How to quickly get rid of colds at home? Best recipes

Cold - an extremely unpleasant illness, He often catches us all of a sudden, bringing a lot of problems. of course, the best method of dealing with each disease - is its prevention. but, If you still failed to timely protect themselves from infection, and you can not see a doctor, you can do yourself a cold treatment at home. Treatment of cold at home - the basic recipes and tips.

Если не удалось избежать простуды, то всегда найдется несколько хорошим способов вылечить ее в домашних условиях
If you can not avoid the cold, one can always find a few good ways to cure it at home

cold treatment at home

The effective treatment of influenza, as well as any cough and cold at home in children and adults, will help the following recipes:

  • A great way to fight infection - this is the most common foot bath. Most effectively acts mustard bath. To prepare it, It needs one item. Spoon mustard powder in dry form and 5-7 l very warm, almost hot water. It is necessary to fill the basin with water, Pour to mustard powder and stir thoroughly. After that dip into the prepared tray and keep your feet all the time, until the water is very warm. After the adoption of the pan is recommended to carefully cotton towel to wipe your feet and wear socks made of natural materials.
Горячие ванночки для ног помогут вылечить простуду за считанные дни
Hot foot bath can help cure a cold for a few days
  • The following simple and tested method - this is an ordinary gingers. There is nothing easier, than prepare their own healthful drink for the treatment of colds in the home based on it. Take ginger root fresh. Finely chop or grate it on a medium grater. To prepare a liter of beverage required 3-4 no. grated ginger, which is filled with boiling water and infused for several hours. by the way, to drink, you can add three st. tablespoons of brandy to enhance the warming effect - of course in the case, if our patient is not a child.

When applying this prescription for the treatment of colds in children in the drink add honey, cinnamon, vanilla and other spices to taste. drink a liter of drink 1 day.

  • Another recipe for adults - this is an ordinary mulled wine. Many of his recipes you find on the Internet. Usually, the most effective in the treatment of the common cold are those, which include natural cranberry, apple and orange juice. This is a useful and at the same time tasty tool will help you to get rid of the infection in the body and to "soften" sore throat.
Также вылечить простуду и смягчить больное горло поможет глинтвейн. Этот напиток можно делать как алкогольным, так и безалкогольным
Also cure colds and alleviate sore throat will mulled wine. This drink can be done as an alcoholic, and soft
  • It is proven in practice, that ordinary baking soda is also an excellent remedy for colds. This method is applied loved even our grandparents, However, he still enjoys great popularity due to its simplicity and availability of each.

Excellent means at the first sign of the disease is hot milk with the addition of soda in proportions 1 no. spoon on 250 ml milk. This drink should be drunk in small sips and always in a very warm kind, and start treatment immediately, as soon as you notice at any symptom of colds.

Besides, from a simple soda cook good rinse, designed for the throat, is a great way then, when you do not put the milk. ½ cup of water with the addition of 1/2 no. baking soda is used as a gargle several times a day.

  • Good old banks. Statement of cans - is a technique, which is known to mankind several hundred years, It was popular in ancient Egypt and China.
Как и сотни лет назад, так и теперь, простуду все так же лечат банками
Like hundreds of years ago, so now, cold still treated banks

It's simple - heated on a fire hot vessels placed on the patient's back.

  • propolis - a high-value product of beekeeping, helping people with many ailments. It was no exception, and treatment of infectious ailments. Folk experts believe, that propolis can cure disease for one night.

To do this in a glass of hot milk is added to a small amount of propolis and swallowed by a patient, which should immediately go to bed, having covered with a warm blanket. The next morning brings relief, and signs of the disease begin to rapidly recede. On the basis of propolis prepared and gargle for a sore throat, for which it can be used alcohol tincture.

  • Surprisingly, but beer lovers in the absence of contraindications can be treated colds your favorite drink. hot (more precisely, very warm) preparing beer by heating in a water bath.
Взрослые могут попробовать лечить простудные заболевания горячим пивом, если нет противопоказаний к данному напитку
Adults can try to treat colds hot beer, if there are no contraindications to this drink

A glass of beer is drunk before bedtime.

  • Of course, when listing the home recipes, not to mention products based on medicinal plants. Thousands of recipes of various medicines, prepared with flowers and herbs all over the world passed from generation to generation, from century to century. In this case, the charges will be effective based on:
  1. chamomile,
  2. yarrow,
  3. wormwood,
  4. licorice (expressed a hormone, expectorant and anti-inflammatory agent, ideal for the treatment of bronchitis, eases cough),
  5. mint,
  6. herb St. John's wort,
  7. primrose and many others - to list them all in one article is not possible.
Лекарственные растения сотни лет ценятся и применяются при лечении множества заболеваний, в том числе и простудных
Medicinal plants are valued for hundreds of years and are used in the treatment of many diseases, including colds

Herbs are used in mixtures, and separately. For this 2 Article. spoon dry grass pour hot just the boiled water and leave to infuse (better in a thermos).

Or cook in a water bath 15 minutes and cooled. After a couple of hours you need to filter means, and it is ready for use. It can be taken orally (in bitter decoctions add honey), and can be used as a rinse.

  • by the way, as a means for rinsing high efficiency proved to be excellent hydrogen peroxide. It was diluted in water in a proportion of 1-2 no. spoons of peroxide + 50 mL of water in the form of heat. rinse apply 2-3 r / day until the disappearance of disease symptoms.
Разведенную с водой перекись водорода можно использовать для полоскания при простуде
Diluted with water, hydrogen peroxide can be used to rinse with cold
  • Separately, to a point about medicinal plants I want to mention Kalina. A decoction of red berries take in the very form of heat, adding honey. A glass of water taken 1 Article. tablespoon of Viburnum berries.

This drink is suitable, and the, who caught a cold during pregnancy, and lactating women and young children.

  • One more "adult" recipe - vodka with pepper. On 1 glass of vodka taken 1 no. spoon pepper red hot pepper, mixed and consumed in one gulp. Thereafter, the patient is covered with a blanket and go to sleep.
Кроме горячего пива, взрослые могут лечить еще и водкой с перцем. Но не более 1 рюмки перед сном, после чего необходимо хорошенько укутаться
In addition to the hot beer, adults can also be treated with pepper vodka. But not more 1 glasses before going to bed, then you need to carefully bundle up

If there was lip herpes

For the treatment of the manifestations of herpes labialis (the older generation calls it "a cold on the lips"), There are several recipes:

  • Ointment with garlic and apple. Pureed apple with a couple of cloves of garlic grated mixed and applied to the affected area in the form of application.
  • Earwax. Extracted from the auditory canal and is also applied to the lesion site.
Простуду на губах, который чаще всего называют герпес, также можно лечить народными средствами
Cold on the lips, which is referred to as cold sores often, It can also be treated with folk remedies
  • The cooled tea bag sleeps applied three times, four times a day 15-20 min. to the damaged herpes place.
  • Cope with herpes also helps aloe and kalanchoe - their juice smeared the plot, which is a manifestation of this infection.
  • Ointment can be prepared from the juice of herpes petals of marigold flowers. 1 no. spoon of fresh juice mixed with Vaseline in equal proportions, this structure is necessary to lubricate the problem areas.

If the kidneys are affected

note! If you experience symptoms, give reason to suspect kidney damage, should seek immediate medical attention. In addition, there are well-known to all of pyelonephritis and other renal diseases unit, requiring intensive care!

but, if you know, after hypothermia consequence of kidney cold became easy pyelonephritis, and you do not need to be hospitalized, and the symptoms are not dramatically, the concoctions of herbs can help you cope with inflammation. They can be effectively combined with antibiotics and other medications.

  • Ready teas called "Kidney collection" sold in every pharmacy. They have analgesic, protivootechnym, diuretic and anti-inflammatory actions. Their composition is generally included:
  1. tavolga,
  2. raspberry,
  3. sallow,
  4. dandelion,
  5. raspberry,
  6. birch leaf,
  7. purity,
  8. burdock,
  9. Ivan tea,
  10. chamomile,
  11. tsetrariya,
  12. cowberry.
  • Besides, composed of decoctions and individually, apply:
  1. elder,
  2. Floor-floor (Erwa woolly),
  3. poplar and other.

two st. tablespoons herbs pour 1 l. water, boil on low heat 20 min. with the lid closed in an enamel pot. take 3-4 p / day every day for two months, sometimes prolong the course.

We treat four-legged friend

If your dog has a cold, sneezes and coughs, then it, as for the person, hiring the right mode, namely: timely nutrition, heat, sleep and access to water. Treatment of colds in dogs in general is not much different from that of the human.

If the animal lives in the yard, it needs to be temporarily relocated in a warm environment and provide continuous access to fresh water. Walking should be reduced to the cold time of the year 20 minutes.

Try, to your dog for the period of the disease is not in contact with fellow, so as colds in dogs is also transmitted by airborne droplets, as well as for the reason, that your pet is now weakened and more susceptible to other infectious diseases.

For the treatment of colds in dogs used anti-inflammatory herbal, immunostimulants, antibacterial agents - veterinary medicines and traditional methods, vitamin and expectorants fees.

note! recipes, including alcohol and large amounts of honey animals is strictly contraindicated! The toxic effect of alcohol on the dog's body is extremely large! There are other contraindications, and if you are not sure, that the drug can be given to the animal - do not risk, since all the dogs physiology differs from that in humans, although we are equally sick.

Собаки, как и люди, могут болеть простудными заболеваниями
Dogs, like people, They can get sick from colds

At high temperatures the dog, as a man, suffering and in need of antipyretics. Paracetamol can be given to an animal, but, it is important to carefully calculate the dose! It is better, that it made an expert veterinarian.

Safer by reducing the temperature of the drug will be staging a dog rectal suppository of a series of children's fever-reducing, eg, "Children's Panadol". On the large dog is taken ½ candles (cut lengthwise), on average - ¼, for small - 1/6.

Cold and cough dog added to the water or broth desoldering (It is preparing for the "human" recipe), including: flowers mother and stepmother, liquorice root and leaf plantain.

If you notice an animal discharge from the eyes or nose, then gently wipe with a cotton swab, after moistening it in broth or a conventional daisy weak solution furatsilina. If a dog has formed a solid crust on the nose, then soften them with liquid paraffin, and then gently remove the. Maintenance is carried out daily on 2-3 times a day until symptoms disappear.


All homemade recipes, presented in the publication, not only incredibly effective, but, in addition to this, very simple to prepare and to apply, and are also available to absolutely everyone. Choose and use the health!

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