Vaccination against rabies person – how and how many times do people shots

Rabies - this disease, which is at the stage of the first symptoms are not treatable. Prevent the disease can only timely vaccination, made within a few days after the bite.

Injections of rabies can only help that person, whose immune system is able to develop antibodies to the virus, scanty amount of which is introduced during the injection. People, with HIV, AIDS or cancer have very little chance to overcome the disease after vaccination. You can get a shot and as a preventive measure, if there is such a need.

When needed rabies shots

Vaccination is planned and emergency. Emergency vaccination against rabies is needed, if a person is bitten by a sick animal. Most often carry rabies stray cats and dogs, as well as wild animals, Sometimes the cows home.

Vaccinations are needed for such categories of people:

  • service workers, involved in catching stray animals;
  • veterinarians and people, work with them;
  • worker battle, farmers.

Desirable immunizations to young children, who love animals, frequent contact with them, but may be afraid to tell her parents about the bite.

Плановые привывки обязательные для некоторых категорий людей
Vaccinations are required for certain categories of people

If you are bitten by an animal suspected of having rabies, it is necessary to, first of all, wash the wound with soap and water, then treated with an alcohol or iodine solution. You can then try to induce bleeding, making an incision with a knife in the wound, If the bite is still fresh - there is a chance, that blood will wash viruses. This method should be applied in the case, If the damaged area is located far from the major blood vessels. After that you need to see a doctor, and if serious bites or there is severe bleeding, then call an ambulance.

You need to see a doctor anyway, even if you have been bitten by the home and apparently adequate animal.

Important! Assist the bitten person should at any public hospital (or refer to, which will be assisted) regardless of whether insurance. Free injections, patient only buys the material

Уколы от бешенства в больнице делают бесплатно, нужно купить лишь саму вакцину
Rabies shots in the hospital make free, you need to buy only the vaccine itself

How long will it pricks

Previously, the infected person needs to be done 40 injections, now need only six, and make them into a shoulder muscle, not in life (children up to five years - in the thigh). The first of them put on the same day in hospital, others - on certain days. Skip or move the day of vaccination, you should not. Last prick is done through 3 months after the bite, It stretched in time such vaccination scheme associated with prolonged incubation period rabies. Usually animal bites, if possible, delivered to a veterinary clinic and observed for 10 days. If it is not killed and looks healthy, the vaccination can be stopped, it does not matter, how many vaccinations were given. Stop it in case, if it turned out after the autopsy, euthanasia of animals that did not hurt rabies.

The number of injections can be increased, if the wound is on the neck, breast, hands or a person's head. In such cases, the incubation period can be very short, a weakened immune system fallen into a wound infection, so the doctor in addition to vaccination appoints immunoglobulin injections.

When the vaccine may not work?

The vaccine usually protects against disease, but there are cases, when it may be powerless. In addition to the above-mentioned cases, vaccinations will be useless in the following situations::

  • treatment was started too late;
  • improper storage of the vaccine or its expired;
  • long steroid treatment and immunosuppressive;
  • especially the human immune system, its weakness;
  • skipping injections;
  • alcohol consumption.

Alcohol can undermine the treatment, because it significantly reduces the immune system and damaging to the nervous system. As a result, the vaccine is detrimental effect on the brain and thus can not protect against rabies. Alcohol is fatal for the virus, so fresh wound is recommended to treat alcohol. For the same reason you can not drink alcohol since, when the first injection was made. Many people, Consume alcohol within ten days after the injection, We experienced all the symptoms of poisoning: headache, nausea, dizziness, loss of coordination, etc.. Drinking alcohol can be through 6 months after the last injection, ie. everything from alcohol to abstain during the 9 months. I wound after the first injection also can not be processed by means spirtosoderzhashchimi.

Употреблять алкоголь во время лечения категорически нельзя
To drink alcohol during treatment, you should not

If the person has a blood alcohol bitten, then it is first cleaned vessels dropper, and only after being vaccinated.

Side effects of vaccination

Vaccination against rabies has side effects, which are normally held on 12 the day after the first vaccination. These include:

  • hives on the skin, change in sensitivity in place, where he was made a prick, itch, burning;
  • headache and dizziness;
  • muscle aches and abdominal.

If the patient was introduced immunoglobulin, the possible side effects such as nausea, tachycardia, generalized weakness, tremor. Normally, all of these effects disappear after a few days.

Vaccination against rabies is not contraindicated, but is able to cause momentary malaise, special, have weakened human. But this is a small price to pay to prevent a deadly disease.

When the vaccine is not needed

Despite, doctors with one voice advised to be vaccinated after an animal bite, Yet there are cases, when vaccination do not necessarily. Not dangerous bites of small rodents and birds, if the wound was obtained by feeding from hand. Also will not get any bites rabies vaccinated pet animals, especially if their aggression was provoked.

If a person has eaten the meat killed by a rabid animal or drank milk mad cow, then he does not need the vaccine provided, that the product has passed a long (more 15 minutes) heat treatment. Otherwise, vaccination still need.

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