bed mites – how to identify and display than parasites?

bed mites (Cimex lectularius) - small arthropod, parasitic on the skin surface as the animal, and man and could cause a severe allergic reaction. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the dangers of these insects for us, methods for their detection, methods for the treatment and control.

Characteristic features of the parasite

This ectoparasite yellow-brown color is not visible to the human eye, the characteristics can be seen only through a microscope or an enlarged photo of bed mite. They are peaceful enough - do not bite their prey, They feed on dry skin scales, dandruff - these particles contain a certain amount of bacteria and other microflora, which is the ration of animals. bite through the skin, but, they can not.

Постельный клещ (Cimex lectularius)
bed mites (Cimex lectularius)

Vital functions of the parasite has the following features:

  • It feels good in running indoors, and in immaculate;
  • the highest activity - from three to seven in the morning the night;
  • flattened body shape, chitin "skeleton" is securely protected against external influences mite;
  • live in upholstered furniture, folds of mattresses, in bedding, for wallpaper etc.;
  • can exist comfortably in conditions to +50 degrees Celsius;
  • Persistence - about a year.

What is the typical place of residence? Normal household dust, accumulated in mattresses, remote corners of furniture, under beds. In one gram of it can accommodate about a hundred species of bed mite. In addition, they are very prolific - a female can lay up to three hundred eggs during the day.

Постельный клещ может паразитировать на поверхности кожи людей и животных
Bed mites can parasitize on the skin of humans and animals

On human skin parasites are not live, but excellent feel in his bed, especially on the pillow, where going to the most dead skin microparticles - dandruff.

As bed mites get into the house

In human dwellings parasites are one of the ways:

  1. Clung to the clothes or things. Even after sitting on an old sofa at a party, After spending the night in a hotel or to go on a nature, you can become a vehicle for tick.
  2. Animal fur. If you live in a house dog, cats or other pets, who love to walk in the street, then bring the parasite into the house and they can.
  3. from neighbors. through microcracks, ventilation shaft, holes for wires and sockets mites are able to move to new habitat.
  4. on purchases. Even buying brand new furniture, technique, carpeting, you can bring to them these unwanted guests into his house. Especially if the warehouses neglects to disinfect.

Council! Bed mites are afraid constantly ventilated rooms, direct sunlight, large open spaces.

external signs, Symptoms "bite" of bed mite

To begin to explain - it, what many call the "bed tick bite", only irritation of the skin in response to contact with protein inclusions fecal parasite. Defecates same bed mites per day up to twenty times.

It looks like "bites" of bed mites:

  • multiple lumpy reddish "pimples", a bit similar to a mosquito bite;
  • rashes certain track are arranged at a distance from each other by a few millimeters to a centimeter;
  • skin, which I visited the tick, strongly itch.

"Bites" of bed mites in the photo, rather allergic to contact with them, quite distinct and expressive.

Аллергическая реакция от постельного клеща
An allergic reaction from the bed mite

Upon contact with the waste products bed tick "bitten" observes the following symptoms:

  • rashes on the body;
  • cold, cough, without signs of sneezing or ARI ARI;
  • inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, redness of the eyelids, lacrimation;
  • in rare cases, - shortness of breath with wheezing, increased body temperature.

In addition to physical discomfort and sleep disorders, the impact of bed mites and can carry a serious risk to human health. In particular, It may manifest severe allergic reaction - angioedema, which threatens to become ill strangulation.

Bites of bed mites on a person - it is the causes scabies. The disease spreads rapidly throughout the body due to scratching damaged areas. This increases the temperature, "Lays" the nose and throat. Shaking hands, use a towel or other general contact scabies can be transmitted to other people. This disease does not pass by itself, it should be treated immediately.

Еще одной проблемой от клещей может стать чесотка
Another problem of ticks could be scabies

Treatment of allergic reactions

When diagnosing at stated features mite allergy bed should be as fast as possible to appeal to those skilled dermatologist. It will be useful to wash out the damaged area with soap or soda solution, and then to treat it with an antiseptic.

Help alleviate itching:

  • Essential oils of wormwood, cypress, mint, lavender, lemon, geranium, conifers;
  • cotton pad, soaked in pure vinegar;
  • ice for drinks, wrapped in clean towel;
  • squeezed a bag of black or green tea;
  • lotions plant decoctions, having healing properties, - aloe, chamomile, plantain, calendula.
Врач дерматолог может назначить необходимые препараты для лечения аллергии от укусов клещей
dermatologists may prescribe the necessary drugs for the treatment of allergies from tick bites

It is important to note, that these funds only alleviate the symptoms, but do not cure by itself allergies.

Council! Drink activated charcoal (according to their body weight - one tablet / 5 kg) - it will help remove toxins, cause allergic irritation.

For the treatment of the same, the following medicines:

  • Tsindol - "drying" rash;
  • Akriderm - the fight against inflammation;
  • Afloderm, propolis tincture - cope with itching;
  • Tavegil, Ofloderm - the removal of reaction symptoms;
  • Rescuer, fenistil - removing the swelling agent from;
  • "Star" - the fight against pathogenic microbes on the surface of wounds.

note! All drugs must be prescribed by the attending physician!

Withdrawal of bed mite

The easiest and simplest method is to call the brigade, specializing in the fight against household pests, which will complete disinfection of the infected houses. However, you can "declare war" bed mites and independently. All control methods are combined into three groups.

mechanical method

How to get rid of bed mites in this way:

  1. seats, where they found clusters of parasites, are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. After the end of cleaning bag dust immediately carefully packed and discarded.
  2. All clothing and underwear, are infected in the home, are erased at the highest temperature of water.
  3. Warming up for a long time habitat parasites: pillows, bed, bed folds, parts of furniture, soft toys, etc.. In this case, you can use a steam cleaner.
  4. infested carpets, stripes, sofas, pillows, etc.. best throw, since there is very difficult to bring bed mites.
  5. Daily conduct a thorough wet cleaning, ventilate the room.

The chemical method

Apply insecticides should only guide. It is not recommended to use them, if a family has small children or pets. How to deal with them? Use twice - the second treatment is carried out in two weeks, To protect from the hatch of the "survivors" of parasite eggs.

Вывести из дома клещей можно также с помощью дезинфекции жилища
Withdraw from the house mites can also use the home disinfection

We recommend using the following drugs:

  • traditional vinegar, boric acid or turpentine;
  • Dobrohim Micro, GET - the insecticides chlorpyrifos base, providing, According to the manufacturer, protection of up to six months;
  • Taran - a tool based on zetacypermethrin must protect the room from the invasions of parasites within two months;
  • Reid - spray, having a composition of cypermethrin, prallethrin and imiprothrin, will protect the home around Crescent.
  • Akaritoks - powder solution, which is necessary to dissipate with the spray, also active in two weeks;
  • Sipaz, Cifoks, Allerqoff, Easy Air, sprays based on the medicinal neem.

natural method

To some extent derive parasites and spread out in their places of residence plants: bagulnik Lucky, sagebrush, tansy.

preventive measures

For, never to share your home with bedding mites, enough to comply with this short list of rules:

  • gradually get rid of feather bedding, carpet, rugs, and to put on a special mattress covers;
  • pillow, blankets, mattresses periodically pass on to the balcony for a few hours in winter, as well as a few times over the summer to warm them in the sun;
  • regularly ventilate the room, not to encumber his "dust collectors";
  • daily wet cleaning using a 20% saline solution -protsentnogo, for "general" use of cleaning steam cleaner;
  • boil linens or wash them at high temperatures;
  • monitor the hygiene of their pets.

We hope, that the article will help you to deal with uninvited guests, and bed mites never visit your home.

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