The best remedy for lice and nits for children: products and traditional recipes

Pediculosis - a disease, caused by insect pests, having the ability to live and breed on the skin. Generally, distinguish 3 raznovidnosti pedikuleza: head, pubic, Hanging. The most common diseases of the first embodiment, where children are often. Head lice proliferate at the speed of light, so you must get them as quickly as possible. What are lice and nits for children considered to be the most effective - pharmacy drugs or traditional recipes? Is it possible and how to get the parasites in a short time? The answers to these questions you will find in this publication.

Педикулез – заболевание, вызванное насекомыми-паразитами
Pediculosis - a disease, caused by insect pests


The earliest symptoms of lice - itching of the scalp, rash, back of the neck or behind the ears, feeling, if someone lives in the hair. Children may appear insomnia, flightiness, restlessness at night, as the most active insect exhibit it at night.

Переносчиками педикулеза являются живые вши
Lice are carriers live lice

Attention! Lice are carriers live lice, nits (parasite eggs) do not possess such ability, as firmly attached to the hair in 1-2 cm from the root.

Infection occurs when a child's hair in contact with the hair of another. In this case, the lice do not jump or fly, but simply crawl with strand by strand. This happens most often at home, school or kindergarten, when the children are sleeping in the same bed, use one set of bed linen, a towel or comb.

Drugstore anti-lice for children

Consider a few pediculicides drugs, deserved positive feedback and credibility among buyers.

Перед применением обязательно протестируйте средство на возможность аллергической реакции
Before applying test necessarily means the possibility of allergic reactions


One of the most effective, and most importantly, safe means against lice. It represents a special cream with 1% permethrin content (Chemical substance, affecting the nervous system of insects). Due to the low concentration of active ingredients, It is not limited to the use of, including children (but not younger than six months), as well as pregnant and lactating women.

scheme application: apply on the scalp and the hair along the entire length. Do not allow money to enter the child's eyes and mucous! after 10 minutes, rinse and comb out the nits with a comb with frequent teeth, which comes complete with a drug.

The average price of Knicks cream - about 600 rubles.


Remedy for lice for children 3 years in the form of a spray. Has as part of the essential oils, that suffocate the insects by their enveloping. Paranit has no effect on the nits, destroying a parasite, so use it will have to double. The drug should be applied to dry hair, avoiding contact with the eyes. As well, As in the first case, After washing necessarily means combing nits from strands.

Paronite cost - 600 rubles.


LiceGuard - it pediculicides shampoo, contains natural ingredients and has a mild effect on the scalp and hair. The drug should be used in conjunction with other, because it destroys the eggs of lice. Shampoo dissolves the adhesive mass, holding the nits on the hair, and provides easy combing them.

LiceGuard rubbed into the scalp and hair, left on 3-5 minutes, then wash. Age limits have no shampoo. As evidenced by reviews, this is one of the best remedies for lice for children. It can be used for children from 2 years.

Average price - 800 rubles.


One of the most popular anti-lice and nits for children and adults. 100 g means comprise 1 g permethrin. Shampoo affordable (about 250 rub.), but it has a number of contraindications, among which:

  • itch;
  • allergic skin rash;
  • burning sensation.

scheme application: treat the scalp and pre-wet hair over the entire length, stand means 10-15 min., wash with water, comb out the nits. If lice are not able to withdraw from the first time, second session can only be done after 7 days.

Approved for use by children 5 years old.


The most effective, according to most, remedy for lice for children 2 years old and over - spray Lavinal. Numerous references confirm the successful experience of the use of funds. The structure includes a liquid-spray aromatic oils, mint alcohol solution, preservative. No chemicals!

Included with the product you will also gain a protective cap, toothed comb and detailed instructions.

stages of application:

  1. Spray on dry strands, means avoiding falling into the eyes of a child.
  2. Cover the head cap and sustain the drug on the hair for half an hour.
  3. Carefully rinse the strands with shampoo.
  4. Comb the hair comb to get rid of nits.
  5. after 7-10 days to re-treatment session for the prevention of or the complete destruction of lice.


it, perhaps, the best and safe remedy for lice, which can be used even for small children. Price of the drug is not so high - about 400 rubles. The composition includes spray dimethicone - Silicone component with zero threshold toxicity. He envelops parasites, causing them asphyxia. At the same time killed and nits. Spray is applied to dry hair and leave for 45 minutes. At the end of the strand procedures should be carefully comb special comb.

Nydala not only effectively destroys parasites, but also improves the condition of the hair, making it soft and manageable.

Attention! No matter how touted pediculicides means in a review,, prior to use be sure to test for a possible allergic reaction in a child. To do this, apply a little mixture on the wrist, and later 10 minutes, inspect the skin: the absence of redness and itching of the drug makes it possible to use.

Traditional recipes

Get rid of lice can be a child, and folk remedies. maybe, they are less effective, rather than pharmaceutical drugs, insecticides the, but guaranteed harmless to the health and condition of the hair.

Вывести вшей у ребенка можно и народными средствами
Get rid of lice in a child can be, and folk remedies

The greatest recognition of the people have earned the following recipes:

  1. Vinegar and salt. Prepare 40 g of common salt and one glass of wine vinegar. In carefully blended mixture, add strong alcohol (5 g). Pre-washed and dried hair cover with gauze soaked in a solution, attaching it to the most "densely populated" areas. The compress should be kept on all day long, 3 times its changing. The recipe makes a great pediculicides effect, coupled with the soothing effect of itching.
  2. Excellent proven folk remedy for lice and nits in children - cranberry juice. Take 1-2 handfuls of berries, squeeze the juice and mix it with 1 no. honey. The mixture should be rubbed into the scalp. Cranberry juice kills parasites and nits from the hair detaches.
  3. Mint Plus pomegranate juice. Chopped mint leaves (2 Article. spoons) pour a glass of pomegranate juice, composition of boil. The mixture should be rubbed into the scalp for 10 minutes.
  4. Another proven popular remedy for lice - common cocklebur. To prepare the therapeutic mixture pour boiling water over the leaves and stems of the plants and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Strained infusion should wash your hair. Similarly, one can use a decoction elecampane root.
  5. Black cumin. Crushed cumin seed connect with apple cider vinegar (Take a cup of each ingredient), Filter the solution and apply on hair roots. Then should go to direct sunlight, where to stay 15-20 minutes. It needs not to wash my hair about 5 hours. For a complete removal of lice and prevent their occurrence, procedure should be repeated every day for a week.
  6. Help get rid of lice geranium oil. add on 2 drops of each oil variety in 10-15 g conventional shampoo. The solution should be rubbed into the scalp and let stand an hour. Then comb the strands comb and rinse thoroughly. At the final stage of the procedure for adding 2 drops of oil and 3 no. vinegar in a liter of water and rinse your hair with a mixture of.

Folk remedies against lice in children give 90% efficiency. When applying any of the recipes do not forget to cover your hair with plastic wrap and a towel - this action will help to enhance the effect of.


To prevent the appearance of parasites in their children, take a number of measures:

  1. Regularly change and wash bedding at high temperature.
  2. Plait long hair in braids girls, it interferes with an insect climb of hair of other children.
  3. Periodically examine the baby's hair.
  4. Use lice repellent agent - water hellebore, tincture of lavender, decoction of tansy, which should be instilled behind the ears and on the head in small quantities.
  5. 2-3 times a week wash your baby's head inteksitsidnymi shampoos in small doses. Harm to the skin, they will not cause, but it will be an excellent prevention against parasites.
  6. You can also use tar soap and shampoos with natural birch tar.

Attention! Means of preventing head lice in children will be effective only if regular use of them.

In the fight against lice and nits are good any methods: as pharmacy, and folk. When searching for the best pediculicides drug does not rely only on the reviews and advertisements, it is important that it does not harm your baby and gave the expected results.

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