Pinworms in children: symptoms, treatment, prevention

Pinworms - what is it?

Ostritsы - parasites, which are the cause of such diseases as enterobiasis. Most often, these types of worms infected children. At the same time reveal the presence of this parasite in the body is not easy. Pinworms do not cause any pain or discomfort. She feels the baby may get worse with a very strong parasitic infection.

The most famous and almost the only sign of infection of pinworms is itching in the anus, while it is more common at night. The baby may disrupt sleep, but more often he, not waking up, may just scratch. From the parents in such a situation requires attention, to notice the anxiety in a dream, nocturnal awakenings.

Глисты, являющиеся причиной энтеробиоза
worms, which cause enterobiosis

How do you get infected

tapeworm eggs enter the body orally - through the mouth. Transfer the eggs is very easy - contact-household by. If the baby at night scratching the anus, then on hands, under the nails were helminth eggs.

Of course, night, no hand washing was not, in the morning the child is also unlikely to wash hands with soap and brush under the fingernails. If he slept in panties, and not replaced in the morning underwear, they will be on it, and during the day will be an additional source of infection.

booklets, toys, any items, which comes to a child, gradually are infected. Infected adults, other children. eggs can become carriers of pets - a cat when stroked infected child, and then a healthy and did not wash their hands after contact with animals - the likelihood of the spread of the parasite grows.

Important! If the parents of the baby is not too baffling to accustom him to the frequent washing of hands - after using the toilet, before eating, after playing with pets - the whole family will be infected very quickly in this kind of parasites.

The duration of ripening eggs in the gut of a few days, through 2-3 weeks of larval form mature individuals, that begin to proliferate. In this case, the life expectancy of the parasite is small - only 2-3 of the week. Mere personal hygiene can stop the growth of the population in the gut - if re-infestation occurs, you can get rid of parasites, and naturally.

However, this is an ideal scenario, in reality, the majority of kids tend to neglect hand washing, especially without constant supervision.

Besides, if the child attends kindergarten, It is in constant contact with other children, it will be difficult to cure, even carefully conducted by treatment of parasites can not protect against re-infection.

Important! Just one baby zaglistovanny, unwilling to thoroughly wash their paws, very quickly infects the whole group of children - even if they wash their hands thoroughly, just through shared toys and touch during the day.

Therefore, it is important to accustom the baby to friendship with soap, create it a habit to keep their hands clean.

Схема самозаражения и заражения здорового ребенка
The scheme of self-infection and infection of a healthy child

Symptoms of pinworm infection

See the parasites themselves can rarely, with a very strong infection. In this case, the worms can be in the stool, on the lingerie, or even on the skin near the anus.

But more often it is difficult to detect them, tests may be negative, and the baby will be infected with the parasite.

Mild symptoms, that can be interpreted and attributed to other possible diseases, may be a hint for attentive adults:

  • an obvious sign - itching of the anus

If the child is small, the restless sleep, crying in the night for no apparent reason, frequent awakening should be the basis for the delivery of stroke. Also keep in mind, that scratching the anal area, especially during sleep may cause it to infection, an inflammatory process.

  • change in appetite. Or he is not, or vice versa, sharply (sometimes with increased salivation)
  • nausea, headaches, fatiguability, causeless irritability, frequent whims

Such symptoms may be at a constant autoinfection. The numerous colonies of parasites, the more toxins into the blood. It can cause nervous breakdowns, other signs of nervous system toxicity.

  • bluish circles under the eyes, pale face. Prolonged exposure of worms in the body can lead to a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood, increased content of white blood cells. There may be allergic reactions and symptoms - dermatitis, eczema.
  • Pain in the navel, dyspepsia: diarrhea, constipation, signs of dysbiosis. This may be a sign of extensive contamination
  • The emergence of enuresis, especially girls. Pinworms can irritate the urethra, that becomes the cause of urinary incontinence. Besides, girls may appear profuse discharge from the genitals, If worms zapolzut in genitals.
  • People sign - teeth grinding during sleep - a sign of the presence of worms

If a child has something, even remotely resembling the above symptoms, should show it to your doctor, possibly, it must be treated against parasites.

Один из признаков наличия паразитов в организме
One of the signs of the presence of parasites in the body

diagnosis of the disease

The basic method of detection of the parasite in the body - scraping on Enterobiasis - perianal swab folds. Next, the resulting material was examined for eggs. The method is far from accurate, It requires compliance with certain rules:

  • Pap need to pass in the morning before defecation
  • before handing the analysis can not make any hygiene procedures
  • the best time for putting stroke - if night were observed restlessness and itching in the anus.

unpleasant fact, that when trying to diagnose pinworms, negative test result does not mean the absence of the parasite.

Яйца острицы
eggs ostritsы

must be considered, that females do not lay eggs every day (cm. a photo), so the analysis for the precise definition will have to take at least three times - in a day.

Sometimes smear pass several times, especially if there is one or more of the following symptoms:

  1. itching in the anus
  2. pain in the abdominal area, allergies of unclear origin
  3. indigestion, signs of intestinal dysbiosis
  4. high content of white blood cells (more precisely, eosinophilic granulocytes) Blood analysis
  5. sometimes when viewed from the anus can see traces of scratching.

Donating needed just smear the area around the anus, normal stool analysis will show nothing, as pinworms lay their eggs on the skin around the anus.

Typically, stroke is made with a stick with a cotton swab, soaked in Vaseline. Sometimes the method used, wherein in the region of the anus is glued tape, it then is bonded to the glass and sent to the laboratory.

Сдавать нужно именно мазок области около заднего прохода
Donating needed just smear the area around the anus

Risk of disease

Some ignorant parents think, that pinworms do not represent any danger, all of them were infected, and all survived.

However, you need to think about, what, for longer stays of parasites in the body of the child, he is deprived of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, necessary growing organism.

If the parasitic infection is not treated, permanent toxin poisoning can have serious consequences, dangerous even for adults:

  • vulvovaginitis in girls, when the parasites are in the genitals
  • pinworms can rise above - to the fallopian tubes, then the child may begin oophoritis and salpingitis (inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes)
  • a large gathering of parasites can begin enterocolitis (inflammatory process) small and large intestines sections
  • Some doctors believe, that the accumulation of parasites in the lower sections of the intestine can lead to appendicitis
  • if the intestines are worms in large numbers, It may occur out of the peritoneal cavity, leading to peritonitis
  • worm infestations can cause allergic reactions
  • pinworms are very strongly irritate the genitals in children, which leads to masturbation, Early sexual arousal
  • often due to the defeat of pinworms may have balanitis (balanoposthitis), dysuria (urination disorders), girls may appear leukorrhea (white)
  • chronic infection of pinworm causes, that a child lags behind in development, growth. Some doctors believe, that enterobiosis background may even develop seizures.

If there is even slight symptoms of infection this kind of parasites, you should immediately get rid of them. Do not wait for the consequences of their stay in the body of the child.

Присмотритесь к малышу - при появлении одного или нескольких подозрительных симптомов, следует обратиться к врачу
Look closely at the baby - with the appearance of one or more suspicious symptoms should see a doctor

Methods of treatment

Immediately we can say, that self-treat the child is not necessary - drugs can be prescribed only doctor, given the state of the baby, accurate calculation of dose and duration of treatment.

Usually, registers 2 treatment, second (through 2 of the week) appointed to destroy the new individuals, that during this period of time could be deduced from eggs. Unfortunately, drugs mostly ineffective against eggs, with their help you can get rid of only by mature individuals.

Given the incredible lightness of the primary and reinfection, treat it is necessary not only to the child, but the whole family, as well as children and adults, exposed to baby. In fact, kindergarten is better not to go, to conduct the treatment at home, and educators to inform, that the child found parasites.

Most often prescribe these tablets and suspensions:

  • "Vermoks"
  • "Piperazine»
  • "Pyrantel»
  • "Gelmintoks"
  • «Dekaris»
На сегодняшний день существует большое разнообразие препаратов от остриц
Today, there are a wide variety of products from pinworms

Drugs much more, each tool is assigned a doctor, Stateful, age, the individual characteristics of the child.

  • To reduce itching and the effects of toxic poisoning may prescribe drugs, relieves itching and irritation. You must remove the itch, This reduces the risk of inflammation in the area of ​​irritation. Besides, Eggs less spread.
  • During the reception of anthelmintic drugs should be eating more of liquid food, fruit, dairy products, not prevent cure dysbiosis. Such a diet will quickly bring the body of the dead parasites.
  • Applying modern worming tablets, not necessarily to drink laxatives, but here it is better to follow the doctor's orders.
  • Strict adherence to personal hygiene, Nails should be cut short, wash hands with soap and brush, before eating and after using the toilet.
  • Underwear is necessary to iron, because pinworm eggs can survive washing
  • Wet cleaning in the house on a daily basis, using disinfectants.

Tips, how to ease the baby's condition

If the child is worried about severe itching, you can make a small enema (half teaspoon baking soda in a glass of water). This simple tool can provide a peaceful sleep baby.

After ingestion occurs mass death of parasites, which can cause toxicosis. To reduce this effect, a day after receiving an anthelmintic can take the sorbent (Not earlier, since the drug must completely destroy the worms, it will take about a day) - Activated carbon, eg. absorbing toxins, it deactivates them and helps to quickly excrete.

Traditional methods of getting rid of parasites

Treatment folk methods even as a preventive measure can be carried out, but should not be abused so irritating foods like garlic and onions. They can irritate the baby too much stomach, and parasites can be eliminated by using more benign means.

Народные средства очень эффективны при лечении остриц
Folk remedies are very effective in the treatment of pinworm

Pumpkin seeds - they have to eat in the form of crushed with the addition of olive oil (100 d of 100 ml).

Buy need to untreated seeds, peel, leaving plenochku, which lies between the skin and the core.

Used as a decoction of pumpkin seeds, after him through 2 hour to drink a laxative. The smallest decoction prepared from 150 g seeds, 5-10 years old - 200 g, from 10 years old - 300 g.


crushed 2 cloves eat before going to bed, drinking water, 3 nights in a row. Re-take the garlic in a week. This tool is only suitable for children with a healthy stomach!


During 5 days to take the night 100 g onion, grated or crank grinder. It is mixed with vegetable oil (50 ml), salt (1 tea spoon). This folk remedy not only get rid of the worms, but also strengthen the immune system, will not fall ill during epidemics.

Garlic in milk

A very strong and effective means, parasites can bring for 30-40 minutes. head of garlic boiled in a glass of milk, strained. Children used as an enema (half finished dose). Pre-make tolerance test.

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