What is scabies: a photo, symptoms, disease treatment

The name of the disease - scabies - have heard all, but clearly represent, what it is, not counting doctors, very few people.

However, although life mostly far from similar problems, knowledge never hurts, since cases of infection occur often and know best, how to recognize scabies and how to treat it. Photos from the typical cases of the disease - not the most pleasant sight, but, knowing, how it manifests itself, it will be easier to define it for yourself and loved ones.

What is this disease

The disease is highly contagious, ticks. Transmission of the parasite occurs very easily, in contact with a person already ill with, or with the things (it happens less often, with advanced forms of the disease).

Ill with scabies can be everywhere, where there is a crowd of people. Including kindergarten, school, even in a hospital ward.

The most rapid spread of the disease occurs within the family - it is the most common route of infection a few people at a time.

A person begins scabies, if the surface of his skin were females tick, or its larvae.

In order to understand at once, that the disease begins, correctly interpret the first signs of it, should know "habit" mite.

The habitat of the parasite - in the dermal layers, on the surface of a tick appears for further migration through the body. The danger in the sense of transmission of the disease are female - they are more males, their mouth structure adapted for movement within the layers of the epidermis. The front legs ymeyutsya sucker. Which enables movement on the surface of the skin and under it.

mite life cycle is divided into 2 phase: dermal and subcutaneous. Exactly 2 step allows to suspect the presence of disease even in the absence of external signs.

The mite is nocturnal, female gnaws night moves in the skin, It lays its eggs (the first half of the night). She then continues to eat, gnawing long channel. Therefore, in the evening and at night a man worried about severe itching. Then the parasites come to the surface for mating and dispersal of the skin surface. On lying quietly, the warmth of sleep a person ticks move very fast, to 25 mm per minute. Such activity may explain, why the majority of infections occur in sleeping a total bed. Day of rest insects, that can create the illusion of peace.

The eggs hatch larvae, which reach maturity, infiltrating the hair follicles. In this way, if not curing the disease, breeding cycle and resettlement ticks on the body may become a regular and infinite.

To expand the horizons! Adult mite has a lifespan of up 3 months, in the presence of tolerable conditions of existence of the female is able to give birth 150 million. individuals.

When you need to run to the dermatologist (scabies symptoms)

Below are the first signs of, there are only three, but even if one stands to lose the peace (even if there is only a vague idea, It looks like scabies):

  • itching of the skin in the evening and at night
  • rash typical for this disease places, it does not matter, what it looks like, external manifestation depends on many factors
  • if scratching at night the whole family, then in the morning better together to go to the doctor and begin treatment.

The favorite habitat of the human body:

  • on hands: brush and the side surface of the finger
  • wrist
  • genitals (predominantly in men)
  • on foot (feet)
  • trunk
  • breast cancer in women - rarely.

In the photo you can see, which areas most affected mite.

Участки поражения чехоткой
Areas affected by scabies

The appearance of rashes, bubbles in these areas, symptoms - itching presence, from which you want to get rid of as soon as possible.

types of scabies

Scabies is not necessarily manifested obvious and indisputable signs. This disease can take many forms, and should have at least an approximate idea of ​​them. This can help in determining whether it even at home. Suspect disease can be and not knowing, It looks like scabies: if there is itching - it is necessary to get worried.

The intensity of the disease depends not only on the number of individuals, but on the degree of the body's reaction to the mere presence of the parasite, his spittle, eggs, waste products. It is a factor in the development of different forms of the disease.

typical scabies

If human infection occurs mature individuals, to immediately start work on the resettlement of the skin and reproduction, developing this form of the disease.

  • Quickly appear scratches, are covered with a crust of dried blood.
  • Eruptions in the form of bubbles, often at the usual places parasite activity (on hands, legs). Inflammation is usually absent, bubbles themselves small, 1-3 mm (these are the first signs of defeat scabies).
  • On the sides of the nodules can appear - there, where larvae have penetrated into hair follicles.
  • Skoplenie gnoynichkov, bubbles - the photo shows, how it looks.
Скопление гнойничков чесотки
Skoplenie gnoynichkov chesotki
Скопление пузырьков чесотки
Cluster of scabies bubbles
Скопление узелков, где в волосяные луковицы внедрились личинки
The accumulation of nodules, where larvae have penetrated into hair follicles

Scabies no moves

This form of the disease appears briefly, after a while it becomes a typical scabies. It arises in the case of the larvae of the mite infestation, while signs are weak, small bubbles, very few of them. This state continues until the adults, as soon as they become sexually mature, Disease manifestations changes.

Upon contact with infected people, this form appears more often, so, if the family or collective cases are identified, We should not wait for symptoms Gain, and quickly begin treatment each person.

Scabies "incognito"

Complicated to diagnose disease, typical for individuals, having the habit of swimming at night. when washing, especially wool, from the surface are washed off all the parasites. Therefore, the symptoms are very weak, in most cases it can only be determined by a dermatologist. Even a very neat person can not get rid of them without special preparations.

"Norwegian" scabies

It is called "cortical", "Krustoznaya". May develop in humans, who for some reason have a reduced sensitivity, or it is not. In these disorders in humans there is no itching, and the disease develops very intensively, Moreover, This type of mange is the infectious.

The reasons for the lack of sensitivity may be different:

  • limb paresis
  • treatment of hormonal drugs (it may change the degree of sensitivity)
  • diabetes
  • SPID

No worry, but, Consequently, emergency measures can lead to the formation of massive crust body, in their thickness, beneath them is a huge number of insects (to a million!). Especially damage seen in the hands and feet, These growths are painful, making limited limb movement. nails, hair, Skin color also damaged, which does not occur in a typical form of the disease.

itch limfoplaziya

This form is manifested reaction to the parasite, thus there is a thickening of the lymphoid tissue, increase nodules, appearance formations (knots) of lymphoid structures, which can cause anxiety, as itching.

Even after complete relief from the human parasites disorders in lymphoid tissue structures are stored for a long time (up to six months).

Scabies complications

When injected into the pockets of the introduction of ticks additional infections, complications may occur, and for each type of infection your, they have to be treated further.

What could it be:

  • staphylococci, stryeptokokki
  • boils
  • eczema
  • dermatitis
  • hives.

That is, together with scabies is the treatment of pustular formations, boils - such forms of lesions of the skin is not necessary to heal yourself. There is a danger of a larger infestation, so do not risk their own health and the health of loved ones.


May appear when the infection in other species of ticks, eg, in contact with sick animals, usually with dogs.

Then it can be itchy, bubbles - both in human scabies, but parasites are not embedded in the epidermis, There are no moves. Can be solved, that begins scabies, Symptoms of infection may occur on exposed parts of the body, but the development of the disease does not occur.

After termination of the contact with the source of mites symptoms quickly disappear, so that the planned treatment in this case is not required - the person is not a full-fledged master of many species of parasites, living animal.

Sick animals should be treated, after which time signs of defeat quickly disappear.

The elderly and children

Symptoms of scabies in adults is much weaker, than in children. Children often become infected with scabies, while defeat is the whole skin, not only on the usual adult sites. Without treatment, quickly lead to serious consequences. The disease can occur much harder:

  • affected scalp
  • It may be damaged skin stop
  • very easy to develop suppurative complications, if they do not cure, may develop inflammation
  • often damaged nails.
Поражение кожного покрова чесоткой
The defeat of the skin scabies
Чесотка у детей приводит к тяжелым последствиям
Scabies in children leads to serious consequences
Чесотка поражает кожу стоп
Scabies affects the skin stop

Older adults are also very vulnerable. The rash may be absent, as well as the itch moves, but it can begin to develop cortical form of scabies.

How to treat scabies

In identifying the disease in the family treatment is necessary for all its members, regardless of the presence of symptoms (This applies to any gathering of people, any team).

To determine the presence of infection of laboratory tests to detect parasites themselves, larvae, eggs, waste products.

To detect burrows using blue and brilliant green, iodine. Also taken scraping: skin softens lactic acid, then scraped. The resulting material was examined under a microscope, when detecting elements, evidence of infection, put the appropriate diagnosis, patient explained, than to treat scabies, how to treat scabies in adults and children.

Issued one of the drugs. Each of them is able to effectively cure scabies:

  • "Benzyl"
  • "Medyfoks"
  • «Spregalь»
  • Sulfuric ointment.

All the drugs are quite effective, but, by treating, you need to follow the following rules:

  • We need to treat all family members (team) simultaneously
  • the procedure should be carried out in the evening - in the period of the parasite activity
  • children must be treated entirely, including the skin under the hair
  • in adults treated skin under the hair and face
  • The ointment is applied with bare hands, then rubbed
  • after application of the therapeutic drug can not wash 4 day (but you can swim up procedure)
  • clothes, linen changed after a full course of treatment
  • mite does not live without a master, so you can just leave things and putting on 5 days - enough, to get rid of parasites in the room on things (so it will be able to disinfect even the laziest)
  • exposure ointments - 12 hours.

It should be noted, Which of the following drugs for pregnant women and children can be used "Spregal". With this tool you can get rid of the parasites at a time (However, doctors recommend all the same double treatment), because it destroys the parasite at any stage of its development, from egg to sexually mature individuals. Treatment with this drug is expensive, especially if it is used by several people.

If scabies is complicated, Body ulcers, inflammation, the self is not to be treated, especially in children.

How can scabies prevention, it is hard to say. Even after successful treatment does not form immunity to parasites, reinfection very likely.

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