Ureaplasmas men: Symptoms and Treatment

ureaplasma - bacteria, parasitizing the urethra and causing male infertility. About male infertility talk is not accepted - in most cases the reason for looking for a woman. Although, decrease sperm activity under the influence of pathogenic organisms is one of the most common consequences of infection. Representative of such microflora is a ureaplasma.

What is ureaplasma

Ureaplasma in men is classified as opportunistic pathogens. It means, that it can be detected in the samples of healthy human flora. But with the creation of favorable conditions, it can start to multiply, thereby causing ureaplasmosis. Ureaplasma long time attributed to fungal infections. However, with the development of diagnostic methods it was moved to a separate group of diseases. The most commonly infected men Ureaplasma urealyticum и Ureaplasma parvum.

A distinctive feature is the lack of specialized ureaplasmas symptoms after infection. The latent period of the disease can take up to several months.

transmission path

The bacterium is transmitted through sexual contact with an infected person. Infected by domestic impossible.

Important! There is a possibility of vertical transmission from infected mother to child during childbirth. In this case, the bacteria can be found in the mucous membranes still in infancy. The most common way to become infected so it is a girl. For boys the possibility of spontaneous recovery and lack of consequences.

Since the transmission is by sexual contact, upon detection of the pathogen in the body of one of the partners to carry out both the best therapy. This will reduce the risk of re-infection and help to achieve a more rapid remission. Treatment ureaplasmas men multicomponent and therefore it should be taken very seriously, strictly adhering regimens.

Causes of

As already mentioned above, ureaplasma can stay in the body long-term support, without causing any complications.

The main reasons for its penetration into the organism are the following:

  • early sexual activity;
  • chaotic change of partners and ignoring contraception;
  • urological and venereal diseases in history lower protective functions, making it more susceptible.

If a man is already a carrier of the bacteria, cause it can sharp reproduction of several factors:

  • prolonged stress;
  • violation of the sleep-wake;
  • long uncontrolled reception of antibiotics;
  • use of hormonal preparations.

These factors are the main causes of violations of homeostasis, the consequence of which becomes reduced immunity. Possible aggravation ureaplasmosis as a secondary infection on the background of the primary infection.

The main signs of infection

Уреаплазма относится к условно-патогенной микрофлоре и может длительное время не причинять никаких неудобств носителю
Ureaplasma relates to conditionally pathogenic microflora and can be a long time not to cause any inconvenience to the wearer

Since ureaplasma relates to conditionally pathogenic microflora and can be a long time not to cause any inconvenience to the wearer, should count down the time of infection since the beginning of its reproduction in the body. stresses, carry-forward of infection creates a heavy load on the body. This leads to a decrease in the level of immunity. This can result in dissemination and active multiplication of opportunistic microflora.

At first, the disease is almost does not manifest itself. Patients may complain of in this period redness member and discomfort during urination. Over time, these symptoms tend to disappear spontaneously. At this time, a man has is contagious and can transmit the pathogen to their sexual partners. In this case, the bacteria continues to multiply and spread of the genitourinary system. With its spread may experience various symptoms.


With the defeat of the urethra, patients develop this disease, like urethritis. He is accompanied by discomfort during urination. Over time, the pain may occur, burning, sharp pain. They do not appear in the normal state, but only during the emptying of the bladder. In this situation, two options for the development of the pathology: spontaneous remission, or transition into a chronic form. When passing into a chronic stage of exacerbation will occur with a decrease in the protecting function of the body. It should be noted, that each subsequent relapse occurs much more difficult previous.


With the defeat of the epididymis ureaplazmoy patients develop epididymitis. When epididymitis any unpleasant or painful sensations are absent. In spite of this, there may be an increase in the size and induration of the epididymis. This disease easily becomes chronic. Periodic exacerbations are accompanied by severe pain. Without treatment epididymitis may cause a decrease in reproductive function in men to complete infertility.


Often, the cause is inflammation of the prostate becomes ureaplasma. Especially great harm it can cause when developing prostate. In addition to erectile dysfunction, the patient may experience frequent urination, pain or discomfort in the perineum. Prostate lesion may also be accompanied by labored urination.

Reproduction ureaplasma in the body can lead to changes in the chemical composition of semen. As a result of its quality declining due to decrease sperm activity. With the successful completion of the course of treatment of male reproductive function of the body is restored in full.

methods of diagnosis

Как диагностировать уреаплазму у мужчин? Постановка диагноза возможна с помощью ряда специальных исследований
How to diagnose a ureaplasma in men? Diagnosis is possible by means of a number of special studies

Diagnosis is possible by means of a number of special studies. It is important to take into account, that the ureaplasma is not the only possible agent of prostatitis or urethritis. Therefore, its presence in the body does not mean, that she was the cause of pathology.

The diagnosis is carried out based on specialized analyzes:

  • polymerase chain reaction (PCR);
  • linked immunosorbent assay (IFA);
  • smearing secretion from the urethra;
  • semen analysis;
  • Analysis of urine;
  • general blood analysis.

In the study the patient necessarily spent primary poll. If a man lives a sexual life and has a permanent partner, it also necessarily need to be surveyed, to prevent recurrence of the disease.

treatment plan

Ureaplasmosis a pathology, provoked by bacterial microorganisms. It means, that are used for treatment of antibiotics - they inhibit the multiplication of bacteria, thus stopping the pathology.

Уреаплазмоз является патологией, провоцируемой бактериальным микроорганизмом
Ureaplasmosis a pathology, provoked by bacterial microorganisms

A doctor for each patient is separate circuit, how to treat a ureaplasma in men. Universal treatment does not exist, ureaplasmosis because men can occur at different ages and in different states of the body.


They are an essential component of treatment. The most popular drugs are tetracycline. Intolerance of antibiotics may be prescribed macrolides and fluoroquinolones. Receiving antibiotics rarely exceeds 10 days - during this period, you can get rid of the pathogen with minimal harm to the body.


Are applied in order to increase the protective functions of the organism. Can prevent relapses and strengthen the immune system, protecting the body from the occurrence of secondary infections.


Used in conjunction with antibiotics. Help reduce their impact on the liver and restore its cleansing function. Preparations may be supplemented to enhance the bile flow - so a more rapid purification.


Restore healthy intestinal microflora. So there is a warning of dysbiosis and increased protective functions of the intestine.

correction power

It is performed not only in order to strengthen, but also to ease the burden on the gastrointestinal tract.

Prostate massage

Used in establishing prostatitis. It stimulates blood flow in the prostate, which allows it to accelerate the process of cleansing of pathogens.

Unconventional treatment for ureaplasmosis better to avoid. Facilities, used at home, can only arrest the symptoms, but do not guarantee a full recovery. Therefore, people's means it is better not to use their own, to avoid aggravating the condition. ureaplasmosis treatment of men in the home should be carried out in the case of matching it with the doctor.


Prevention ureaplasmosis includes personal hygiene. Do not forget about contraception during sexual intercourse with new partners. Additionally as prophylaxis should perform periodic inspection, especially in the presence of such a disease in history. Admission bracing means will help prevent depression of immunity and will serve as prevention of pathogen reproduction.

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