Wormwood parasite: like taking bitter medicine

Many species of Artemisia. we know them today in the world around 400, spread across the country has 170. Wormwood has medicinal properties of various types of parasites, that's what makes it universal and healing tool.

Attention! Wormwood parasite treatment should be clearly rationing, since excess doses fraught poisoning - toxic plant.

Полынь горькая обладает лечебными свойствами от паразитов разного типа
Wormwood has medicinal properties of various types of parasites

properties wormwood

For therapeutic purposes, is commonly used wormwood. It is quite different from other types of:

  • healing properties;
  • appearance. It can be recognized by the characteristic silver color.

The leaves are covered with a whitish coat color, like touch. Baskets of flowers are yellow or yellow-green.

All parts of the plant are used for the treatment of parasites with wormwood: aboveground part without the lower leaves, flowers and roots. Collection of leaves is carried out before flowering, they need to pluck without stalks. The flowers are harvested in the beginning of flowering. Root anytime. Dry grass in the shade of need, without access to direct sunlight, room should have good ventilation.

Important! Keep wormwood in a cool dry place in the dried form can no longer 2 years old.

That bitter taste of wormwood works on stimulation of the body's vital functions, resulting in tone, cleans and treats. Parasitic organisms such as Chlamydia, viruses, gardnerelly, gonokokki, yeast and others destroy body inside slowly and steadily, and wormwood is able to deal with them.

Горький вкус полыни работает на стимуляцию жизнедеятельности организма
The bitter taste of wormwood works on stimulation of the body's vital functions

worms, pinworm, and other internal parasites

Wormwood is used for worms in different forms, and they have different efficiency.

Recipes infusions and tinctures

To prepare the infusion of wormwood use and hot water. Regular cleaning of parasites with wormwood any organism will benefit. To do this, you need to make a tincture of this recipe:

  • 1 no. l. chopped tarragon pour boiling water (200 ml);
  • insist 10 minutes;
  • strain.

Drink this infusion to first 3 day every 2 o'clock, then less. The course of treatment is designed to 7 days.

Another variant of wormwood against parasites:

  • 1 ch.l. Pour dry sagebrush 500 ml of water;
  • insist 30 minutes, strain.

Drink daily 50 ml three times a day, through 30 minutes after a meal.

Tincture is made with alcohol and wormwood. It helps to get rid of parasites using orally or applied as a conditioner. The recipe also contains complex:

  • in glass bottles, desirable opaque, fill the dry or fresh tarragon;
  • pour alcohol. Better use of health;
  • insist in a dark place 10 days;
  • diluted before use in proportions 1:3.
Настойка помогает избавиться от различных паразитов
Tincture helps to get rid of various parasites

Important! Store the tincture in the fridge, you can no longer 2 months.

The infusion can be done not on alcohol, and Cognac. To do this, you need to take:

  • 2 tablespoons of the roots of Artemisia;
  • 1 liter of cognac;
  • mix it all in a pot and let stand in a water bath 10 minutes;
  • the resulting mixture was drained into a glass container and tightly occlude, leave for two days in a warm place. Then strain.
Настойку можно делать не только на спирту, но и на коньяке
The infusion can be done not only on alcohol, but also with cognac

Decoction and powder

Decoction of wormwood is easy to do, for this must take 2 tablespoons shredded stems add water (1 glass) and boil on medium heat for a few minutes. After the drink cool and filter. Eat as such can not, it should be diluted 200 ml of water. It should be boiled, but cold. Take a decoction for medicinal purposes should be three times a day for half an hour before a meal.

In order to effectively get rid of tapeworms and pinworms, We need to reinforce the classic broth healing properties of garlic. For this 2 cups of broth to mix with the infusion of a 1 garlic head (1 glass). The resulting drug used for ingestion or as a solution for douche.

The powder is made from wormwood - also effective against human parasites. Features of the application of this herb is in powder form is, he gets to the epicenter of the development of parasites in the large intestine, and is not absorbed in the course of movement to the stomach. This cleansing of the body, as the brush passed in all sections of the intestine, fine cleaning of parasites.

Порошок щеткой проходится по кишечнику, отлично очищая организм от паразитов
brush the powder passes through the intestines, great cleansing the body from parasites

Prepare a simple powder: dry grass should be ground in a coffee grinder. Apply powder to start with the lowest dose, literally pinch a day. for 14 days needed to reach 0,5 tsp. Accepted need after a meal during 10-15 minutes.

Attention! Parasites eat after, how to eat people, it is this specificity is due to the reception means from worms.


The essential oil of wormwood is made from the dried leaves and flowers of the plant. If raw materials are not dry, it can be dried in the oven and grind. Next, the resulting grass tightly put in a jar, compacted. Pour olive oil and tightly close the lid. Shake the jar and put into a dark cool place for 10-12 days.

The finished oil will have a dark greenish tint. Before using it is necessary to drain. Store in a cool dark place. The method of application is similar to the one applying powder, also start with small doses, increasing to 1 ch.l. in a day.


Wormwood has the properties to act on many human parasites. It does not kill fleas, but a strong smell for a long time discourage their desire to appear in your home. And the smell is not harmful to man, but the parasites can not tolerate it, and quickly disappear.

Сильный запах полыни надолго отпугивает блох
A strong smell of sage repels fleas for a long time

Important! Wormwood is commonly used on beds and beds in order to scare off plant pests.

Recipe for getting rid of fleas simple. Fresh branches of plants must be expanded throughout the dwelling. As the decay should be replaced with fresh. In this case, the plant does not need to uproot, better with scissors or a knife to cut branches.

In remote places can sprinkle fragrant shredded stems, especially under the sofa, in the corners, which is difficult to get odors.

There is another option with the infusion. To cook it you need to:

  • 20 Mr. plants. You can also use fresh, and dry sagebrush;
  • 400 ml of boiling water;
  • infuse over 40 minutes.

Infusion cool and sprinkle them a place accumulation of parasites. The same infusion can be used against fleas during wet cleaning. It should be added to the water, that washes the floor, window, piece of furniture. This will not only help get rid of fleas, who already live in the house, but it will be an excellent prophylactic against their occurrence.

Prescription oil, proposed earlier, It can be poured into small containers and place throughout the home.

Important! Time, where fleas intensified just walk into a house, - this summer.


These pests have a very thin human scent, they will be able to drive out of their homes, even a small bunch of tarragon. But until such time until they are hungry, in which case they will be able to overcome itself and live in peace ourselves, even if hanging wormwood around the house.

Небольшой пучок полыни сможет прогнать клопов
A small bunch of wormwood can get rid of bed bugs

But wormwood is able to protect a sleeping man by the parasite bites, If over the bed hang a bunch of fragrant plants, The bug will not be able to recognize the smell of humans and will not bring the most harm.

Wormwood can be used as a kind of barrier from neighboring bedbugs, if they do not live in a house, it is unlikely to wander on a balmy territory.

Variants with tincture, oil and wet cleaning as the fleas, the same should be used in the prevention of bedbugs.

Mosquitoes and other insects

During warmer months, mosquitoes annoy almost more other pests. They also smell of sage repels, and the fight against mosquitoes the person can effectively and usefully. For example, if drying plants in the house for future use for medicinal purposes, Mosquitoes do not poke your nose. Fared ointment, which can prepare them wormwood oil and animal fat. Her coat exposed areas, going outside. Good broth will act according to a traditional recipe.

Even fresh sheets of wormwood can be used, they should rub the exposed skin, then it is important to wash your hands thoroughly.

housework pungent smell of wormwood not let housing cockroaches from neighbors, but if they are still there, herb should be used in combination with other agents.

Резкий запах полыни по дому не пустит в жилье тараканов от соседей
housework pungent smell of wormwood not let housing cockroaches from neighbors


Getting rid of parasites and insects, that plague man, possible without the use of chemical and expensive resources. People herb wormwood - the best solution in this case,, a variety of cooking recipes will help get rid of parasites, even in the most severe cases. The most important thing - to follow the dosage.

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