Dekaris – effective medication for worms. How to apply, what side effects may be?

Таблетки Дикарис способны всего лишь за один прием избавить от паразитов
Dekaris pills can only at a time get rid of parasites

Additional anthelmintic drugs Dekaris tablets are the most popular, so how can just one reception rid of parasites. Besides, drug possesses immunomodulating properties, which is important in the treatment of helminthic invasion.

What are the advantages and disadvantages dekaris, and how to use the drug for adults and children?

The general operation of and indications for use

Manufacturers are positioning Dekaris, as a powerful tool, able for 24 hours to rid the body of parasites. Such effect of the drug is achieved by the main active component, levamisole, which is supplemented in the composition of the drug still more auxiliary substances.

How does Dekaris:

  1. Levamisole hydrochloride at reception quickly enters the liver, which decays into matter, that lightning absorbed into the blood.
  2. Within two hours after administration drug substances completely saturated blood flow.
  3. Once out of the liver metabolites, they are beginning to act on all the parasites, located in the gut: parasites lose their ability to proliferate and move, they paralysis.
  4. During 28-32 hours paralyzed, Dead worms are detached from the mucosa and out of the body along with the feces and urine.

A great advantage of the drug is its immunomodulatory effects, through which manages to quickly restore the body after a helminthic invasion.

Important! Dekaris only effective against parasites, having developed musculature (ostritsы, askaridы, Toxoplasma et al.). against flukes, Giardia, tapeworms, which are quite firmly attach themselves to the intestinal mucosa, pills are powerless.

Активный компонетн декариса левамизол гидрохлорид распадается в печени на вещества, которые активно действуют на всех паразитов в кишечнике, что прекращает их размножение и вызывает паралич. Паразиты открепляются от стенок кишечника и в течение 28-32 выводятся из организма
Active separates decaris levamisole hydrochloride decomposes in the liver Substances, are active on all the parasites in the gut, that stops their proliferation and causes paralysis. Parasites are detached from the bowel wall and within 28-32 excreted

In this way, indications are the use dekaris:

  • Entyerobioz (ostritsы);
  • Ankilostomoz (ankilostomы);
  • Askaridoz (askaridы);
  • Tryhotsefalez (whipworm);
  • Toxoplasmosis (Toxoplasma);
  • Trihostrongilez (nematodы);
  • necatoriasis (some);
  • strongyloidiasis (E. ugritsa).

The main purpose of dekaris - worming medication, but thanks to the immunomodulatory effects, he may be appointed under the following conditions:

  • Crohn's disease;
  • Viral hepatitis and chronic hepatitis B;
  • frequent sinusitis;
  • Herpes various etiologies;
  • Crohn's disease;
  • Frequent inflammatory and infectious diseases of the respiratory system;
  • Leukemias and malignant tumors in the lungs, the gut, breast.

When any of the listed diseases, as in helminthic invasion, independent use of the drug is prohibited - to buy and use it only on medical prescription.

When receiving the drug should be considered, that Dekaris of worms operates only on adults, without affecting their eggs. therefore, to completely get rid of parasites, two weeks should be repeated the drug - this time from the remaining larvae develop adults and Dekaris can completely clear the organism from infection.

Dekaris for children

For kids (since the age of three) Tablets are available in dosage 50 levamizol mg hydrochloride. Apart from the main component of the tablet contain orange food coloring and flavoring to taste of apricot.

Children dose is calculated based on the weight of the child - one tablet (50 mg) designed for 10 kg weight. In this way, if the baby weighs about 30 kg, then he is given three pills once children or one adult tablet.

Декарис имеет большое количество побочных эффектов, поэтому для лечения глистов у детей препарат может применяться только с разрешения врача
Dekaris has a large number of side effects, therefore, for the treatment of intestinal worms in children of drug can be used only with the permission of a doctor

Excluding the weight of a child of about dosage as follows:

  • For babies 3-6 years old - 25-30 mg;
  • for the guys 6-10 years old - 50-75 mg;
  • for teens 10-14 years old - 75-100 mg.

note! Doctors recommend to calculate the dosage for children according to the weight, and not by age, in order to reduce the risk of side effects.

Given the large number of side effects, Dekaris for children for the treatment of intestinal worms may be used only with the permission of a doctor. but, reviews on the use of medicines in children generally are positive.

Side effects in children less marked, than in adults - probably due to the fact, that the dosage of the drug for weight children are more accurate and eliminates the possibility of overdose and the development of negative consequences. Of the benefits users report receiving comfort (single), taste good drugs and fast anthelmintic effect.

Dekaris for adults

It is produced in the form of conventional tablets for adults Dekaris without flavorings and colorings, dosage of active ingredient is 150 mg.

For the treatment of parasitic infestations adult sufficient single dose tablet, after which a break is on 1-2 of the week, and followed by another drink tablet, in order to prevent the risk of re-infection.

In Dekaris rarely appointed as an immunomodulating drug, tk. there are many other modern, more powerful and safe immunomodulators.

For the treatment of pregnant Dekaris tablets are not used due to their high toxicity. When helminthic infestation is recommended for pregnant women to use folk remedies, a more lenient (pumpkin seeds, garlic enemas et al.).

How to use the drug: instruction

Tablets should consume Dekaris during or after meals, with plenty of water. Generally, for receiving pills selected evenings, while the diet is not adjusted, no dieting required, receiving laxatives, cleansing enemas.

Декарис употребляют после или во время приема пищи, запивая его большим количеством воды. Желательно принять таблетку в вечернее время
Dekaris consumed after or during meals, drink should be plenty of water. It is advisable to take the tablet in the evening

How to take Dekaris:

  • Once per tablet (150 mg) in the treatment of parasitic infestations and later 1-2 Week one more - to prevent relapse.
  • Once a day for three days in a row - in the treatment of toxoplasmosis. You may need 2-3 of course with a break in 7 day.
  • Daily single tablet 3 days in a row - as a preventive measure (for suspected worm infestation).

Important! In the acute stage defeat helminths reappointed the medication every three days, but strictly on prescription, and after appropriate testing.

Admission Dekarsisa can not be combined with alcohol consumption and alcohol-containing products - it can lead to a rapid buildup of side effects and cause negative consequences for the organism.

Who harmful Dekaris

All anthelmintic drugs are divided into drugs with a broad and narrow spectrum. The first group of products has an impact on virtually all types of worms, but it is highly toxic, and therefore a large list of side effects and contraindications. The second - usually destroys a certain kind of parasites, but it has a less negative effect on the organism.

The preparation takes place in the middle of Dekaris among these two categories - on the one hand he is able to work on virtually all types of worms, but it has a relatively low toxicity, tk. action of the drug is not aimed at the destruction of parasites, and in their paralysis and further excretion.

Декарис может вызвать негативные реакции: повышение температуры, рвоту, тошноту, расстройства стула, боли в животе
Dekaris may cause negative reactions: temperature rise, vomiting, nausea, chair disorder, stomach ache

However, drug may cause adverse reactions by the organism, which include:

  • Temperature rise;
  • Lack of appetite, vomiting, nausea;
  • Changes in blood parameters;
  • disorder chair, stomach ache;
  • change in taste, disturbances of smell;
  • Dizziness, headaches;
  • fatigue;
  • sleep disturbances;
  • allergic reactions.

With an overdose of medications and use of the drug for a long time may develop agranulocytosis, leukopenia, tremor and other hazardous condition, requiring therapeutic intervention.

There is also a list of contraindications, in which the reception is prohibited dekaris:

  • Breast-feeding;
  • Age of children up to three years;
  • A history of agranulocytosis;
  • pregnant women;
  • Renal and hepatic insufficiency;
  • Individual intolerance to the drug.

If the reception side effects arise dekaris, it is increasingly associated with the violation of recommendations for receiving medicament, than with the high toxicity of the drug.

What can replace Dekaris

Similarly with dekaris have a therapeutic effect following drug analogs:

  • Vormin;
  • Gelmintoks;
  • Vermoks;
  • levamizol;
  • pyrantel;
  • Nemozol;
  • mebendazole.

Many patients are interested, it is better to choose: Vermoks or Dekaris, Dekaris or Pyrantel? The answer to this question is purely individual character, and the doctor prescribes a particular drug, depending on the diagnosis, severity of symptoms, potential comorbidities, contraindications etc.

У Декариса есть аналоги со сходным терапевтическим действием, но выбор того или иного препарато носит сугубо индивидуальный характер и назначается врачом
In dekaris have counterparts with similar therapeutic effect, but the choice of a drug is highly individual and is determined by your doctor

Dekaris has several advantages compared to their peers, among which:

  • The efficacy of tablets at any stage of the disease: both in acute phases of helminthic invasion, and, if a person is only a carrier of parasites.
  • Narrow range of contra-indications and the possibility of applying, both children, and adults.
  • Low toxicity organism.
  • Relatively low price (depending on the drug packaging and dosage can be bought from 69 rub. to 78 rub.).

In the same time, Vermoxum has a broad spectrum effect on parasites and destroys, as the tape, and roundworms, and it has fewer side effects. But it does not have immunomodulatory action, how Dekaris.

Often, in order to achieve greater impact at the same time, doctors prescribe receiving these two drugs: first single dose dekaris, and after a few days - one tablet Vermoxum, to secure the effect of.

Another popular anthelmintic drug - Pyrantel similar to dekaris in many respects: it acts on the same principle and the same types of worms, but it has fewer contraindications. But Pyrantel often administered to children, tk. It does not interfere with the immune system of the child's body, and is available as a suspension, which is convenient to use for children.

Comments on the application

Parasitologists uniquely mark Dekaris effectiveness of the drug against parasitic infestations. Doctors often use the tablet in practice, at the same time by the patients is almost no side effects and complications. Known cases, when after dekaris appeared symptoms of intoxication, They were associated with an overdose of the drug and the doctor's recommendations disorders.

Patients are left on dekaris, both positive, and negative feedback. There has been rapid anthelmintic effect of the drug, but at the same time, many complain of multiple side effects after use. The cases, when there were strong allergic reactions, nausea, vomiting, temperature rise.

Experts explain this development of intoxication in the body due to the evolution of degradation products, appearing after the death of worms. It is recommended to take absorbents, do a cleansing enema, and after receiving antiparasitic agents undergo a course of probiotics and vitamin therapy to restore the body.

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