Mold on the walls in the apartment - where does and how to get rid of it?

And the appearance of dark gray spots on the walls of the apartment speaks of mold occur - the fungus, actively breeding in the conditions of constant dampness and impaired ventilation. Mold on the walls can cause the development of many dangerous diseases, so start to deal with it is necessary immediately after the discovery of suspicious spots.

Пятна на стенах говорят о появлении плесени (грибка), которая зачастую возникает из-за сырости
Stains on the walls speak of the appearance of mold (fungus), which often occurs due to moisture

Why mold appears

Mold on the wall in the apartment usually appears as a black or dark gray spots - the so-called "black mold", which affects any surfaces: plaster, Concrete, boards, wallpaper, paint, et al. From it is not so easy to get rid, tk. feature mold structure - the ability to survive in any extreme conditions and adapt to various external influences.

Mold does not require special conditions for the development on the walls of the apartment. Suffice it to, that the room for a long time to keep humidity (from 70% and more) and relatively warm environment (18-25 degrees Celsius). Under such conditions, mold spores begin to germinate quickly, eventually forming a small, and after - and extensive, dark spots.

Important! Main condition, why there is mold in the apartment - high humidity and lack of proper ventilation in the room.

Depending on, where there is black mold, you can determine the cause of its occurrence:

  • The appearance of mold in the corners of the room on the walls, that are connected to the outside of the house, It indicates tightness. Construction materials are often damaged over time, forming cracks and crevices, through which moisture penetrates into the walls from the street (rain, snow, et al.). in winter the walls are starting to freeze, which causes the accumulation of condensate.
  • The growth of mold under the linoleum, plinths, under the tile on the floor is typical for apartments, located on the first floor and private homes. This is due to improper waterproofing floors: from technical rooms and basements steaming, settling on the ceiling, and after penetrating into floor apartment in the form of small droplets, creating favorable conditions for mold.
  • On the walls of bathrooms mold usually grows out of the mines and ventilation pipe. This phenomenon is quite common in older homes, where most of the pipe system have cracks and holes, because the moisture comes out of them, creating additional moisture.
  • The appearance of mold on the walls of the kitchen is most often associated with ventilation violation - if the room is poorly ventilated, and no hood. During cooking, steam settles on furniture and walls, whereby a fungus and mold.
  • On loggias and balconies and other areas, where carried dryer, Mold on the walls may appear due to poor ventilation and ventilate the room.
Неправильная гидроизоляция полов может привести к появлению плесени под плинтусами и ковром
Incorrect waterproofing floors can cause mold to grow under baseboards and carpet

Before, how to get rid of mold in the apartment, necessary to eliminate the root cause of its appearance and eliminate it. Otherwise, despite all the efforts and the treatment of the walls by different means, mold will appear again and again.

mold danger to others

By virtue of its properties of mold spreading very quickly on the walls of apartment, and resist before it can neither otelochny material - it penetrates quickly into the material structure and spreading, occupying more and more space.

But besides unaesthetic (the appearance of spots, musty smell in the apartment), mold bears a danger to others.

note! Mold spores continually allocates thousands, are twisted in the air are deposited on the skin, human nasopharyngeal mucosa, penetrate into the lungs, causing various, often irreversible disease.

Плесень может вызвать у человека ряд необратимых заболеваний
Mold can cause a person a number of irreversible diseases

The dangerous mold:

  • Fungus spores are potent allergen. When they enter the human body can develop allergies to mold in the apartment, provoking persistent pharyngitis and rhinitis, bronchitis and asthma, signs of inflammation in the lungs.
  • Under the influence of the mold the immune system starts to decline sharply.
  • Penetrating the skin, fungus can cause a variety of skin disorders - inflammatory, dermatitis, eczema.
  • evolving, Mold releases metabolic products, which are the strongest and most dangerous poisons. As a result, may develop cardiovascular disease, cancerous tumors, pathology of lung and liver, severe damage to the central nervous system, and even swelling of the brain.
  • Getting inside the body, Mold begins to actively grow, causing toxic necrosis of all tissues, against the background of a weakened organism can even lead to death.
  • Constantly staying in rooms with moldy, man begins to complain of persistent headaches, muscle pain, dizziness and nausea, heartache, difficulty breathing.

For children and the elderly particularly dangerous mold on walls, tk. their organism resistant to diseases, and the immune system is not as strong.

Methods of dealing with mold

Before, how to remove mold from the wall in the apartment, We need to address the causes of the appearance of the fungus.

Fight with mold is carried out in four main stages:

  1. Creating the conditions in the room, preventing mildew.
  2. Purification of mold wall surfaces.
  3. Surface treatment by means of mold.
  4. The destruction of all things, damaged by mold.
Борьба с плесень проста - выявлении причины и очистка пораженных грибком участков
Fighting mold is simple - identify the causes and treatment areas affected by fungus

So how best to mold on the walls in the apartment develops in areas with high humidity and impaired ventilation, first, you need to do - to provide a systematic ventilation of all rooms and ventilation.

It should be noted, that mold spores are deposited on all household items (toothbrushes, towels, lips, furniture), therefore, these things need to be replaced or, or treat.

Destroy black mold their own hands can, both with special means, which can be purchased in stores, and traditional methods, which will cost less, but operate very effectively.

How to combat mold in the flat folk remedies:

  • Lime. Quicklime diluted with water and applied to the fabric, with which to rub the affected area. Before use, the wall means must be cleaned using a pre-soap solution.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. The sprayer pour hydrogen peroxide (5%-solution was) and spray the surface, previously peeled from mold.
  • Ammonia. Ammonia applied to the affected area and leave for 3-4 o'clock. After rinse thoroughly with water.

note! These methods are not safe for human, tk. All these solutions can penetrate the skin and respiratory tract and cause irritation or poisoning. Therefore, to conduct such procedures should be in protective clothing - gloves and a respirator.

A more secure method, how to remove mold, It is the use of the usual vinegar or tea tree oil. Walls, covered with fungus, thoroughly clean out the mold and allow to dry. Then thoroughly wash the surface with a solution of vinegar (5%) or water with a few drops of tea tree oil.

The use of folk remedies effective only if, if small areas of mold overwhelmed walls, ie. If the fungus appeared due to poor ventilation or accidental flood.

If mildew struck a large wall surface, it requires a more thorough treatment of the surface and the repair can not be avoided.

Непогашенная известь поможет избавиться от плесени
Outstanding lime will help to get rid of mold

How to display the mold, if the fungus struck a large part of the surface:

  • Eliminate the cause of the mold: insulation of apartment outside, waterproofing software, improving room ventilation, et al.
  • Get rid of the old finishing ceilings and walls: rip the wallpaper from the walls in the apartment, throw the old drywall.
  • Scrape surface fungus. Before the procedure should be to protect the skin and the respiratory tract, and then with a spatula and dry brush to scrape off stains from the surfaces of the fungus.
  • Wash thoroughly with soap and water flat. Can be added to the water before washing whiteness or Domestos.
  • Apply on the surface of the antifungal primer: olimp stop, Dali, negligent, Biotol.
  • Treat the surface antiseptic primer deep penetration. The process: Абедис Savo against mildew, euro Primer.

After that, as a dry surface after application of the secondary primer, you can start plastering the walls and make repairs in the apartment.

How to prevent mold

Prevent the appearance of fungus easier, than to bring the mold on the walls. This fight could drag on for an indefinite period, if the same fungus "seized" a significant area of ​​the room.

How to prevent mold:

  • Eliminate all sources of humidity in the apartment: to change the old pipe, fix leaking taps, etc..
  • Do not dry in the house linen, from it unnecessarily large amount of moisture evaporates, settles on the walls.
  • Repair the general ventilation, install hoods.
  • Carefully handle or throw away all household items, which could settle the fungus (such things will produce a characteristic smell of mold).
  • Cover up all the cracks and crevices in premises with special construction paste antifungal additives.
  • Current repair and clean the roof downpipes outside.
  • Dry area with the help of UV-lamps, heaters, preventing the increase of humidity over 50%.
  • Insulate available in the apartment wet corners and walls, providing them with a waterproofing.

Methods of dealing with mold on the walls - a lot, but they all require effort and labor costs and time - Mold is not always willing to "losing ground". Therefore it is better to avoid the appearance of mold, Protect your home from moisture and humidity.

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