Treating thrush in women – list of effective drugs

One-third of all women occasionally suffers from chronic, constantly recurring thrush. thrush treatment in women drugs is often not successful, tk. Only in some clinics prescribed the correct treatment of the disease, given the sensitivity of microorganisms to various antifungal drugs. Pharmaceutical as the market continues to produce more and more new forms of drugs in the fight against candida. As well at such a huge choice to choose the correct effective, safe and quick remedy for thrush?

Из-за неправильного лечения молочница часто возвращается, что происходит в трети всех случаев
Due to improper treatment of thrush often returns, what happens in one third of all cases

How to choose a drug for the treatment of thrush

Preparations of yeast infections in women presents a very wide range - ointment candles, pills, cream. All of these remedies can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. Means for local treatment: cream, vaginal tablets, ointment, candles. This is the best choice for gentle therapy, tk. their use does not render the whole body systemic effect. These drugs are not complicated and if milder forms of chronic thrush or candidiasis in the complex therapy.
  2. Drugs in common, systemic effects. These include medications, produced in tablet form, that affect the entire body, spreading not only in the center of inflammation, but other organs and systems. Most such tools are used under severe and often recurrent forms of candidiasis.

Which of these drugs are most effective - is quite difficult to understand, in this case it does not matter, used whether cheap or expensive drug. It all depends on the shape and course of the disease, the type of pathogen and the individual characteristics of the organism. It is desirable when choosing a drug based on the results of bacterial inoculation test and other tests, designed to identify the sensitivity of detection of fungi to the active ingredient an antifungal agent.


Many women choose this form of preparations from yeast, tk. such funds have a number of advantages:

  1. The positive effect is faster;
  2. Tablets destroy the pathogen, not only in the outbreak of the disease, but also throughout the body.
  3. Many pills are composed of active ingredients, that affect the fungus and stop its reproduction and development.
  4. For the treatment of mild forms of candidiasis receiving only enough tablet formulations.
Таблетки от молочницы способны уничтожать заболевание по всему организму
Tablets from yeast capable of destroying disease throughout the body

Funds from yeast tablets:

  • Diflyukan, Flyukostat, fluconazole, mikomaks. Preparations are composed of active substance fluconazole and used one-time fee. More often, to completely cure the infection, It needs only use of only one tablet.
  • Nystatin - pills, a substance containing the same name "nystatin". Used tool in the course of 10-14 days - four times a day 1 tablet.
  • ketoconazole, Nizoral. The active substance - ketoconazole. The treatment takes three to five days, a daily dose of 1-2 pills.
  • Pimafucin - the active ingredient of natamitsin.Prinimayut 1 tablet per day, the duration of treatment is determined by the attending physician.
  • Funginazol, miconazole, Mikatin - active ingredient miconazole. therapy takes 2-3 day, daily intake - one tablet.

All of these drugs from yeast to men and women who have positive reviews. According cure rate advantage has fluconazole, tk. to defeat the disease can be as little as a single dose medication.


The leading role in the treatment of thrush occupy candles, which have certain advantages over other drugs:

  • Quickly remove deep localized candidiasis symptoms.
  • Some drugs in addition to the antifungal component are composed of other substances, help cope with the disease more effectively. So, Klion-D in addition to metronidazole, miconazole has in its composition, but Terjinan It combines as many as four components: nystatin, ternidazol, neomycin and prednisolone.
  • there are candles, which are used to prevent thrush (eg, Ginezol).
Свечи от молочницы есть не только для лечения заболевания, но и для профилактики его возникновения
Candles from yeast is not only to treat the disease, but also for the prevention of its occurrence

But the use of candles has its drawbacks:

  • Begin to act only after ingestion.
  • Most often it is part of the complex therapy against Candida - it is not the strength to cope with the disease itself.
  • Most of the candles can not be used during pregnancy and during menstruation.


Ointments are topical medications and have their own advantages in the use:

  • Ointments can carry out the treatment of yeast infections in men and women.
  • Drugs quickly remove local candidiasis symptoms: reduce pain and discomfort, relieve irritation and redness.
  • ointments prices, usually, lower than the cost of candles.
  • It is easy to use and almost no side effects.
Мази от молочницы подходят для лечения данного заболевания как у женщин, так и у мужчин
Ointments from yeast suitable for the treatment of this disease in women, and men

Cheap and popular ointment from yeast:

  • Pimafucin;
  • Nystatin;
  • clotrimazole;
  • ketocanazole.

The disadvantage is that the application of ointments, they are not suitable for the treatment of deep foci, and contain in their composition is not more than one active composition.

In the selection of drugs for the treatment of thrush you should not rely solely on the reviews of other women - if the drug helped someone, This does not mean, that the same effect would be another person. To engage in the selection of anti-yeast infection in women should only doctor in a purely individual basis.

Preparations for the treatment of primary thrush

In mild thrush is possible to do local treatment at home, tk. effective antifungal agents with systemic action (pills) in addition to positive actions have toxic effects on the liver and kidneys.

When not complicated forms of yeast used candles, which include antifungal substance: Pimafucin, Kandizol, Lomeksin, Klion-D, Mycogen, Nizoral etc.

In some cases (strictly on doctor's advice) cure yeast infection in women may be asked to use a single pill: fluconazole, Ciskan, Mikoflyukan, Mikosist, Diflyukan etc.

When thrush, emerged for the first time, provided, she was diagnosed, as an independent disease, not recommended for the topical treatment of such preparations against thrush, how Polizhinaks and Terzhinan. These funds, though have a high antifungal effect, have a broad antibacterial effect because of which inhibit the useful flora of the vagina, which can lead to bacterial vaginosis and dysbacteriosis.

Effective treatment of thrush in the initial stage can take from one to seven days (depending on the choice of the drug).

Preparations for the treatment of chronic thrush

Wrong choice of drug, too short therapeutic course often leads to recurrent, chronic thrush, to the fungus resistance to antimycotic agents, which complicates further treatment of the disease.

The usual treatment in such cases is ineffective. Therefore, special therapy is appointed:

  • The use of drugs of local therapy: candles, ointments, creams, are similar to those, that are used for milder forms of thrush.
  • Local therapy necessarily supplemented reception system antifungals tablets: fluconazole (Diflyukan, Flyukostat), Pimafucin, itraconazole (Kanditral, Orunit, Irun), ketocanazole (Nizoral, Oronazol, Mikozoral).
  • When diagnosing mixed vaginal infections, which is caused by Candida, trihomoniazami, gardnerellami appoint candles Neo-Forte Penotran.
  • After that, as the treatment is completed, and getting rid of candidiasis confirmed by tests, appoint agents, restore healthy vaginal microflora - eubiotics (Bifidumbakterin, atsilakt).

Chronic yeast infection treatment in women can last for several months, it includes possible treatment of concomitant diseases. These include vitamin, exception of antibiotics and oral contraceptives, possible treatment of dysbiosis.

Driving thrush treatment in women is chosen individually by the physician.

At the initial stages of thrush treatment schedule might look like this:

  1. local treatment: clotrimazole 200 mg (candles), course - 10-14 days.
  2. Fluconazole tablets - single dose tablets 150 g in the first, fourth and seventh day of treatment.
  3. Itrakanozol 200 mg (or analogues) tablets, course - one week , a day one tablet.

Supportive therapy and chronic form of yeast require the following regimens:

  1. local treatment: clotrimazole 500 g, course - 1 candle in a week for half a year.
  2. Medicine tablets Fluconazole 150 mg - once a week for six months.
  3. Itraconazole tablets 200 mg - to be taken once within six months per month 1 tablet twice a day.

Thrush can often hide other latent infections (gonorrhea, bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia) and many chronic gynecological disease. Many antifungal medications, there are many contraindications and side effects, therefore their misuse and selection may lead to a transition of the disease into a chronic form, as well as cause a variety of complications.

Therefore, when candidiasis is not necessary to self-medicate and self-diagnosis at home, and it is better to entrust the selection of drugs the doctor.

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