What is bandages?

Waiting for baby - the most wonderful time of life, but attached to it fatigue, pain, weight. Brighten up this trouble will prenatal bandage. Bring back to normal shape allows postpartum girdle. In addition to helping pregnant women bandages can be designed for other purposes: to quickly restore the body after surgery, relieve the pain in the presence of a hernia. The concept of the band, what to look for when choosing a, and who can not wear a medical device. Search for drugs in Moscow pharmacies and other products, can be realized through our catalog.

Bandage - what

All bandages combines the main goal - the fixation of one or another part of the body, thanks to a strong elastic fabric, with the addition of adjustable buckles. In each situation: pregnancy, condition after childbirth, operations, hernia, belt can be equipped with additional elements, relieves.

belt pregnant

The use of prenatal bandage will not cause harm to any woman, but there are contraindications. Buy belt should be strictly directed by the physician, leading pregnancy. There are several types of prenatal dressings:

  • belt, equipped panties;
  • belt, equipped with a cape;
  • belt combo;
  • simple belt.

Each addition is fulfilling its role: Cape warms and massages, panties can facilitate walking, reduce fatigue. But the choice is important to know its size and to listen to your own preferences.

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Protection after childbirth

Postnatal bandages allows women to quickly enter the normal previous state. Due to post-partum "loincloth" internal organs occupy the correct position, uterus returns to normal. Such times are shown even after cesarean, in this case, it protects the incision from the load and allows it to heal faster, but wearing should be under a doctor's care.

The medical product is also represented by several embodiments: in the form of shorts, Combined and simple lumbar belt. To facilitate the choice of a woman, manufacturers have developed a versatile bandage, which may be worn up to and after delivery.

Other orthopedic products

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