacies. Russian media, such as Sovigripp, included in the vaccination calendar, and therefore placed free. Instructions for use in injections are usually not differ. Some domestic products have a shorter duration of action, about nine months.

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