Pinworm in adults – What symptoms should alert? invasions treatment

the, that the hands should be washed as often as possible, everyone knows, but not all, think about how, that poorly washed hands can lead to such disease, like pinworms - in adults the disease is able to change the quality of life for the worse. Besides, the disease can be quite dangerous and intractable.

Ways of infection pinworm

The eggs of this species of nematodes are easily transmitted through casual contact,, so the worms, in the presence of an infected person, able to quickly receive all family members or staff.

Яйца остриц
eggs sedge

As you can see in the photo, it is a very small white worms, in the intestine their number can be enormous.

Белый червь
white worm

If the family, eg, have a baby, who goes to kindergarten or nursery, You can be sure, and that adults have these parasites. And there is no doubt, even treatment, regularly carried out by family members, will not be able to withdraw them completely. Sources of pinworm infection:

  • Door handles
  • Hugs and kisses
  • Just touch
  • any items, He is touched or held in the hands of the carrier
  • Pets
  • Bed, Underwear
  • cockroaches, fly

This is not a comprehensive list of the many ways, that ingested the eggs of these parasites.
After that, as a way or another parasite penetrated into the body of the future host, passes 2 of the week, then in the gut appear mature individuals.

After fertilization, the females begin to move to the large intestine, and then begin to regularly crawl to the anus, to lay their eggs.

Thus there is a well-known symptom finding pinworms in the body - itching in the anus. If the person at the same time begins to comb his, It occurs eggs getting under the fingernails, on the lingerie, ie the conditions for re-infection.

Расчесывание приводит к повторному заражению
Combing leads to reinfection

symptoms of infection

Sometimes with a slight infection, rather, in his early, Symptoms may not appear.

Especially, if a:

  • daily morning and evening changing underwear
  • complied with the rules of personal hygiene
  • constantly wash your hands with soap and brush.

In this case, cure can occur by itself, even if it left untreated.

The life expectancy of adults in all pinworms 2-3 of the week. In the absence of conditions for re eggs entering the body through the mouth, population in the gut will gradually disappear. However, this positive picture is only possible in the absence of a number of people - pinworms carrier, or children (attending preschool).

In this case, itching around the anus, evening or night. This also is not a fact, that will be able to immediately notice it, since the output of the females does not happen every day.

If the itch appears as a minimum, every 2-3 of the week, we can talk not only about the infection of worms, but re-infestation and.

Subject to the conditions (constant contact with infected people, neglect hand washing, etc.) the number of parasites begins to increase, reinfection thus can become almost uninterrupted.

If not treated, very soon it will become significantly - itching in the anus is almost continuous, very strong.

The more dangerous the disease

The main trouble, which deliver pinworms:

  • There may be additional features, which would also have to be treated. From constant scratching the skin may be damaged, will be scratching, irritation, cracks. they, taking into account the location of the focus of infection, can get microorganisms, bacteria - can start an inflammatory process in the anal area, that nothing good can not be held for person.
  • There are symptoms of intestinal dysbiosis, may appear diarrhea or constipation, stool with mucus or blood.
  • Some doctors believe, that a large concentration of pinworms can cause appendicitis.
  • Because parasites produce toxins, may appear toxic poisoning symptoms: fatiguability, irritability, unexplained allergic reactions.
  • For women, the presence of pinworms is fraught with the development of vulvovaginal and even endometritis, as pinworms from the intestine may creep into the sex organs, holding up with pathogens. The signs of this - copious, inflammatory processes in the urogenital system. It is difficult to treat, especially when the cause is not identified. Such a consequence worms stay in the body can manifest itself not only in adults, but also in children.
  • There may be pain in the navel - a large number of parasites can cause irritation of the peritoneum.
Наличие остриц в организме может привести к тяжелым последствиям
The presence of pinworms in the body can lead to serious consequences

How proveritysya presence of sedge

To determine whether there is in the body of these parasites, not so easy. The usual analysis on eggs of worms will show nothing - in the intestines and feces eggs are not laid, female crawls to the surface of the skin.

Therefore, to identify the pinworm taken scraping the surface with the anal area. This is done either by using a cotton swab with Vaseline, or by means of adhesive tape, that sticks to the anus (then it is glued to the glass and sent to the laboratory).

Both methods are far from perfect, the first, The second analysis can not show the presence of this kind of worms. This analysis dealt several times, Besides, it is recommended to pass it a couple of weeks again.

How to get rid of them

When infection incredible ease to get rid of pinworms is difficult and troublesome, and if there are children in the house, attending kindergartens, almost impossible. Just to spend treatment, taking pills, not succeed. preparations, who are appointed for getting rid of pinworms, for the most part do not harm the eggs. pinworm eggs have incredible viability, laid by females in incredible numbers and apply literally to the entire human environment. must, least, observe the following rules:

  • Underwear should undergo additional processing, it should be iron - eggs easily withstand washing.
  • Bed linen and underwear sick should wear off and stored separately.
  • Personal hygiene, not only hand washing, should be the main and constantly carefully performed procedure.

Comply with such strict measures in the family, where everyone lives in his time, and have a small child, very difficult, therefore usually the treatment is carried out for all the family, without understanding, who contracted, and who are no.

Baby from an early age it is necessary to teach personal hygiene, to washing brush hand, which need to wash under fingernails. To do this, you need to make the process enjoyable - buy beautiful brush, soap with an attractive appearance and smell, bright cheerful towels.

The child must know clearly, Must wash hands:

  • before eating
  • after using the toilet
  • after a walk on the street
  • after playing with the pet cat or dog.
Соблюдение гигиены одно из обязательных условий выздоровления
good hygiene is one of the essential conditions for recovery

Medications for the treatment of helminthic invasion

these pills are usually prescribed and drugs:

  • "Dekaris" - is considered to be quite effective, Besides, It strengthens the immune system
  • "Pyrantel»
  • "Vermoks"
  • "Piperazine" - can be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding, but it is very soft.
  • "Nemozol" - is indicated for infections of powerful, can give side effects, it is administered in the presence of other parasites in the body, not only the pinworms.

This is not a complete list of medications, which can be assigned, to get rid of pinworms, Besides, doctor may advise folk remedies, that after the treatment rate applied as a preventive measure.

Desirably per day before, how to take the tablets, eat light food, that will not fix the chair. A tendency to constipation in a few hours, you can take a laxative.

You must not be limited to a single dose medication, two weeks pills to drink again. This will destroy the next generation of pinworms, because the drugs affect adults, but useless for eggs and larvae.

Also, your doctor may recommend medications antiallergentnye, to reduce itching. This will prevent the spread of eggs on the linen and clothing.

For fast detoxifying doctor may advise to take activated charcoal, or any other medicine, neutralizing toxins from the collapse of the parasites in the gut.

Лечение должно быть комплексным, и при необходимости повторить еще раз
Treatment should be comprehensive, and repeat again if necessary

Folk remedies for getting rid of parasites

Immediately it should be noted, folk remedies that you need to drink more than once, they do not provide immediate effect. However, using them regularly, you can not only get rid of parasites, but also to prevent their re-occurrence.

The use of natural bitters

  • The infusion of wormwood - a tablespoon of dry grass on 2 cups boiling water. Drink 3 times a day, before eating.
  • Oak bark and root of valerian are mixed in equal proportions, pour boiling water (a tablespoon per cup). Insist 3 o'clock, drinking on an empty stomach. An hour later, you can eat a clove of garlic with sunflower oil (2-3 tablespoons). A course of treatment - 10 days. Every day, you need to prepare a fresh medicine.
  • Sagebrush on alcohol. Mix in equal parts tarragon and pumpkin seeds (they should be crushed). Pour in a proportion of vodka 1 to 2. insist week, take 50 ml overnight.
  • Finely chop the onion and pour vodka (1/1). close tightly, insist 7 days. Drink a tablespoon 2 twice a day for 4 days.

And can be more delicious

  • beet juice. drink 100 ml morning fasting and at night before bedtime for 2 weeks. by the way, it is an excellent remedy for strengthening the immune system and the enrichment of the body mass of necessary microelements.
  • You can eat one raw fox (mushroom), It is an excellent tool for quick expulsion of parasites.

There are many remedies, wherein folk remedies may derive not only pinworms, but also other types of worms. They can also be used as preventive measures.

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