Rabies in dogs – how to prevent a deadly disease?

Rabies - a particularly dangerous disease, known as rabies in dogs and other animals. What to do in case of infection, What are the symptoms of the disease?

About tom, What is rabies in dogs, people have learned more in the fifth century BC. The disease is described in his writings of Democritus, and later he did it and Cornelius Celsus. At that time, the disease was of a different name - because of the peculiarities of his called hydrophobia, or hydrophobia.

For a long time was absolutely incurable pathology, infection always fatal. It was not until 1885 of the year, when Louis Pasteur was able to create a vaccine. His design used today: they help to completely overcome the disease, if a person has symptoms of rabies has not yet appeared.

Severity depends on, how quickly a patient receives medical care. If a person is bitten by a potentially diseased animal, we can not stand by and do nothing - it is important to consult a specialist. That is why you need to know, How does rabies in dogs, and do not forget to vaccinate their pets.

Пес может заразиться от укуса других животных. Только своевременная вакцинация может обезопасить питомца от заражения
The dog can become infected by the bite of other animals. Only timely vaccination can protect your pet from contracting

Features of the disease

Despite, that most people are faced with the fury of the dogs fault, disease is common among other animals. for example, in the United States and Canada, the infection can be picked up by skunks or raccoons, as well as the attack foxes and jackals.

residents of Australia, Africa, India and many other countries have to be afraid of bats, and in Sri Lanka affected many martens. Although people almost never infected by small rodents, some scientists believe, they represent a unique natural reservoirs of infection.

In ancient times, people are most afraid of disease transmission through a human bite, although in fact it found such an incredibly rare. However, every year die of rabies around 55 thousands of people, that can be attributed to pathology to one of the most dangerous, along with HIV or tetanus.

types of diseases

Infected with rabies any living organism can be only one way - through the bite of an animal patient. rarely happens, saliva or blood fall on the open wound - it also will lead to the beginning of the disease.

The incubation period of rabies in dogs can last for different amounts of time. In adults, symptoms usually begin to appear later 3-6 weeks, while for puppies less than five days,. Sometimes the disease is capable of a very long remain in a latent form. In this case, symptoms may occur, and a year after infection.

Signs of rabies in dogs vary depending on, what type of disease has evolved from an animal. secrete exuberant, quiet, atipichnыy, abortifacient and remitting variant. In all cases, symptoms of rabies in dogs is quite dissimilar, and therefore to determine the time of infection, usually, very hard.

note! The animal can not be cured from rabies. If it was very sick, then either die from infection, or a lull vet.

If pet manifested any symptom of the, that will be described below, it is necessary to isolate it and seek professional help. If rabies have developed, it is impossible to save the dog, you need to think about the health of family members and other pets.

Животное невозможно вылечить от бешенства!
The animal can not be cured from rabies!

Common signs of a violent rage

Most often people have to deal with violent type. In this case, the dog rabies is considered to be the first sign of lethargy, due to which the pet is often refuses to carry out simple commands or does so grudgingly.

Sometimes exuberant type proves the opposite - the animal becomes overly affectionate and obsessive, often licks his face and hands, which can lead to infection, if the exposed areas of the skin there are open wounds.

By subsequent symptoms of violent type include:

  • dog attempts to hide in dark places;
  • deterioration of appetite, the use of non-food items;
  • increased anxiety, irritability and fearfulness;
  • frequent barking, trying to listen to something.

The bite brings a lot of discomfort to the animal, so it will nibble and tease him. Over time, will have problems with the pharyngeal muscles, because of which the dog lose the ability to swallow water. Change and the, the sound becomes more hoarse and turn into a howl - like an animal barks.

After the occurrence of the first symptoms of the disease will develop for about 3-14 days. During this time, a sick dog will be aggressive, and then oppressed. It will lose power, will lie motionless, and any external influences will lead to the manifestation of buynosti.

Important! Analysis of rabies in dogs is not carried out. The diagnosis just confirmed or refuted by clinical.

Finally, will the body exhaustion, Many muscles will be paralyzed. Saliva flow starts abundantly mouth, tongue fell out, eyes become slanted, and cornea turbid. Finally, paralysis will be transferred to other organs, and soon the animal dies.

Анализ на бешенство у собак не проводится. Диагноз просто подтверждается или опровергается посредством клинической картины
Analysis of rabies in dogs is not carried out. The diagnosis just confirmed or refuted by clinical

Features stages of the disease

In the violent type rabies identify several stages of the disease. The first is called the prodrome. Usually, in this particular period of people do not even know about, that their pet could get sick with rabies. At this time, the dog is just a lot and practically does not react to words or touch the host.

If the pet has never been particularly affectionate, but suddenly it began to demand communication, it is also an occasion to see a doctor, since a change of behavior is a sign of the prodrome stage.

Important! This stage lasts about four days, and the end of the period, people will be able to observe amplification of salivation, but not always.

Detect the disease in the prodromal stage of the hosts manage to only, if they know, that the animal has been bitten or contact with potential carriers of infection. Unfortunately, Even early diagnosis can save a dog from death.

After about four days, comes the manic phase. This period is characterized:

  • animals eating non-food items;
  • dog attempts to escape, and it can overcome a lot of kilometers;
  • increased aggressiveness, cast of humans and other animals without warning;
  • lack of fear of man.

This period is the most dangerous, as the sick animal, due to the nature of the pathological behavior, inadvertently tries to infect others. Manic stage lasts approximately 3-5 days, and to its end the animal's behavior changes again.

In place of the riot comes peace of mind, begins to develop paralysis. At first, it affects only the jaw, not letting the dog have, drink and even breathe. Changing animal voice, developing strabismus.

Finally, there comes a paralytic stage, which ends after about two or three days. At this time the animal is completely ceases to eat and drink, and the paralysis reaches other organs and muscles. This leads to, that the animal is in a coma, and then dies.

После проявления первых симптомов болезнь развивается довольно стремительно
After the occurrence of the first symptoms of the disease develop fairly rapidly

Symptoms of other types of rabies

Sometimes dogs develop atypical rabies. Its symptoms can be easily confused with enteritis, gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases, which is why many do not realize for a long time about the deadly disease development.

Bitten pet will have the following signs of illness:

  • severe malnutrition;
  • lack of strength;
  • general view of the patient;
  • diarrhea;
  • vomiting;
  • possible changes in eating habits.

note! Atypical rabies can occur for three months or even six months,.

Pacific version of the disease, which is also called paralytic, at first it looks rather harmless. The animal does not attack anyone - on the contrary, it is tender, She wants to stay with his master, appetite is not lost. but, gradually it replaced with a concern, and then manifest other symptoms:

  • a dog is enhanced salivation;
  • very quickly begins to develop paralysis of various organs;
  • in particular, affected the larynx, because of what the dog as though coughs.

In this case the authorities refused particularly fast - the animal's death occurs within two to four days.

When to vaccinate?

Rabid dog or any other animal will not be able to cope with the disease. The only way to prevent death - is vaccination of dogs against rabies. Although this is a very serious pathology, can not be solved instill puppy immediately after birth.

Usually, getting the vaccine is necessary during the second trip to the vet. for example, a shot from enteritis or hepatitis, made pet, will lead to a need to re-visit in about three weeks. In this way, rabies vaccine for dogs is put in 2,5-3 of the month.

It is best to get vaccinated in time, and not only because of the potential danger of the disease. Many breeders believe, that the drug affects the tooth enamel puppies, so an injection of up to three months. That's when kids begin to change teeth.

How often to vaccinate:

  • if the puppy has received the vaccine at the age of less than three months, then after two or three weeks, you need to repeat the procedure;
  • then put injections once a year.

Some people prefer to wait with the vaccination until six to nine months. Like you can do is not always. for example, If your pet will soon be necessary to cross the border, to participate in exhibitions, or if it will be on the overexposure, the need to get a shot before.

of course, can not wait, if the dog is at risk. These include:

  • animals free-range,
  • hunting dogs,
  • pets, living in places, where cases of rabies are often recorded.

Although some vaccine manufacturers can support immunity to disease for two years, revaccination should be carried out every year, and, as they say doctors, "Without leaving it". It means, if your pet put a shot, after inoculation must pass 11 months, but not 12.

Единственный способ предотвратить заражение собаки – это вакцинация от бешенства
The only way to prevent infection of the dog - a vaccination against rabies

rabies risk to human

Bite a sick animal, making treatment impossible, It is deadly to your pet. For people, the situation is somewhat different. After a dog bite need to immediately go to the doctor, to inoculate.

The manifestation of symptoms of rabies greatly reduces the likelihood of recovery. In the later stages of the disease becomes incurable absolutely.

  • From the bite of an infected animal a person will begin convulsions, respiratory and pharyngeal muscles.
  • Develops a fear of water, her current sound causes a spasm of the larynx.
  • appears aggression, the patient will be a lot of spin in bed.

As in the case of animals, furious lead to paralysis of the various bodies, and he, in turn, cause death. The total duration of illness, usually, It is eight days, although sometimes life can be up to twelve.


Timely and regular vaccination of dogs against rabies - the only way of preventing this disease. This service provide all veterinary clinics and stations.

Не поскупитесь на вакцину и не поленитесь привить своего любимого питомца
Not stingy on the vaccine and do not be lazy to instill your favorite pet

How much does the dog vaccinated against rabies:

  • The veterinary stations free vaccinations available.
  • Carrying out the procedure at home with domestic drugs requires about a thousand rubles and above.
  • Vaccinate dogs at home with the imported vehicle can, giving more than a thousand.
  • Vaccination clinics, usually, cost about 500 rubles.

Although someone vaccine price may seem high, the consequences of its absence can not be compared with the costs.

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