Tired of fighting thrush? Choosing a cheap and effective candles

Candles from yeast - the most common and convenient method for the topical treatment of candidiasis in women. The effectiveness of vaginal suppositories is deep penetration of the antifungal agent into the mucous, in which inflammatory processes are eliminated and symptoms, and destroyed the causative agent.

the pharmaceutical market Assortment of candles from yeast presented very well. Because it is difficult to decide on their own, some candles to choose from yeast. To pick up the drug helps the doctor on the basis of examination of the patient, the overall clinical picture and the type of pathogen, causative.

По заявлению специалистов, кандидоз у женщин (молочницу) лучше всего лечить свечами
Under the statement of experts, candidiasis in women (thrush) it is best to treat candles

Overview candles from yeast

Different candles against thrush are composed of different substances, because different preparations efficiency, the timing of treatment, side effects and contraindications.

In the table we present the best candles from yeast, existing in the domestic pharmaceutical market with a brief description of products.

drug Name Short instructions for use Benefits disadvantages
damage (sertaconazole) The drug is injected from yeast Zalain odnorazovo (preferably - before going to bed) deep into the vagina. If necessary, use can be repeated later 7 days. For the treatment requires only one candle.

The drug can be used during menstruation .

It has high efficiency.

Can be used while breastfeeding and pregnancy.

expensive drug. price: in Russia - about 500 rub., on the territory of Ukraine - 200 UAH.

If you are using may feel discomfort, burning and itching of the vagina.

Livarol (ketoconazole) In acute disease course candle thrush use daily 3-5 consecutive days.

Chronic candidiasis is treated for 10 days.

Suppository is administered once a day.

With the disappearance of symptoms should not be interrupted treatment - a course, be sure to complete the, that candidiasis is not passed in the chronic form.

impetuous (instantaneous) drug effects. Appointed only if the primary established diagnosis. During further use is ineffective - bacterial resistance arises to the active substance.

During pregnancy may be used only with 2 trimester and only under medical supervision.

It can not be used during menstruation.

It has side effects: rash, itch, gipermiya mucous.

Irun (itraconazole) Suppository administered daily at night for 7-14 days.

Menstruation should be replaced by candles on a tablet.

High efficiency in cases of relapse of candidiasis and bacterial resistance to the establishment of other antifungal drugs. The medicine is contraindicated in the first semester of pregnancy.

May show an allergic reaction to components of the drug.

Makmiror (Nifuratel + Nystatin) complete 8 candles, which are placed on a daily basis - one suppository for the night.

Side effects are rare in the form of edema, itching and rashes.

It can not be used during menstruation.

Candles from yeast for pregnant women. not identified.
clotrimazole (imidazole) Applied for six days.

analogs: imide, College B6, Kanizol, Antifungol, Kandibene.

Cheap candles from yeast.

A wide range of antifungal and antibacterial activity.

Common side effects.

Can not be used to 12 years and 14 week of pregnancy.

Rapid drug resistance of bacteria, causing candidiasis.

miconazole The drug is used for six days.

Contraindicated in the treatment of alcohol.

At the beginning of treatment may be a manifestation of side effects: diarrhea, discomfort in the vagina, lower abdominal pain, nausea.

Drugs with miconazole: Gino-Daktanol, Mikozon, Ginezol-7, Daktarin.

Medicines based on miconazole and metronidazole from yeast Clione, Neo-Penotran, Klion-D, Neo-Metromikon.

The rapid effect.

Broad spectrum of activity (It affects different types of fungi and bacteria).

Effective at relapse.

The danger in the application during pregnancy. You can not apply in the case of yeast infection during breastfeeding.

It has a number of contraindications: diabetes, herpes, liver violation.

Gino-Pevara (econazole) Available in dosage of 50 g (used for 14 days) and 150 g (used for three days).

At relapse repetition rate possible within a week.

Analog - Ifenek.

the effectiveness of. It has a number of contraindications: It should not be used during menstruation, the age of 16 years and older 60 years old, first 3 month of pregnancy (hereinafter - the physician's discretion).
Pimafucin (natamycin) Used for 3-6 days.

use of the drug: acute and chronic candidiasis, arising from the uncontrolled use of antibiotics or immune deficiency; treatment of vaginitis and vulvovaginitis, arising as a result of candidiasis; thrush, arising during pregnancy.

Analog - Primafungin.

The absence of effects on the fetus (allowed during pregnancy). Contraindication is just an allergic reaction to the drug.
Nystatin Apply twice a day for 10-14 days.

analogs: Terzhinan and Polizhinaks - complex preparations, containing nystatin. The use of complex products can cause diskbakterioz.

The cheapest candles from yeast, do not cause stability - because their application is possible with recurrent and chronic forms of candidiasis. long course.

Disadvantages reception (twice a day).

Can not be used during pregnancy.

Possible side effects: diarrhea, nausea, stomach ache, chills.

Betadine (Povidone-Iodine) It is used regardless of the menstrual cycle: in acute candidiasis - at least a week, in chronic diseases - more than two weeks.

Analogue - Yodoksid.

It can be used during menstruation.

It is recommended in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, for all types of fungal diseases.

Can not be used during pregnancy ( with caution - in lactation).

Contraindications: thyroid disease, iodine allergy, kidney failure.

Lomeksin (fenticonazole) single use (one candle). can be used when symptoms persist, re 2-3 day. Seen high effect in the treatment of chronic candidiasis. Not used during pregnancy.

You can not use the drug of thrush during menstruation.

Fluomizin (chloride dequalinium) Apply for 6 days (one candle). Indications for use: genital candidiasis, kandidoznyj vaginit, bacterial vaginosis. High efficiency. You can not apply: menstruation, girls, not sexual initiation, during pregnancy, ulcerative diseases of the vagina.

Для лечения молочницы есть множество дешевых и очень эффективных свечейIn the treatment of candidiasis, every woman wants to choose a candle from yeast cheap and effective, but do not always choose the right drug. When choosing a drug can not be based only on the cost of drugs from yeast and reviews from other women. Many bacteria developed resistance to drugs, and the effectiveness of treatment depends on the cause of the disease. because independent, uncontrolled treatment of thrush frequently does not give the desired effect and leads to a violation of candidiasis and chronic vaginal mucosa microflora.

Terms of use of candles

candidiasis treatment should be carried out in conjunction with a partner, otherwise the therapy will be meaningless and the woman at the next unprotected sex again subjected to "fungal attack".

Before treatment for thrush in women should identify the causes of disease, tk. candidiasis may indicate the development of other pathologies, Sexually Transmitted. For this purpose it is necessary to visit a doctor, which is based on the examination and tests will establish the cause of trigger factors.

Doctor, based on the intensity of symptoms and, establish acute or chronic course of the disease, and suggest a course of therapy: sometimes it is sufficient for the treatment of one suppository administration, and in some cases require longer treatment.

When using candles from yeast during treatment should follow the rules of personal hygiene, renounce the use of perfumed and gaskets himizirovannyh, Means for intimate hygiene, which can have a negative effect on the treatment of.

The advantages of using spark:

  • The effect of the topical treatment appears much faster, than when using oral means.
  • Many drugs can be used once.
  • The occurrence of side effects is less common, than with oral therapy.

The disadvantages of the use of candles is the fact, that their application brings some inconvenience woman (restricts sex life, stain laundry, etc.). In complicated forms of thrush local therapy must necessarily be complemented by the use of antifungal agents in tablets.

The use of combination preparations (eg, Teržinana or Poližinaksa) often accompanied by side effects in the form of vaginal dysbacteriosis. Therefore, the main treatment is supplemented by candles, containing lactobacilli - atsilakt, Laktonorma, Vagiflora, Lactobacterin etc..

Беременные женщины чаще болеют молочницей
Pregnant women often suffer from thrush

Candles for pregnant women

Due to the lowering of immunity is very common in pregnant women have symptoms of thrush. But a lot of vaginal suppositories for yeast have contraindications to their use during the childbearing. Therefore advise what drug to use the doctor can only.

Candles from yeast during pregnancy:

  • Pimafucin or Primafungin;
  • Combined tool - Makmiror.
  • Nystatin candles from yeast - the second and third semester (although their efficacy in pregnancy is low).
  • candles, used to 2-3 term pregnancy: Klovinal, Rumizol, clotrimazole.

To restore vaginal microflora administered to pregnant vaginal capsule (eg, Laktozhinal).

Selection of candles for the treatment of thrush - is individual, and requires professional medical approach. Cure yeast infection on their own - not recommended.

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