Folk remedies for nail fungus – best recipes

From such unpleasant disease, fungus nail on hands and feet, absolutely no one is safe. Treating nail fungus folk remedies at home in a number of cases it is not less effective, than the use of pharmaceutical preparations of fungal nail infections. Traditional methods of treatment can get rid of the infection virtually free and relatively fast, but not always work when running form.

Грибок ногтей может быть у абсолютно любого человек, в независимости от пола и возраста
Nail fungus can be at absolutely any person, regardless of gender and age

Council! If you are already quite a long time suffering from a fungal disease, do not run the process even further in an attempt to recover on their own - effective treatment of traditional methods in the later stages of the disease may already be impossible. As soon as possible consult a physician or dermatologist mycologist.

This fact is confirmed by numerous reviews and user forums posts, try different ways to imagine, and reporting of the most effective folk remedies for the treatment of nail fungus. Them we will consider further.

Causes and ways of infection

Symptoms of fungal infections include:

  1. itching
  2. Odors in places of defeat
  3. Delamination nail plate
  4. darkening of the nail, the appearance of uncharacteristic coloring
  5. Swelling and swelling in the affected area
  6. dermatalgia (this feature is not always common, and can be a serious symptom).

Council! If you experience pain in the nail plate is required to refer to the local dermatologist surgeon or for the differential diagnosis.

Most often the disease are exposed to adult persons by 16 up to 75 years of age. Fungus (especially with respect to the foot fungus) you can "catch" in the public bath, in the pool, water park and even a beach locker room.

Грибком ногтей можно заразиться в общественном месте, к примеру в аквапарке
Nail fungus can be contracted in a public place, for example a water park

Intact healthy human foot in contact with the agent usually is not affected by fungus, as the trigger protective properties of the skin, but with reduced immunity, changes in age-related skin, mechanical damage to the skin, and diseases of the thyroid gland and the risk of digestive tract become contaminated with fungus increases significantly.

Проявление грибка ногтей на пальцах ноги
Manifestation of nail fungus on the toes

Methods of treatment

note! The most effective is, yet, the combination of medication and folk treatments.

but, in the absence of the opportunity to visit the doctor, do not neglect the techniques described below - and you, possibly, be able to cope with the fungal infection at an early stage.

so, let's examine the most effective ways to treat fungal, appearing on the nails of hands and feet folk remedies.

You will help the vinegar

Not everyone is aware of the fact, nail fungus that can eliminate common vinegar and apple vinegar essence. The acidic environment prevents the growth and spread of the fungus, and the defeat of winding down, being replaced by healthy tissue.

but, onychomycosis you manage to win only, if you regularly carry out procedures, not allowing the fungus to "hide" under the skin and then recur.

Кислая среда препятствует размножению и распространению грибка, по этой причине для лечения грибка часто использую обычный яблочный уксус
The acidic environment prevents the growth and spread of the fungus, For this reason, for the treatment of fungus often use ordinary apple cider vinegar

Important! Before, how to start treatment on any of the following recipes below, make, that you are not suffering individual intolerance of the product, and most importantly - the concentration of acetic acid corresponding to the desired.

When the recipe refers to the vinegar, we are talking about 70 % solution, strictly applicable dot or in dissolved form.

Food and apple vinegar contain 6 to 9 % acid. be careful, otherwise you can not only recover, but also get a painful and poorly healing chemical burns (in the photo below shows the burn mild):

Яблочным или столовым уксусом можно нанести себе ожог легкой степени, как показано на фото, так что с ним необходимо быть максимально аккуратным
Cider or vinegar can cause mild burn yourself, as shown in the photo, so that it is necessary to be as accurate
  • vinegar baths

At an early stage of the disease, the method allows to eliminate the spread of the pathogen. Besides, these baths are an excellent tool for prophylaxis of onychomycosis.

Before the procedure, the affected and dead areas of the nail and skin removed. It should be done carefully, to avoid damage.
You'll need a basin with warm water around 50 degrees and 200 ml of 9% strength vinegar. The water in the basin dolzhna comes to your ankles. The duration of each procedure - 15 minutes.

The procedure is repeated three times a week. At the conclusion of each session wiped dry feet and put on cotton socks.

Уксусные ванночки помогут избавиться от грибка ногтей всего за несколько недель
Vinegar bath will help to get rid of nail fungus in just a few weeks
  • Lotions and vinegar on the affected fungus places will be optimally carried out after the adoption of vinegar baths described above. For such procedures are suitable and pharmaceutical preparations, and pure vinegar 9% concentration. It is moistened cotton ball or gauze, which can then be applied to the affected nail and fifteen minutes.
  • You can also make a lotion with a mixture of 40-degree medical alcohol or vodka, acetic acid and 70% glycerol. In this recipe, all components are taken strictly in equal proportions and mixed until uniform consistency. The mixture is applied as in the previous recipe.

Wash the course of a week (or more if necessary, with a break between courses in a few days).

  • ointments, the main component of which is vinegar, long retain their properties, they are convenient to use and are effective. To prepare such an ointment, Take vinegar essence (70% acetic acid), dimetilftolat and auxiliary glycerin and olive oil. Components listed in the sequence in proportion respectively connected 2:1:1:1. Mix thoroughly and apply ointment on the affected area daily, maintaining her 8-10 hours and then washing with the help of economic or tar soap. Apply the ointment is convenient with the help of a cotton bud. Thanks to the comfortable method of using this recipe is popular for the treatment of onychomycosis of fingernails including.
Лечение народными методами позволяет избавиться от инфекции практически бесплатно и сравнительно быстро, однако лечение необходимо начинать на ранней стадии
Traditional methods of treatment can get rid of the infection virtually free and relatively fast, However, treatment should be started at an early stage

fungus treatment with tea tree oil

An efficient way of getting rid of onychomycosis, to be exact - on-dermatophyte fungi, It is essential tea tree oil, special compound comprising, that provide for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Council! Before, starting treatment, Apply a drop of oil on 12 hours on the wrist, and if you did not have a reaction, you can start.

  • Foot bath with the addition of tea tree oil. Pour warm (50 degrees) water in the basin to a level about the ankle, add 15-20 drops of the above essential oil and keep your feet in the bath, maintaining the temperature of the water, about twenty minutes. Trays are used daily two-month course. Affected areas of the nail during treatment are removed by pedicure tools, which must be sterilized every time, or dispose of (eg, disposable nail files).
  • It is also possible to apply oil pure, gently rubbing a cotton swab, pre-steaming to (in water with the addition of household soap or tar) legs. Perform the procedure twice a day. Rinse with essential oil is not necessary.

The hydrogen peroxide according to the procedure of Professor Neumyvakina

  • Recipe 1. You will need slaked soda (1 part), hot water (8 parts), 3% hydrogen peroxide (0,5 parts) and 0,5 parts of magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts). The ingredients you need to mix and pour more 0,5 parts 3% vinegar (not to be confused with the essence!). Solution impregnated swab, which is fixed on the damaged fungal infection of the nail plate by means of plaster. Ten hours bandage updated, course lasts a month.
  • Recipe 2. This method - a three-step.
    First you need to make a solution for a treat infected nail and skin, to which 3% peroxide is mixed with vinegar (as 3% concentration) in proportion 1:1. Until the mixture sizzles, it handled the affected areas.
    Next, the affected fingers 30 seconds must be immersed in a weak aqueous solution of chlorine bleach, and then rinse thoroughly under running water and wipe dry with a towel.
    At the last stage is applied to the affected area tea tree oil, mixed in equal proportions with ordinary petroleum jelly and put on warm socks or gloves. A course of treatment - 7 days with daily treatments.
  • Recipe 3. Baths with hydrogen peroxide. should be diluted 3% peroxide in water at a temperature 50 degrees. Two tablespoons of peroxide falls 1 liter of warm water. Take bath for fifteen minutes twice a day for 7 days.
  • Recipe 4. First the decoupling of affected areas in warm water (50 degrees) baking soda. The solution is made on the basis of 1 teaspoon of baking soda per 1 liter of warm water.
    After softening the nail as far as possible removed his affected part, and is applied to the remaining portion of the tampon, soaked in 3% peroxide solution (on 15 minutes for the hands and on 40-60 minutes for the feet). Repeat this procedure twice a day until the disappearance of signs of fungal attack.

Upon completion of the procedure the lesions are washed under running water and wipe dry.

  • Sometimes, in order to treat and prevent the spread of infection three times a day dot is applied to the affected nail portion 3% hydrogen peroxide.

грибок ногтей можно лечить йодомiodine treatment. Iodine five percent concentration of one drop applied to the affected nail fungus twice daily. Possible by means of a cotton swab impregnated with iodine nail plate completely. Do not forget, iodine stain your nails for a while in the yellowish-brown, and in particular it will be noticeable on the nails of hands.

Every two days is recommended to treat the neighboring nail infections. You should try to keep the skin from the constant exposure to iodine, as it can cause burns, that provoke dermatitis development, which can be easily layered fungal infection.

If a week after the beginning of treatment you will feel in the treated area is very severe itching, the frequency of treatment should be reduced to 1 every two days.

Novocaine lotion is considered to be a simple and effective treatment for the fungus. But the night is applied to the affected area and secured with a lotion of fleece, soaked novocaine. In some cases it is sufficient to repeat the procedure twice, then the symptoms come to naught.

garlic applications. Crushed garlic applied to the dressing and left for the night. Possible soreness, but the method is quite effective.

крепкий кофе считается еще одним действенным способом лечения грибка ногтейStrong coffee. little-known, but effective in the early stages of the disease method.

Bath of hot coffee made good before going to bed until symptoms disappear.

All of these techniques are effective, and in the absence of severe lesion running yield positive results. Besides, As you can see, they can be successfully combined with each other to enhance the antifungal effect.


For the prevention of diseases of nail fungus and skin lesions should practice good hygiene. For the most part it concerns public spaces - water parks, bathhouses, pools, gyms, saunas and bowling. For themselves should choose a comfortable breathable shoes, as well as socks and tights made of natural materials, After all, poor circulation foot in combination with an increase in humidity inside shoes create all conditions for the development of onychomycosis. gymnastics, hygiene, moderate fiznagruzki and jogging improve circulation and normalize the body's immune defenses, that makes you invulnerable to both fungal, and for other infections.

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