Cleaning ash from parasites: home purification methods

Cleaning soda was used for a long time, but modern medicine has recognized the antiparasitic properties of soda relatively recently. Now cleaning ash from parasites is one of the most effective methods of struggle against all kinds of worms, it uses, as internal use soda solution, and cleansing enemas and soda.

Чистка содой от паразитов
Soda is an effective treatment for all types of intestinal helminths

The mechanism of action of soda on parasites

Antiparasitic properties due to its composition of soda: known, that baking soda - it is an alkali, and for helminth acid only is a favorable environment for the breeding habitats, and.

The baking soda neutralizes the excess acid in the body and activates the internal alkali reserves. Alkaline environment for parasites disastrous, because soda solution helps to get rid of parasites, and eliminate toxins - helminth life activity products.

note! Pathogens enterobiosis, askaridoza, teniarinhoza, giardiasis and other parasitic diseases in an alkaline medium to lose capacity for vital activity.

soda solution causes paralysis helminths, as a result of which the parasites begin to detach from the intestinal mucosa, and eventually excreted in the faeces.

Soda not only helps eliminate parasites in the intestines, but also prevents their reappearance, and also relieves the body from the effects of helminth activity in the gastrointestinal tract. Soda solution has wound-healing effect and quickly restores the damaged areas of mucous parasites.

Advantages soda purification by other methods helminths:

  1. Carry out cleaning in the home is available for each;
  2. Cleaning soda is not harmful to the body, and in compliance with all the rules does not cause side effects;
  3. The method shows good results in efficiency;
  4. Soda is the most accessible and cheap means of self-medication for worms.

Antiparasitic therapy on the basis of soda provides intensive expulsion of helminths, that initially reduces the manifestations of helminthiasis, and then - to the complete healing of the patient.

Чистка содой от паразитов
Rectal treatment against parasites helps to get rid of 70% All of worms and their larvae mature individuals present in the body

How to treat

First of all the parasites affect the intestines, and, Based on this, soda enema found the best way to cleanse the body of helminths.

Enema with soda only affect the large intestine area, without affecting other organs. Most often, the upper intestine do not require cleaning, but if helminth defeat still enveloped the small intestine, lechnie soda should be made orally.

Important! Rectal treatment of parasites (with enemas) helps get rid of 70% All of worms and their larvae mature individuals present in the body, and to remove all toxins and products of microorganisms.

Rectal soda cleaning is carried out in 3 phase:

  • cleansing enema.
  • Soda enema.
  • Repeated enema.

Step One

The first enema is necessary in order, to clean the intestines and fully ensure the subsequent penetration of the therapeutic soda solution necessary part of the gastrointestinal tract.

  1. prepare 1-2 liter of clean boiled water (displacement depends on the body and a person's weight). In water, add a few tablespoons of salt - because of this water will wash the intestines, but it will not be absorbed into the walls.
  2. The saline solution was poured into a mug Esmarch.
  3. The patient lies on his left side, while bending the knees to the stomach.
  4. Tip enemas lubricate with vaseline (or a small amount of vegetable oil) and enter slowly into the back of human passage.
  5. Mug douches raise high, and gradually begin to unscrew the tap, that the contents gradually arrive in the colon. After infusion of fluids - to extract tip.
  6. Retain the water in the intestine desirably five or ten minutes. At this time, the patient is recommended to lie on your back and breathe stomach.
  7. After a specified amount of time to visit the toilet.

Step two

This is the main part of the purification of parasites. The procedure may be accompanied by minor painful sensations, that indicates the presence of parasites in the body and their reluctance to leave "home place".

  1. Boiled clean water (of approximately 800 ml) put on fire.
  2. In water, add 1 Article. l. soda and bring to boiling point.
  3. Cool the solution and to conduct the procedure similar to the first step.
  4. Retain fluid in the gut is recommended 20-30 minutes.

step three

It is similar to the first enema, but the recipe is complicated by the addition of 1 no. spoons of fresh lemon juice in water. Delaying liquid should be at least 10 minutes.

Important! A three-stage purification using soda should be at least 7-10 time, repeating the procedure every day (in extreme cases - one day).

orally cleansing

Getting rid of the parasite requires an integrated approach, so do not be amiss to take soda solution orally.

Drinking soda should be on an empty stomach (since morning), before that drinking a glass of warm boiled water. This will allow "run" the stomach and normalize metabolism.

After a bowel movement should drink a glass of warm water, previously dissolved therein soda. Through 15 minutes, repeat the procedure (need to do 4 such an approach in an hour).

After such events, an active bowel cleansing, chair normally assumes a characteristic light yellow color.

Admission soda is not harmful to the body, but not to cause discomfort to drink soda solution should be properly (Ogulova recipe): the first day of water added 0,2 no. baking soda, daily dose is increased from the second day on 0,1 no. l., until the dosage reaches the half teaspoon. Thereafter drink soda solution for three days with the same dose of (0,5 ch.l.). General Course - 7 days.

Чистка содой от паразитов
practice shows, that cleaning of soda does not cause side effects in comparison with the use of synthetic preparations


To achieve the desired effect, and it does not harm the body, soda cleansing of parasites should be, guided by certain rules:

  • Water enema should not be too cold or too hot. The optimum temperature - 38-42 degrees.
  • Enter the solution should not be carried out "pressure", ie. too fast. Quick entry can cause discomfort, stretching gut wall, trigger a fault in the functioning of the liver and kidneys.
  • When administered enema posture should be comfortable. Knees should not be strongly pressed to her stomach, so as not to cause pain when entering.
  • You can not clean the soda at the same time to take any other antiparasitic agents.
  • It recommended as concomitant therapy to drink tea to enhance the effect of tansy.
  • As a precaution soda purification from tapeworms is recommended at least twice a year.

Before carrying out the procedures with a soda solution, it is advisable to consult a doctor, in order to prevent possible troubles.

Precautionary measures

practice shows, that cleaning of soda does not cause side effects in comparison with the use of synthetic preparations. But there are some contraindications for this method:

  • It is impossible for soda cleaning lactating and pregnant women.
  • Increased alkalinity dangerous in the presence of chronic diseases of the digestive tract, ulcers, diabetes.
  • Do not carry out cleaning soda in children under 6 years old, tk. intestinal tissue in children is too delicate and highly susceptible to the effects of alkali. Soda enema in children can trigger a violation of water-salt balance.

Soda solution may adversely affect the condition of the intestinal microflora. After all, it not only destroys the pests, but also kills the microorganisms useful for the organism. Because when soda cleaning is recommended to use drugs, reducing microflora.

Soda is an effective treatment for all types of intestinal helminths, It weakens the activity of liver flukes, which increases the chances of complete freedom from parasites. Treat soda should always be complex and only after consultation with your doctor.

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