Treat nail fungus - a list of low-cost effective drugs

Disease etiology of fungal nail and skin gives a person a lot of trouble, although at the initial stage can hardly manifest itself. later, except unaesthetic appearance, carrier mold is facing its devastating effects on the immune system and spread throughout the body infections. But, as known, many of today's widely advertised drugs for nail fungus cost to patients is quite expensive, special, given the fact, that effective treatment of foot and nail fungus may be delayed for a long time. What remedy can be used, to cure this disease and not go broke? Are there low-cost drugs, but effective? Than to treat nail fungus on his feet and what are the ways to get rid of nail fungus on their hands with minimal effort? About this - later in the article.

Грибковой этиологии ногтей на начальных стадиях практически незаметны, но в итоге приносят много хлопот
Nail fungal etiology are practically invisible in the early stages, but in the end bring a lot of trouble

What kinds of drugs

List of current medications against nail fungus is quite wide, but each medicine, acting on fungal infectious agent - whether it's cheap or expensive drug - can be attributed to a particular group. There are plenty of high-quality low-cost drugs, the best of which we will examine in this publication. so, preparations of nail fungus on the feet and hands are divided into the following:

Softeners and rejects the nail portion, affected by fungus.

For this purpose there are special solutions and topical patch, the price of which is relatively low. The therapeutic effect due to the content in the composition or other preparation of lactic acid and / or urea, creating unbearable environment for fungus and softening the nail in areas affected by fungus:

  • nogtimicin - 30 g, cream;
  • nail - 15 g, cream;
  • mikostop - 20 ml, pasta-cream;
  • fundizol - 30 ml, cream.
При поражении ногтей грибком врачи советуют использовать препарат Ногтимицин
With the defeat of nail fungus, doctors are advised to use the drug Nogtimitsin

You can save an additional, applying to soften soda aqueous solution with addition of soap. This solution was removed and steamed legs modified part of the nail by means of special tools. but, this method is less effective, than the use and economy without specialized drugs, a well-proven and have excellent reviews on the internet.

  • Local media without the expressed softening action. Before using the preparations of this group recommended steaming lesions. Their effect is based on the creation of an acidic environment, neperenosymoy fungus. Treating nail fungus by means of exclusively local use will be effective:
  1. at the initial stage of development of onychomycosis;
  2. when the fungus struck no more than three nails on the hands or feet;
  3. when the drug is contraindicated for systemic effects;
  4. in children and adolescents, when nail growth speed is higher.

note! Although the means of local impact will cost you cheaper tablet formulations for oral administration, you should not be limited by them in advanced cases of fungal diseases.

these funds - are not new, but proven over the years:

  • Boric acid - 25 ml, 3% solution or powder for the preparation of an alcohol solution - cheapest preparation. The active substance acts, properly, boric acid.
Борная кислота является одним из самых дешевых препаратов по борьбе с грибком ногтей
Boric acid is one of the cheapest drugs to combat nail fungus

To prepare a solution of the powder, it is diluted with alcohol 70% until precipitation occurs, which is removed. A solution of "automatically" desired concentration is obtained.
Twenty-minute gadgets with boric acid are doing on a daily basis after the preliminary steaming and removing the dead skin of the nail sections.

  1. Fukorcin – 10 ml, solution. It is also a very cheap drug, but, effective in all cases. But treatment with this drug, you can try at an early stage. For this purpose it daily after steaming and cleansing of necrotic tissue of the nail plate is applied to the affected nail portion, trying not to fall on the healthy skin, to avoid the long-term use of burn.
  2. creolin - Veterinary solution, the effectiveness of which in humans is confirmed by users of Internet resources. Applied according to the instructions. but, should know, that no formal testing on humans of this drug has not been carried out.
  3. Formidron – 50 ml, solution. The active ingredient of the drug - formaldehyde. Proven for decades means, which is in the same price category with boric acid. Also creates an environment, causing the death of fungus. Excellent for rehabilitation shoes.
Препарат Фукорцин также выделяется своей дешевизной, но подходит только на ранних стадиях заболевания
The drug Fukortsin also stands out for its cheapness, but suitable only in the early stages of the disease
  • Facilities, causing death and / or stopping the formation of the fungal cells. The spread of the infectious agent stops. Drugs in this group are effective against dermatophytes, fungi and yeast infections. Used according to the instructions.
  1. ketoconazole – 15 d tube, cream;
  2. Bifonazol (cream Bifosin) – 30 g;
  3. terbinafine – 15 g cream - has increased activity against dermatophytes;
  4. miconazole (Mikozon cream) – 15 g, slightly more expensive than the other funds in this group, but much cheaper than modern counterparts.
  5. Nystatin – 15 g, ointment.
Также необходимо приобрести препараты останавливающие формирование грибковых клеток и распространение инфекционного агента. В этот сегмент входит крем Тербинафин
It is also necessary to buy drugs which stop the formation of the fungal cells and the spread of the infectious agent. This segment includes Terbinafine cream

note! The use of drugs nystatin contraindicated for kidney. Carefully study the "contra" section in the instructions. The appropriateness of the destination of the funds available under acute and chronic pathologies should decide your health care provider.

  • prescription drugs. Manufactured in the departments of prescription pharmacies on prescription. Refer to the price point slightly above the previously listed products, but, they are sufficiently effective. applied topically, more often - in the form of lotions and applications.
    Brezhnev liquid;
  1. Tesalova liquid;
  2. Yodno-rezortsinovo-Salicylic 'swill'.
  • Therapeutic varnishes are applied on a daily basis once a day, many of them can be used in combination with conventional cosmetic varnishes. They are a little more expensive, than the prescription "mash", but, economical and more convenient to use. Relatively low drug given group is
    clearcoat "Demikten" capacity 35 ml.
  • sera, preparations in the form of sprays. Much cheaper than varnishes, but are used twice a day - morning and before bedtime. Agent is applied to the entire surface of the nail, including a healthy part. Application Procedure serum is carried out after buffed surface with nailfiles, included in the kit, and spray applied to the pre-steaming nail plate.
  1. Mikozan serum;
  2. Lamitel spray (A course of treatments is from 1 to 2 weeks).

note! In applying the "Lamitelya" possible allergic manifestations. Carefully read the instructions!

  • Preparations systemic exposure. Ingested and get into the affected tissues to the bloodstream, I accumulate them gradually and systematically destroying infection.
    Such drugs are prescribed by a doctor, since they can give significant side effects. Treatment is long and takes 6 months or more. Effective against dermatophytes, yeast and molds.
Специалисты крайне не рекомендуют заниматься самолечением! Необходимо, чтобы лечение назначал врач
Experts highly recommend not to self-medicate! must, to the treatment prescribed by the doctor

Council! Strongly recommended own "appoint" his drugs in this group because of their toxicity and severity of side effects!

  • Ketoconazole DS - packaging 10 pcs, pills;
  • Fluconazole - packaging 7 pcs, capsules - a very inexpensive and effective drug, but, it only acts on fungi;
  • Itraconazole - packaging 15 pcs, capsules;
  • Terbinafine - packaging 10 pcs, pills - highly effective against dermatophytes, economical;
  • itraconazole (Irun) - packaging 6 pcs, capsules.

Features of treatment

According to defeat by a fungus symptoms should disappear end of therapy, nail plate should look like absolutely healthy. but, to confirm the recovery from onychomycosis, You will need to undergo laboratory testing, for what shall be after tests 2 weeks after completion of the therapeutic course, after which analysis is repeated a month later. When you get your hands on the negative results of the reanalysis, You can congratulate! However, due to deceit fungal infection, should "keep a finger on the pulse" and regularly monitor the situation, as well as to observe elementary preventive measures.


Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, Preventive foot bath and wearing a "breathing" properly sized shoes and socks made of natural materials - significantly reduces the risk of fungal infection of the disease.


If you do not see signs of recovery in self-treatment of fungus - be sure to consult a dermatologist. maybe, you require the appointment of more powerful drugs.

buying medication, prescribed by a doctor, check with a pharmacist in a pharmacy (or directly by a doctor in the clinic), whether there are assigned to the drug cheaper analogues. So you can save a significant amount of money. For example, the appointment of terbinafine instead you can purchase Termikon, Fungoterbin or Ekzifin, having not less efficiency.

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