How to quickly get rid of SARS – Tips for Adults

SARS in adults - common to all known disease. Almost everyone is sick to her several times a year, especially during the cold. Acute respiratory viral infections are common colds, caused by the penetration of viruses into the human respiratory system. Infection is carried by droplets, through physical contact or common household items. Often sick people with weakened immune systems. Although the disease is common, the main symptoms of SARS in adults and treatment methods have long been familiar to all, but still there are situations, when patients develop complications, Related topics, that the treatment is not started on time and was not properly.

Заражение вирусом осуществляется воздушно-капельным путем, через телесный контакт или общие бытовые предметы
Infection is carried by droplets, through physical contact or common household items

What conditions favor infection

If the room, in public transport, in shopping centers and other places where people have a SARS patient man, who sneezes and coughs, viruses that are emitted from the saliva and sputum in air, getting into the respiratory system bystanders, where media are beginning to proliferate in a favorable for them. it happens, that viruses are first deposited on the dust particles, and then lifted her into the air. A poorly ventilated room, and high humidity contribute to the highest risk of respiratory infection. In cold weather, the body subcooled, which causes a decrease in its protective functions, in autumn and spring time is not enough vitamins, so people are more susceptible to colds and viral diseases. As SARS is transmitted through shared objects, which it is saliva and mucus infected person, viruliferous, and through dirty hands.

SARS symptoms in adults

Once the virus is in a person's body SARS incubation period can last from one to ten days, but the average is three days. The first symptoms of acute respiratory infections and colds are similar and it is impossible to miss - a sore throat, runny nose and sneezing. Further, if time does not stop the spread of infection, there are a number of signs of the disease:

  • cough, dry or wet, which can later go into bronchitis;
  • nasal congestion, anosmia;
  • mucus - from clear to yellow;
  • elevated body temperature up to 38 degrees;
  • headache;
  • eye redness, stinging and watery eyes;
  • weakness, health decline, apathy;
  • decreased appetite;
  • pain and aches in muscles, in the bones and joints;
  • chills;
  • inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • exacerbation of chronic herpes;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • constant desire to sleep;
  • voice change;
  • stuffiness in the ears;
  • indigestion;
  • dizziness.
Первые симптомы ОРЗ и ОРВИ схожи и их невозможно не заметить – это першение в горле, насморк и чихание
The first symptoms of acute respiratory infections and colds are similar and it is impossible to miss - a sore throat, runny nose and sneezing

SARS symptoms without a fever

For a given type of disease characterized by a mucosal lesion. It is considered to be an easy course of illness, which, mostly occurs in spring and autumn and its main cause is a weakened immune system. SARS without a fever in adults lasts no more than seven days, thus begins runny nose, quickens sneezing, redden the eyes and headache. Often this kind of infection affects the elderly, or seriously ill people, whose immunity is weakened due to the use of antibiotics.

Each carries the disease in different ways, it all depends on the body's defenses and the immune system. For patients with diabetes mellitus, heart failure, asthma and other chronic pathologies of SARS is dangerous. Many people, having a strong immune system, can transfer colds on legs, as it occurs in the form of a lightweight body and quickly cope with viruses. But often the patient is recommended bed rest and peace, since he feels very weak, and the desire to sleep.

It is important to understand, the faster to react to signs of acute respiratory viral infections in adults, Call a doctor and begin appropriate therapy, the faster the recovery will. Do not underestimate the disease and not to take any action or to delay treatment until later, since there can be serious consequences and complications.

note! Frequent acute respiratory viral infections in adults talk about the defective immune system. It is necessary to identify the cause of this specialist, through a series of tests, and on this basis to eliminate the problem and strengthen the immune system.

Complications of SARS in adults

Often against the background of the common cold is the development of bacterial complications of the respiratory system, and not only. The most common of which are:

  • Angina or acute bacterial tonsillitis, ie. tonsillitis, which can also cause complications to other organs. This disease causes severe discomfort and sore throat, intoxication and fever. The most severe consequence of streptococcal tonsillitis is rheumatic fever - loss of connective tissue of the joints and the heart.
  • Sinusitis or other sinusitis, ie. inflammation of the sinuses, Causes severe nasal congestion, pain in the eye and cheek, and headache, Especially clearly felt when bending forward. If time does not prevent the development of disease, it can become chronic, that threatens the permanent absence of smell. It is also possible the spread of infection in the ears, eyes and even brain.
  • Bronchitis or pneumonia, ie. lower respiratory tract inflammation. Residual cough after SARS can sometimes take quite a long time, if this is expectorated sputum, something will happen soon recover. If a cough after viral respiratory infections lasting more than an adult 14 days, It has a dry character, or stands with impurities sputum blood clots and purulent secretions, the temperature rises again, it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor.
  • chronic rhinitis, ie. inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose and pharynx, which causes frequent runny nose and cough, especially when lying down, since phlegm builds up and clogs the airways.
  • Otitis, ie. inflammation of the middle ear, which is characterized by severe shooting pain, tolerate that it is simply impossible. usually people, received such a complication of acute respiratory viral infections in adults, immediately go to the doctor. When laying otitis ear and significantly reduced audibility, accumulates inside pus, which in a lot of ways to break the eardrum and hearing ability impaired ear will be lost forever.
  • Nephritis and pyelonephritis, ie. kidney inflammation, which is expressed in a dull pain in the lower abdomen and back, face edema, wrists and ankles. Pyelonephritis as high fever, and the urine becomes cloudy. This requires urgent medical care, since renal functioning calls strong intoxication.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis, ie. inflammation of the joints, which occurs after SARS, because it affects their own immune system. Joints become immobile, fading occurs in muscle strength. Later, arthritis can affect the lungs, heart and kidneys.
  • CNS - one of the most dangerous pathologies, caused by viruses and bacteria. This is inflammation of the membranes and brain and spinal cord tissue, as well as the peripheral nerves. The earliest symptoms of the disease - a nausea, lethargy, headache and dizziness, temperature, which was repeated after suffering a severe SARS.

Drug treatment of acute respiratory viral infections in adults

Therapy for colds is mainly aimed at the suppression of viruses, feeling better, strengthening the body and elimination of complications after SARS. To eliminate all the symptoms of an integrated approach, in which it is necessary to take several funds. Standards of treatment involves taking the following medications:

  • The body tries to cope with the virus itself, so there is an increase in body temperature, that it is better not to shoot down, if it does not exceed 38,5 degrees. If there is a rise above this value, it is necessary to take an antipyretic and immunostimulatory agent: Kodlakt, paracetamol, Nurofen, Arʙidol.
  • To combat viruses prescribe antiviral medications: cidovir, Amiksin, Kagotsyel.
  • When coughing prescribers, which liquefies phlegm, expectorants and antitussives: Linkas, bronholitin. When pain and sore throat: Geksoral, Faringosept.
  • At a cold nose drops: Ksimelin, xylene, Rinofluimutsil.
  • To improve the immunity prescribed multivitamins, or vitamin C.
Для устранения всех симптомов ОРВИ у взрослых необходим комплексный подход, при котором надо принимать сразу несколько средств
To eliminate all symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections in adults requires an integrated approach, in which it is necessary to take several funds

Most preferably in the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections in adults take herbal drugs, having a complex effect, covering all the symptoms of the disease and help to cure the disease quickly, without damaging the internal organs. First of all, drugs must be composed of such active substances, aimed at the recovery of the whole organism, and parallel to alleviate the symptoms, and not vice versa.

Additional measures for faster recovery

Created favorable conditions for the fight against respiratory infection will help to quickly cure SARS medication process, otherwise the therapy can lead to unpleasant side effects from medications. Treatment of acute respiratory viral infections in adults will be more effective, if you apply these steps:

  • patient isolation from society, that the infection has not received further spread;
  • a requirement for wet cleaning and airing the room, where the sick;
  • observe the temperature (22 degrees) in the room with the patient and maintaining optimal humidity (60-70%);
  • Encourage the patient to drink plenty of warm: tea, herbal teas, compote, warm purified water, etc..
  • the patient must often clean your teeth and remove mucus from the nose and throat;
  • switching to a lighter diet - eating plant, dairy products, cereal and fruit juice. Eat more vegetables and fruits, containing vitamins.

As we can see, for effective treatment of acute respiratory viral infections in adults it is important to create optimal conditions, that is sick.

Council! Subject to all conditions affected previously untreated, if the temperature of SARS in adults does not fall down, and the virus is extremely stable, at the same time against the backdrop of a weakened immune system is added pathology of bacterial nature, it is expedient in consultation with a doctor to start taking antibiotics.

treatment with antibiotics

Receiving such powerful drugs, as antibiotics in adults with SARS, assigned only when the disease is not treatable and softer ways in the body progresses the activity of pathogenic microorganisms, leading to complications. In all other cases, these potent drugs will only weaken the immune system and cause damage to internal organs, especially liver and digestive system. Which antibiotics are used in a particular case shall designate a specialist.

Treatment antibacterials and ARI ARI or flu shown at:

  • chronic inflammation of the middle ear;
  • purulent otitis;
  • purulent sinusitis;
  • purulent tonsillitis;
  • abscess;
  • pneumonia, etc..

Treatment of acute respiratory viral infections in adults with folk remedies

Traditional medicine offers many ways to fight a cold at home:

  • in the room, where the patient to place a saucer with grated onion or garlic - in their composition has volatile, which actively protect against viruses and bacteria;
  • inhalation of boiling water, which added the grated garlic clove, eucalyptus oil or fir, an extract of pine needles;
  • Cough taking decoctions of mother and stepmother, licorice root, Marshmallow etc.. These plants help thin the mucus and cough;
  • sore throat can be cured, if you gargle with a decoction of calendula, chamomile, eucalyptus, soda solution;
  • with a strong cough and rhinitis recommended for warming feet in a basin with warm water and dry mustard;
  • effective treatment in the absence of cold temperatures on inhalation are boiled in peel potatoes, which is gradually warming up and mix, and the patient must inhale its vapors. Packs of potatoes to help get rid of cough. Prepare it as: put on a gauze warm mashed potatoes and put it on the chest or back of the patient, covering with plastic film and blanket. duration of treatment 30-50 minutes.
  • also cough assist: aloe or radish juice with honey, melted cocoa butter or badger fat;
  • to enhance immunity drink the broth hips, blackcurrant, cranberry juice, tea with raspberry jam or lemon.
Для повышения иммунитета необходимо пить отвары шиповника, черной смородины, клюквенный морс, чай с малиновым вареньем или с лимоном
To improve the immunity is necessary to drink a decoction of rose hips, blackcurrant, cranberry juice, tea with raspberry jam or lemon

Treatment of SARS folk remedies - the safest way to fight the disease, but it will take more time for convalescence. If you want a fast cure SARS, it is necessary to combine the popular with drug treatment.

preventive measures

Of course, completely impossible to prevent the disease, but you can reduce it to the minimum amount of light and form flow. Prevention of SARS in adults is aimed, first of all, to strengthen the immune system, which will face a huge number of viruses and bacteria, in large numbers in his everyday life met a man.

Improve the immune system in the following ways:

  • hardening;
  • Frequent walks in the fresh air;
  • balanced diet;
  • taking a multivitamin on the testimony;
  • positive thinking, try to avoid stress;
  • physical activity;
  • compliance with work and rest;
  • in the moments of the epidemic to avoid crowded places, lubricate the nose oxolinic ointment, taking immunostimulants;
  • practice good hygiene, wash your hands often, especially after coming into the room from the street;
  • wash the nose with soap and water;
  • try not to touch your nose and do not rub your eyes, because the viruses penetrate with it through the mucous membranes in the body;
  • and ventilate the premises and conduct it regularly cleaning;
  • thoroughly wash the dishes and other common accessories after, how to use a sick man;
  • in the case of detecting the first signs of both antiviral agent will be taken.

If, however, the disease began, for, that it passed without consequences, not self-medicate, and contact your health care professional, who will prescribe an adequate treatment plan. If you have any suspicions, secondary disease that develops in the cold, you need to visit the doctor again. Important to remember, that complications after SARS dangerous and many of them can become chronic.

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