Giardia in children: Symptoms and Treatment

We sometimes do not understand, how detrimental the presence of parasites in the body on human health, and do not give it enough attention. Particularly vulnerable are our children. Parasites may appear in their different ages - from school to grudnichkovogo. Giardia in children - a fairly common phenomenon, occurring every third child.

Лямблии у детей – довольно распространенное явление
Giardia in children - a fairly common phenomenon

Hearing from the doctor, that the child found giardia, Many parents do not know, what it is and how to proceed. For competent solutions of the situation must be understood, what are Giardia, how they are infected, What symptoms indicate the presence of giardiasis, than the risk of infection and how to treat giardia among children.

What is Giardia

Giardia - a protozoa, which are parasitic activity in the body and can create a lot of trouble. In children, these parasites live in the small intestine and the liver, disrupting their normal activities.

Giardia are of two types:

  • vegetative, ie. mobile - pear-shaped, It consists of a disc, with which it sticks to the mucous membrane of the internal organ, and four pairs of flagella, through which it moves. Multiply by dividing such giardia, are located during defecation, but die quickly in an open environment, so to detect them using fecal analysis is almost impossible.
  • cyst, ie. fixed - it has an oval shape and practically can not move. Modified from the usual giardia, Coming from the small intestine into the large, under the influence of an unfavorable environment. This transformation makes them very hardy in the environment. They can only be destroyed by UV, quartz processing or freezing. Cysts are important for reproduction lamblia, since they are a source of infection. When they get into the human body, is their release from the shell, Giardia and regaining mobility.

Giardia are found in wastewater, reservoirs, on the dirty hands of infected people, on unwashed fruit and vegetables, in children's sandboxes, especially if there shitting animals.

There are three ways of infection with these parasites:

  1. By drinking unboiled tap water, which contains cysts, while swimming in the water if accidentally ingested water. In seawater, by the way, Giardia do not survive.
  2. Through everyday objects, who touched infected people and left them cysts, and the child took them into his mouth, and through dirty hands.
  3. By eating unwashed vegetables and fruits, and meat, past insufficient heat treatment.
Лямблии обитают в сточных водах, водоемах, на грязных руках зараженных людей
Giardia are found in wastewater, reservoirs, on the dirty hands of infected people

Risk of giardiasis in children

After entering the body lamblia cysts, they begin to actively proliferate. To do this, they need nutrients, they absorb from the child's blood. This may lead to, that he will remain without vitamins and minerals, and the consequence of this would be a vitamin deficiency.

As Giardia in children poison the body products of its vital and toxins, which leads to a weakened immunity. Hence, you may experience an allergic reaction, frequent colds, dermatitis, chronic bronchitis and asthma.

When the cysts penetrate into the body baby immediately in large quantities, disease quickly develops and acquires an acute form. This form is common in children up to three years, who have not yet developed sufficient immunity. If time does not take action develops into an acute form of chronic.

Symptoms of giardiasis in children

Symptoms of Giardia in children are different and are like the symptoms of many other diseases. If you notice from your child has two or more signs, should see a doctor to conduct a study and, in case of need, treatment. And the sooner this is done, all the better.

so, symptoms are:

  1. Fervescence, which does not exceed 37.5 degrees. If several days kept in the child such temperatures without reason, To Call a Doctor.
  2. indigestion, constipation or loose stools.
  3. Abdominal pain - often under the ribs and the navel.
  4. The creaking of the teeth during sleep. This is because, that the presence of Giardia affects the nervous system of the child.
  5. Decreased activity, weakness, fast fatiguability, poor concentration, moodiness and tearfulness. It is due to, that the body lacks vitamins and minerals.
  6. Enlargement of the spleen, liver and lymph nodes.
  7. Seizures annoying cough, similar to an allergic.
  8. Sudden attacks of nausea and vomiting.
При наличии симптомов заболевания следует обратиться к врачу
In the presence of symptoms should see a doctor

Diagnosis of Giardia in children

It is important to understand, that the more run of giardiasis in children, the harder it is to treat. Therefore, timely diagnosis and treatment can help avoid many troubles. In order to determine the presence of parasites in the body of the child using several methods. In some situations, a lack of research, and some need a comprehensive approach.

Assays for detection of giardiasis:

  • scatological study.
    In other words, the study of feces, to determine the presence therein of cysts. But this method is not always accurate, because they do not always have an infected child cysts present in feces. In order to detect the presence of the disease and for the most reliable results for cal research should give fresh several times.
  • Serologicheskaya diagnostics.
    This method is subject to investigation of the potential patient's blood for the presence of antibodies, which are produced by the body in response to the parasitic activity of Giardia. This method is effective only for determining infection, that happened recently (no more than four weeks ago), Therefore, the analysis is not always reliable.
  • duodenal study.
    It is used to investigate the child's older ten years. With this investigated method bile, in which the infected cysts are almost always present. The disadvantage is the complicated procedure of bile sampling for analysis, so the method is not suitable for children.
  • Analysis of duodenal secretion.
    This diagnosis is mainly used abroad, as it is expensive and complicated. For its implementation the patient should swallow the capsule, which are diagnostic tests with reagents. The capsule is attached to the thread of nylon and is fixed on the cheek. When the capsule enters the duodenum, she begins to dissolve and reagents help identify giardiasis.
В некоторых случаях для диагностики нужен комплексный подход
In some cases, the diagnosis requires a comprehensive approach

How to treat giardiasis in children

Scheme of treatment of this disease must appoint a physician on the basis of studies. self unacceptable!

You must be prepared to, that five days after the start of treatment the child's condition may worsen. This happens because of the strong influence on the intestine of drugs, and also because with the death of decay products lamblia fall into children's blood, causing a reaction of the organism. Therefore, treatment should be accompanied by intake of laxatives and antihistamines.

Improving begin to be observed on the tenth day of treatment - the rash disappears, cough and shortness of breath, lymph nodes return to normal.

Important! After the treatment you must go study again, to make sure, Giardia that are no more in the body.

The chronic form of the disease is eliminated harder, regimen occurs in several stages:

  1. Preparatory period.Dlitelnost it up to four weeks. During this period it is necessary to prepare the child's body with the help of strict diet, the diet that includes cereals, vegetables, dried fruits, vegetable oil, cranberries and lingonberries. Limited consumption of sugar and fast carbohydrates, fried and fatty foods. You should also consume plenty of fluids, it can be berry fruit drinks and therapeutic mineral water. With such a supply is an increase immunity, intoxication reduction, digestion recovery, inhibited proliferation of Giardia. As the support means are assigned cholagogue drugs and enzymes.
  2. Admission medikamentov.Etot step is necessary, to cure the child is the most difficult, so as medicines against parasites are quite toxic. For this reason, the duration of intake should not exceed ten days. Since the decomposition products of dead Giardia will poison the body, the child may temporarily worsen the state of health. Important, to regularly clean the intestines, so laxatives may be appointed at this stage. Also, in addition to primary therapy are choleretic and antispasmodic preparaty.Dlya treatment prescribed such pills, Metronidazol More, Makmiror, Tinidazol, albendazole, trihopol, Furazolidon, Flamin in conjunction with the No-shpoy and subsequent administration of drugs and Makmiror Intetriks.
  3. Vosstanovlenie.Posle end of medications necessary to organize the work of the digestive system, remove toxins and restore the body after drug side effects. There is also used a diet, which includes ingestion of cereals, vegetables, of dairy products and fruit. Meals should be varied and balanced. Further, it should take the enzymes, sorbents (laktofiltrum, polisorb) and multivitamins.

note! During treatment, an important role is played by increased hygiene, to prevent re-infestation. Neobhodimo short nail postrych, wash your hands often and a child. Highlight it a separate bowl.

Схему лечения данного заболевания обязательно должен назначить лечащий врач
Scheme of treatment of this disease must appoint a physician

Treatment folk methods

Folk remedies can be applied to help to medical, and not as the primary treatment. Here are some recipes, which will help to bring parasites:

A decoction of the roots of dandelions

Grind two tablespoons of dandelion roots, pour them 500 ml. water and simmer 15-20 minutes. Then cool and strain broth. It can be stored in the cooling chamber no more 24 hours. Giving a sick child in the morning on an empty stomach and before going to bed at night 1 no. spoon on 10 kg. weight. Duration of recommended minimum 10 days.

Tincture of cucumber

take 200 g. ripe cucumber seed, chop and pour one liter of boiling water, let stand for at least two hours. The resulting infusion to keep in the refrigerator. During the day, to give the child half a liter of tincture, divided into several stages. Take at least 7 days.

Compresses grease

It is necessary to put a towel, soaked in hot water for an area on the liver 10-15 minutes, then wipe the skin and put on this place a sheet of paper, it white grease, and the top cover with cling film. Leave compress at night. In the morning rinse thoroughly with grease and smear the skin with fat cream. Make a compress for two weeks.

We wish you, your children to be healthy, but even if you are faced with this disease like giardiasis in children, to treatment was rapid and effective!

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