Brewer's yeast: benefit and harm, application

Brewer's yeast has long been used as a folk therapeutic and cosmetic product.. Due to the unique composition and effect on the body, they are also taken "into service" by official medicine. Doctors recommend them for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Despite, that yeast is a pure natural product, not everyone can use them. You need to know about it, so as not to harm health.

What is pure brewer's yeast??

This is a species of yeast., widespread in nature. Brewer's yeast was cultivated specifically for brewing beer., but found wider application due to its rich composition.

They contain a complete set of amino acids., including irreplaceable, unsaturated fatty acids, slow carbohydrates, all kinds of vitamins, especially group B, trace element set, biologically active substances, protein-breaking enzymes. Thanks to this composition, the yeast is easily absorbed by the body and have a beneficial effect on it..

Fortified yeast

In pharmacies you can find yeast with various additives, which enhance their action: with succinic acid for the muscular system, with magnesium to boost energy, with zinc to stimulate immunity, with selenium, stimulating cell repair, anti-aging.

Health Benefits of Yeast

Yeast can quickly make up for the lack of nutrients and vitamins in the body., stimulate cell renewal, digestive and other organs, increase immunity and improve blood composition and its circulation, remove toxins from the body, improve skin condition, hair, gain or lose weight. They contribute to quick recovery after serious illness., operations and injuries.

Indications and contraindications

The list of indications for the appointment of yeast large, it includes:

  • protein and vitamin deficiency;
  • anemia;
  • weakening immunity;
  • digestive diseases, blood circulation, breathing;
  • nervous system disorders;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • oncological diseases;
  • recovery period after serious illness, operations, exposure, chemotherapy;
  • chronic and infectious skin diseases, nails;
  • hair loss;
  • obesity;
  • underweight.

Do not give yeast to children before 3 years old, pregnant women, with allergic conditions, fungal lesions, renal failure, gout, older people due to high protein content.

How to use?

Brewer's yeast take 1 once a day immediately after eating. The dosage of pharmacy forms is determined by the doctor, taking into account age and diseases. Liquid yeast from the brewery takes, stirred 2 teaspoons with half a glass of water. length of treatment 1 month with a break 2-3 of the month, then the course is repeated.

Those who want to lose weight should eat yeast on the background of a special diet, they increase metabolism and accelerate weight loss. And those, who wants to gain kilograms, better to take yeast, protein enriched, lipids, vitamins, enzymes ("Nagipol", EcoPlus, "Naturlivit").

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