What is dangerous for a woman trichomoniasis and how it manifests itself?

The body always indicates health problems. In the case of symptoms of trichomoniasis in women unambiguous and require fast response and treatment. Unpleasant and painful sensations, besides infectiousness, It requires decisive action and be put off.

Important! The chance of infection is high among girls, who started sexual activity before 19 years and the, who have already been infected with any one venereal disease.

Болезненные ощущения - один из симптомов заражения
Soreness - one of the symptoms of infection

general description

Trichomoniasis in women are often confused with gonorrhea, Although both diseases affect the genitourinary system, activators have very different. Infection occurs as a result of unprotected sex acts, including oral and anal.

note! 2/3 infections, according to statistics, - is fornication.

Pathogens female disease - vaginal trichomoniasis. This pathogen, which may develop in the medium of female urogenital system. there is 3 forms of trichomoniasis:

  1. rounded.
  2. cystic.
  3. amebic.

The last most difficult to treat, since this form of the most aggressive. The causative agent is not a bacterium - is the simplest single-celled. For this reason, a large mass of antibacterial drugs will not help to get rid of the disease. It is mobile and can move itself with the help of flagella. they do not need oxygen for life, but, so, survive even in the most "difficult" conditions.

note! The slightest heat or drying leads to the destruction of the pathogen.

Ways of infection

Booked - means, armed, it's just about trichomoniasis, difficult to cure, than prevent the emergence of. Causes of infection:

  • sexual contact. Infection as a result of unprotected contact genital. And, irrespective embodiment intercourse;
  • contact with body fluids. These include sperm, blood, saliva. With this in mind, you need to know, that even a kiss can infect pathogen;
  • home option. Outside wet environment microorganism can maintain vital functions for several hours. It means, that you can get infected, using one and same thing and hygiene with the patient. Among them - the toilet seat, Toothbrush, Underwear, even bathrobe;
  • vertical path. This option is possible for child birth, and at-risk newborn girl.
Беспорядочные половые связи - одна из главных причин заражения
Promiscuity - a major cause of infection


The first signs of trichomoniasis in women can be manifested through 10 days, although there were cases, when the manifestations were even through 2 of the month. there are situations, when there are no complaints at all no, vaginal trichomoniasis and calm myself developing. This case bears 2 hidden threats:

  1. You are a carrier, not knowing about the disease.
  2. You infect their sexual partners and, probably, through things domestic use native.

note! Carriers often act as men, although women can be "time bombs".

Носителями возбудителя могут быть и женщины и мужчины
Carriers of the pathogen can be both men and women

Symptoms in women are so:

  • most infrequent symptom - a pain in the abdomen, low severity. This feature in itself insignificant;
  • discomfort and / or pain during intercourse;
  • redness and swelling of the vulva;
  • stinging during urination. These symptoms are typical, if struck urethra;
  • itching and burning in the vagina and vulva.

All symptoms presented above may be signs of many diseases of non-venereal nature. The most serious and, perhaps, a frightening sign will highlight. And their color varies from yellow-green to light yellow. They are abundant and have an unpleasant odor. The main feature, that should make to rush to the doctor for a check - it frothiness.

Important! Prolonged treatment of trichomoniasis in women, which yields no results, could easily translate to its transition to a chronic form. In this case, the woman did not pay attention to discomfort, after separation still have a place to be, but they are scarce, and to painful sensations it gets used.

The consequences of the disease

Trichomoniasis can be treated and long-term effects of it can be avoided, in fact manage to recover fully. found, but very seldom, cases of inflammation of the fallopian tubes on the background of trichomoniasis, which leads to infertility.

according to statistics,, they, who are ill, have a higher chance of:

  1. HIV disease and HPV.
  2. The risk of developing cervical cancer.

Upon detection of this disease during pregnancy there is a risk of fading fruit and delay its development, miscarriage, premature birth, intrauterine infection.

Features of treatment

Delay treatment and, even more so, examination by a specialist can not. It is important to know some of the features:

  • We need to treat all sexual partners, regardless of their number and manifestation of symptoms;
  • during the treatment of sex must be stopped;
  • it is important to eliminate factors, that affect the decrease in the body's resistance. It means, that comorbidities should be treated as mandatory;
  • protivotrihomonadnye use prescribed drugs in conjunction with local hygiene.

for advice, in case of detection of symptoms, you need to see a gynecologist and venereal diseases.

При первых подозрительных симптомах необходимо обратиться к врачу
At the first suspicious symptoms should seek medical attention

Prevention and emergency measures

trichomoniasis prevention, like all sexually transmitted diseases - this:

  • a permanent partner and confidence in him;
  • use of contraception, barrier-type;
  • observance of elementary rules of personal hygiene - only his underwear, Toothbrush, sponge and towel;
  • regular examination by a specialized professionals, in this case the gynecologist 2 times per year.

Attention! If there was unprotected sexual intercourse, It can be used as a preventive measure or Betadine preparation Miramistin. They are able to reduce the chance of infection in 3 fold, provided processing of the external genitalia, and vagina during 1-2 hours. To do this, 5 One ml of the formulations enter the vagina and the same process vulva. But this is only an emergency measure, which can not be abused.

Important features of the treatment

  1. When a single infection and subsequent treatment of the immune system do not constitute, infected with trichomoniasis can be re.
  2. If the disease is discovered in the run-up to the monthly, to comprehensive treatment (suppositories and tablets) you need to start only after their completion.
  3. Upon detection of symptoms during pregnancy is not an indication for abortion. Treatment can be carried out at any stage. And be sure to, because in the process of birth is probable infection of a fetus.
  4. Must necessarily be treated to all sexual partners, regardless of, Do all the pathogens found in or not.
Не забываем про защиту
Do not forget about the protection of

Home Treatment

Implement national ways at home only after consultation with a specialist.

Important! Home treatment for pregnant women is prohibited at any stage!

options douching:

  1. Prepare an infusion of chamomile, oak bark, calendula and nettle (by 50 g) fill 1 liter of water. Boil, and insist 1,5 hours under the lid closed. Douching exercise warm infusion.
  2. Immortelle and white acacia for 50 g boiled several minutes 1 liter of water. withstand 2 o'clock, after use.
  3. purity - 20 g, cherry and lilac on 50 g, fill 1 liter of water and heated to a minimum fire 20 minutes, After insisting for 1 o'clock.

You can use tampons, impregnated with specific composition. Among the options:

  • onion juice (1 no. l.), 10 ml of glycerol and 20 water. To mix everything, swab impregnated only freshly prepared composition;
  • camomile tea in ¼ cup volume mix in 5 ml of garlic juice. Also be used in the form of freshly prepared;
  • liquid honey in a ratio of aloe and 1 to 2 mix and impregnate the composition of the tampon. Not store up 3 days in a sealed container protected from light.

Important! To use all these tools, you can only, if they do not have an allergy.


Can be treated with medication only on doctor's prescription. In most cases, a group appointed by metronidazole. The most famous preparation is the "Trykhopol".

Fact! due to the uncontrolled (not prescribed by a doctor) using said preparation in the treatment of various diseases in modern conditions Effectiveness questionable, because the Trichomonas pathogen has adapted to it, and the body does not take the treatment.

Another drug - "Ornidazole". After completing the course of treatment it must be re-commissioning tests, if the disease remains, appointed a second course.

Attention! The material was created for informational purposes only, rather than as a guide to action!

general medicine

Any disease weakens the immune system, and he needs the support of. For this purpose, the following organic compounds can be used:

  • 100 g ginger root pour rubbed 400 ml of vodka. Insist 10 days in a dark container in a warm place. Take 2 times a day 1 ch.l. pre-diluted in the ratio 1 to 1.
  • Flowers of chamomile and calendula (by 20 g) fill 1 Article. water. Boil and insist 40 minutes. Take before meals for 30 minutes, ½ cup, 3 times a day.
  • Eucalyptus, tysyacheletnik, tansy on 1 ch.l., fill 0,5 a liter of boiling water and insist 2 o'clock. take 30 ml before meals 3 twice a day for 17 days.
Постоянный проверенный партнер и периодические проверки у врача - залог интимного здоровья
Standing trusted partner and periodic checks by a doctor - a pledge of intimate health


Treat trichomoniasis can and should be. Full recovery is possible in the treatment of both partners, aging of the recommendations a doctor and preventive measures. Elementary hygiene and permanent trusted partner to 99% ensure that no contamination.

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