How to use Lotseril of nail fungus? instruction, reviews

Description and action

As a result of the defeat of the fungus occurs dermatophyte onychomycosis. Deal with these fungi is difficult, especially in a state of neglect. The complexity of the disease in, that in the beginning people did not observe any negative symptoms, which would have disturbed him. After some time, symptoms become more severe and is characterized by the appearance of the itch, burning, redness of the skin around the affected nail. In this case, the nail plate itself gradually changes color and shape and becomes more porous and brittle. If not timely to see a doctor and begin treatment, you can completely lose the nail, and the fungus will spread further in the human body.

Лак против грибка ногтей Лоцерил предназначен для наружного использования
Lacquer against nail fungus Lotseril designed for outdoor use

Nail fungus nail Lotseril - is a liquid and viscous substance transparent color. The smell is quite specific. AT 1 gram of solution (5%) It contains up 57,4 mg of active substance amorolfine. The auxiliary components include: methyl methacrylate copolymer, etilatsitat, triacetin, ethanol, butyl.

The drug is packaged in bottles of dark glass 2,5 and 5 ml. The carton contains one bottle of varnish, 16 vatnыh Pad, 10 blades for applying a substance to the nail plate, 10 saws for processing and cleaning lesions.

Lacquer against nail fungus Lotseril designed for outdoor use. The product has fungicidal and fungistatic activity. Active substance blocks the synthesis of sterols, which are necessary for the life of the fungus. This leads to the destruction of the cell membrane of the fungus. Thus there is a reduction in the concentration of ergosterol and accumulate sterols steric atypical nonplanar. The drug has a depressing effect on many kinds of mushrooms:

  • yeast;
  • dermatophytes;
  • dimorphic;
  • Plesnevelye;
  • kind Fonsecaea, Cladopsorium, Wangiella.

Immediately after application to the nail plate means is an active its penetration. The concentration of active substance is achieved 24 o'clock. The effectiveness of a single application, and its effect can last for a 7-10 days after applying the substance to the nail.

Концентрация активного вещества достигается за 24 часа
The concentration of active substance is achieved 24 o'clock

The active substances can not penetrate the blood, and act locally. It is for this reason, doctors are allowed to use for a long time Lotserilom, without fear of its accumulation in the body and the negative consequences for the health of the patient.


Instructions for use Lotseril states, that the drug is used in the following cases:

  • treatment of nail fungus, caused by yeast, molds and dimorphic fungi (sensitive to amorolfine);
  • Prevention of fungal infection.

Thus tool helps to get rid yourself of the problem, if the lesion of the nail plate is not more 2\3. In the more advanced form required specialist advice, as well as other complex therapy of antimicrobial and antifungal agents.

Contraindications and side effects

Despite the safety of the drug has Lotseril state, in which the use of lacquer is prohibited. These include:

  • individual sensitivity to the active ingredient;
  • childhood;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

This is due to the fact, clinical studies on the effect of the drug on pregnant women and children are not held. Therefore, experts recommend to abandon the use of this tool.

Usually the drug is fairly well tolerated and does not cause any unpleasant symptoms. But in some cases the following symptoms:

  • burning;
  • itch;
  • hyperemia;
  • skin redness;
  • rash;
  • peeling of the skin around the nail plate.

The emergence of side effects and allergic reactions may occur as a result of, that the patient is using the substance more than once in two days.

Important! In the event of negative manifestations organism should immediately contact a specialist and waive Lotseril.

use Features

by means of instructions for use of nail fungus on the feet and hands contains information on, substance that should be applied to the problem areas 1 or 2 times a week. The actual procedure is as follows applying:

  1. The first step should be thoroughly steam out legs.
  2. Then treat the affected areas of the nail plate by means of sawing, which included the drug. Elimination of the fungus should be given special attention.
  3. Degrease the nail and cleaned with an alcohol swab.
  4. Carefully collect the desired quantity of treatment varnish special spatula and applied to the entire surface of the nail plate.
  5. It is necessary to wait about 3 minutes, the substance could fully absorb and dry.

Carry out this procedure is necessary for each affected nail with a new swab and sawing. This is necessary in order, to prevent the transfer of the fungus in a new environment or worsening of the process on the nails of hands and feet.

Вещество следует наносить на проблемные участки 1 или 2 раза в неделю
The substance should be applied to the problem areas 1 or 2 times a week

After treatment, the affected parts should be sanitized all tools, which were used during the procedure. Blade itself should be carefully handle alcohol swab (the used). In this case, it does not touch the treated nail. During typesetting substance should avoid contact of the blades with the neck of the vial. This will ensure sterility. On completion of the processing itself it is also recommended to wipe the neck, a bottle tightly closed.

length of treatment

Instructions for use will tell, How long should the therapy Lotserilom. In most cases, the duration of its application depends on the specific disease, as well as the patient's immunity. If the situation is not complicated, then enough 2-3 applied to week. The course can last from one to two months. In patients with advanced disease nails duration of treatment can last for six months. In this case, your doctor may prescribe more antimicrobials and antifungals. On completion of the treatment should be returned for examination nail mikrochastichku. Most often, doctors recommend even after a negative result to extend treatment for another two weeks, to fix the result and to achieve full recovery.

Курс лечения может длиться от одного до двух месяцев
The course of treatment can last from one to two months

Recommendations for treatment for various lesions of the nail plate:

  • 10-15% nail - 1 month;
  • To 30% – 2 of the month;
  • To 50% - six months;
  • More 50% - a drug used in the treatment of.

As a preventive measure Lotserilom, after basic treatment, should be used once a week. Apply the medication should be regularly until, as long as it does not result in. Also, experts recommend to carry out prevention and all other people, who live together with the patient. As a preventive measure to healthy nails preparation is applied once every ten days.


To quickly achieve a positive result, use lacquer should be subject to the following precautions:

  • A means is applied directly to the nail plate, and not the skin near. It is important to avoid contact of the drug with the skin, as this can lead to redness and irritation occurs.
  • It is best to use disposable nail files. If this is not possible, then you should very carefully and efficiently disinfect instruments.
  • polish, affected by fungus, should have a separate instruments, so as not to infect healthy.
  • A good option is, if the whole procedure carried out in gloves, to eliminate the possibility of infection.

To treat the nail right on the feet, we should not forget about the hygiene of the limbs. Therefore, it is important to regularly wash your feet, eliminate sweating, abandon synthetic socks and tight shoes, which adversely affect the condition of the nail plate.

Important! Only a specialist can determine whether the recovery has come or just a nail condition improved.

analogs Lotseril

Today there is no substitute drug, which would be identical in substance to the structural. But in the pharmacy you can buy drugs, providing antifungal activity.

Єкзодерил - аналог лака Лоцерил от грибка ногтей
Ekzoderil - analogue Lotseril lacquer from nail fungus

lacquer Lotseril analogs of nail fungus can be called:

  • Mikozolon;
  • Mykolak;
  • Lamisil;
  • Nizoral;
  • Orungal;
  • Antifin;
  • Batrafen;
  • Bifonozol;
  • Flyukonozol;
  • Ekzoderil;
  • panting;
  • Oflomil;
  • Ciklokutan.

Among the analogues have cheap drugs, helping to quickly eliminate the fungus, as well as more expensive.

How much is Lotseril? Depending on the volume of the bottle is changed and the value of money. So, price Lotseril fungus volume of 2,5 reaches mg 1300-1500 rubles (Moscow), a bottle 5 mg - 2250 rubles. In Ukraine, the cost of a small capacity reaches 1200 hryvnia, and on 5 ml - 1700 hryvnia.

Important! Before buying cheap analogues should consult with their physician.


those patients, who were prescribed an antifungal drug, positive about its effectiveness. At the same time, not everyone can afford to buy Lotseril, since the sum of even a small vial rather high. But the result is worth it, and nail fungus completely cured. In most cases, the problem disappears in the first month of the drug. Numerous reviews suggest, that means a pretty economical and it lasts for a long time. The substance is quite well tolerated by patients. Only sometimes there are complaints regarding skin peeling and itching, but such symptoms occur against the background of individual sensitivity to the drug and its frequent use (not according to the instructions).

Many patients are interested in what is best: Loceril or Ékzoderil? If we analyze the feedback on these two drugs, it can be concluded, that Lotseril nail cope with a large number of fungi. If you consider the cost of drugs, Exoderil is less expensive and is available to the buyer. Lotseril discharged in the form of a solution or varnish, but its counterpart is sold in the form of cream and solution, that allows the use of a drug for the treatment of athlete's foot skin. On the whole,, Only a doctor can decide, which means you need to choose in each individual case. Before the appointment of therapy specialist analyzes the microparticles of the nail plate to determine the kind and type of fungus, to make the most correct treatment strategy.

Description: Action and composition of an antifungal lacquer Lotseril. Indications. Contraindications means. Rules applying lacquer. Duration of use of funds. Features and recommendations. analogs Lotseril. Testimonials about the effectiveness of antifungal agent.

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