Candles Clotrimazole of vaginal infections – instruction, cost of, reviews. How to apply to pregnant?

Vaginal infections cause inflammation of the vulva and are accompanied by a mass of unpleasant symptoms. Yourself to get rid of such displays help spark clotrimazole, who treat any disease, associated with the fungus Candida.

Клотримазол – вагинальные таблетки белого цвета, применяют для лечения половых инфекций, возбудитель которых – грибок Кандида
Clotrimazole - vaginal white pills, used for the treatment of genital infections, which is the causative agent - the fungus Candida

How to use candles clotrimazole, and when the drug will be more effective and efficient?

From what helped spark clotrimazole

The substance clotrimazole, which is the main active component candles - a powerful antimycotic agent, effective against most pathogens of fungal infections.

How does clotrimazole? The active ingredient gives production of nucleic acids and proteins, This destroys the integrity of the fungal cell, that provokes the death of a parasitic microorganism. The impact of the fungus on the woman's body is reduced, and a woman, Successfully complete the course of treatment, gets rid of the burning sensation, itching, pain and discomfort in the vaginal area.

Клотримазол применяют при генитальных инфекциях, вызванных дрожжевыми грибами рода Candida, кандидозный вульвит, вульвовагинит
Clotrimazole is used for genital infections, caused by the yeast Candida species, kandidoznom vulva, vulvovaginal

Clotrimazole suppositories auxiliaries include magnesium stearate, lemon acid, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, potato starch. In appearance clotrimazole vaginal suppositories look like oblong tablets white, a dense texture and specific odor. For convenience, some drug manufacturers equip special applicator, facilitating the use of spark intravaginal.

note! The main direction of action clotrimazole suppositories - destroying infections, caused by the fungus Candida. I.e, Candles are used for the treatment of advanced disease among women - "thrush".

The basic active drug substance detrimental effect on different species of pathogenic microorganisms, among which:

  • molds;
  • dermatophytes;
  • staphylococci;
  • Trihomonadы;
  • yeast-like fungi;
  • Stryeptokokki;
  • dimorphic fungi;
  • candida strains;
  • The causative agents of herpes zoster.

Candles are appointed with genital infections, caused by microbes, sensitive to clotrimazole, and vaginal candidiasis women and girls, sexually active.

The drug is also used as a prophylactic agent for sanitation reproductive tract before instrumental examination, birth, operations on the genitals.

How to use candles clotrimazole

Application candle clotrimazole does not differ from the use of other vaginal suppositories:

  • The vaginal tablet is placed deep into the vagina once a day at bedtime;
  • Before the introduction of suppositories, it is necessary to conduct a thorough reorganization of genitals;
  • The procedure is done in the supine position, with slightly bent knees;
  • To facilitate the introduction of vaginal tablets can be lightly moisten in water or use a special applicator, in the package of the drug;
  • Treatment is best done before the start of menstruation;
  • For, to liquefied tablet does not stain underwear, it is recommended to use sanitary pads.

The course of treatment is generally 5-7 days, unless otherwise specified in the instructions or not recommended by your doctor. To enhance the therapeutic effect, the doctor may prescribe additional treatment genitals ointment clotrimazole, ingestion of pills Metronidazole or fluconazole.

Вагинальная таблетка ставится максимально глубоко во влагалище, для облегчения введения, таблетку можно слегка смочить или использовать специальный аппликатор, находящийся в упаковке препарата
The vaginal tablet is placed as deep as possible into the vagina, for ease of administration it is possible to slightly moisten or use a special applicator, in the package of the drug

If after this period will not occur and the symptoms do not ease back, and the state, in front of, worsening, should seek emergency medical attention for passing the required examinations and further diagnosis.

Important! Candles Clotrimazole from yeast can be used alone without a prescription, but only if, if a woman is confident in his diagnosis and previously enjoyed suppositories for medicinal purposes.

When using candles as prophylaxis for readjustment genital tract one-time use at a dosage of clotrimazole 200 mg.

Clotrimazole suppositories can be used during pregnancy only if, If the feasibility of using the drug approved by your doctor. At the first timing childbearing pregnancy is not recommended to use clotrimazole due to lack of data on the safety of the active substance on the development of the fetus.

When pregnancy 3 trimester and 2 trimester gynecologist decides on the use of clotrimazole suppositories individually, given the state of women and the potential risk to the gestation.

Features of the application

Of the contraindications to the use of vaginal suppositories, in addition to the prohibition of the use of clotrimazole suppositories during menstruation and during the first trimester of pregnancy, should be allocated to the individual intolerance of female drug components.

Terms of use of clotrimazole suppositories:

  1. The course of treatment must be held concurrently with the sexual partner. At the time of treatment is recommended to refuse sex, tk. it can enhance the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.
  2. Treatment should not be interrupted. Usually, after application of clotrimazole suppositories symptoms recede into 2-3 day, but the course can not be interrupted, tk. At this point, the fungus reproduction and growth stop, but the fungus has not yet been completely destroyed.
  3. Pregnant women should not use candles with applicator, Suppositories should only be entered manually.
  4. Simultaneously with candles clotrimazole can not be used with drugs Nystatin, but, you can take vitamins and medicines based on natural ingredients.
Курс лечения одновременно проходят оба половых партнера, половые контакты, на время курса, рекомендуется прекратить
The course of treatment at the same time are the two sexual partners, sex on the course are advised to stop

Not excluded occurrence of side effects when using candles. A woman can be confusing:

  • Headaches;
  • Burning and itching in the genital organs;
  • Problems with urination;
  • An increase in vaginal discharge.

With increasing side effects, discontinue use of suppositories and seek medical advice.

If you violate the prescribed dosage may experience overdose symptoms: nausea, increased sleepiness, vomiting, disorders of the liver. Clinical cases of overdose are extremely rare, but when they occur it is necessary to urgently stop drug treatment and take adsorbents (polisorb, Activated carbon, et al.).

Analogs and prices

Buy clotrimazole suppositories can be non-prescription at any pharmacy - the price of the drug is low and varies from 35 rub. packing, containing 6 suppository.

В аптеках можно приобрести препараты обладающие аналогичными фармакологическими свойствами
In pharmacies can purchase drugs, having similar pharmacological properties

Have similar pharmacological properties preparations:

  • Candid;
  • Livarol;
  • Fuginal;
  • Terjinan;
  • Kanesten;
  • nystatin candles;
  • Pimafucin.

It is not necessary to pick their own imagine a similar product - only a doctor, taking into account the peculiarities of the clinical picture of the disease and the presence of contraindications, can advise on the most effective drug.

Testimonials about clotrimazole candles are positive - has been rapid effect of taking, the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms and selections, low cost of the drug, possibility of independent use at home.

Recommendations of the doctors speak in favor of clotrimazole - a minimum of side effects and contraindications, no effect on the central nervous system work, positive results in the treatment of yeast and other vaginal infections, caused by pathogenic fungi.

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