list of low cost, but effective antiviral drugs

At first glance, that mankind, subdued atoms, the bottom of the ocean, and even the Moon, invulnerable to microscopic creatures. But every autumn viruses begin their attack, and invincible people compel resort to various drugs, to overcome the disease. Antiviral drugs act directly on pathogens, and many of them are struggling with symptoms.

Such drugs should be prescribed by a doctor, but many people prefer to treat the disease starting their own, and do it very successfully. Pharmacies offer a wide choice of different tools to suit every pocket, among them is not easy to choose the best, in which the optimal combination of price and efficiency. Before, you start taking antiviral drugs, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of the most popular, inexpensive and effective drugs, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Important! The list of drugs is made based on feedback from real people, taking into account the views of an infectious disease physician.

Most antiviral drugs

Amizon (pills)

This drug has appeared in drugstores more than seven years ago and became widely known through advertising. according to her, he is able to literally bring man back from the dead, but this, of course, an exaggeration. The action is aimed at Amizona:

  • temperature reduction;
  • enhance resilience of the virus organism;
  • elimination of inflammation;
  • reduced pain.
Амизон появился в аптеках более семи лет назад и стал широко известен благодаря рекламе
Amizon appeared in pharmacies for more than seven years ago and became widely known through advertising

Antiviral action is, that the drug does not allow viruses to be introduced in the new cells of the body. The drug helps to combat such diseases like chicken pox, mumps, respiratory viral infections and influenza, fellinoz. It can also be used as an adjunct in the treatment of herpes, Hepatitis A and E, viral meningitis. Overall Amizon facilitates the patient's condition, create conditions for, his immune system cope with the disease.

It highlights, which is worth knowing, acquiring drug. More detailed information can be obtained from the instructions, finding it on the internet.

Reviews Amizon say, that antiviral drugs for colds give excellent results. But here's the flu treatment alone Amizon yourself, usually, does not justify, as the strain of the virus is prone to mutation, and to select an appropriate treatment has to strain doctor.

The price of the drug ranges from 40 UAH to 80 UAH (95-190 p) and it depends on the dosage and the number of tablets.

Anaferon (pills)

Anaferon - good antiviral drug, having an immunomodulating property. It copes well with SARS and is part of a comprehensive treatment of large bacterial diseases, and flu. It produces anti-inflammatory effect, so when the combined treatment and use Anaferon, from anti-inflammatory drugs can tkanaztsya. This homeopathic medicine, which has established itself as the active agent, despite all the prejudices. Due to the low concentration of active substance, He has virtually no side effects.

Анаферон – хороший противовирусный препарат, имеющий иммуномодулирующее свойство
Anaferon - good antiviral drug, having an immunomodulating property

Reviews of ANAFERON mostly positive:

"Agree Anaferon at the first sign of a cold - all passes in a few days, and not harmful to health. It is a good complement national means and hot tea. In the cold, especially in the midst of a flu epidemic, sometimes I accept it for prevention in the last month. Never let '

Helen, 37 years old

"This is one of the best antivirals, which has virtually no pobochek. Children Anaferon I give her son (he goes to kindergarden), if he has a runny nose and a fever, disease never lasted longer than five days,. tablets sweet, so the child does not need to persuade to take the medicine "

Irina, 26 years old

The average price of the drug 70-90 UAH (166-214 p)

Afluʙin (pills, drops)

Aflubn has a pronounced antiviral effect, It stimulates the synthesis of interferon and improves immunity. Also, it reduces the temperature and fights inflammation. Means to quickly cope with the unpleasant symptoms of the disease such, like aches in the joints, headache, chills. Indications for use are colds and flu, as well as their prevention. Side effects are practically no possible exception of individual intolerance and allergic reactions. This homeopathic medicine, so it can take a long time.

For the treatment of adult children can be used in the preparation of a reduced dosage, and Aflubin for children 2 years in the form of drops.

Афлубн имеет явно выраженный противовирусный эффект, стимулирует синтез интерферона и повышает иммунитет
Aflubn has a pronounced antiviral effect, It stimulates the synthesis of interferon and improves immunity

Negative feedback could not be found on this drug.

"I do not trust homeopathic remedies, but Aflubin - exception. Treat them to a serious illness such as the flu, I have not tried, and not hurt them never, but to protect themselves from the cold, he helps me. "

Nikolai, 29 years old

"Good preparation, effective and not dangerous. I took it during pregnancy, and now sometimes, not to get sick. The only drawback - the high price "


Price ranges from Aflubin 65 to 280 UAH (154-667 p) depending on the number of pills in a package.

complications (pills)

This is a strong chemotherapeutic agent, which has a pronounced antiviral effect. Effective against influenza, including those caused by a virus and A, since it destroys the protein shell of the virus and prevents their reproduction. Rimantadine is used to treat flu, tick-borne encephalitis, course of the drug - 5 days.

Rimantadine should not take children to 7 years old, during pregnancy, those with chronic kidney disease and liver. Side effects may occur in the nervous, digestive and respiratory systems.

Ремантадин (таблетки) - это сильный химиотерапевтический препарат, который имеет выраженное противовирусное действие
complications (pills) - is a powerful chemotherapeutic drug, which has a pronounced antiviral effect

Reviews about this drug is mixed, but most of them are positive.

"I tried several times Remantadin, when strongly he fell ill SARS. Treatment began immediately, As soon as there are clear symptoms of the disease. I never failed - through 2 the day was getting much better. Pills, true, bitter, immediately drink water is necessary. "

Catherine, 31 year

"Rimantadine - inexpensive and fairly effective drug. Depressing its side effects, but not fatal. "

cat Behemoth

Price is about rimantadine 30 UAH (72 p)

mefenamic acid (pills)

This broad-spectrum drugs used as an antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. The antiviral effect is to stimulate the production of interferon, increasing the activity of T-leukocytes, and the ratio of T-helper cells. Mefenamic acid is used for many diseases, including the complex treatment of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections. Treatment lasts from 7 days.

Mefenamic acid helps to quickly deal with the disease, but it has its side effects, which are expressed most frequently in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and reduce blood clotting. People with peptic ulcer disease or gastrointestinal hemorrhagic disease should not take this drug, so as not to cause a flare-up.

Мефенаминовая кислота (таблетки) - этот препарат широкого спектра действия используется как жаропонижающее, противовоспалительное и обезболивающее средство
mefenamic acid (pills) - the preparation of a wide spectrum of action is used as an antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic

Most of the reviews are positive, main disadvantages - for side effects.

"I use already Mefenaminku years 5, and it must always be in my medicine cabinet. And helps to lower the temperature, and then get rid of SARS, as paracetamol and ibuprofen are powerless. "

Victoria K

"Good preparation, efficient and inexpensive. I rarely buy cheap antiviral drugs, but this - the exception. Mefenamic acid helps me to quickly cure a cold, side effects I have not seen even once. "

Olga, 42 of the year

Price averages 40-60 UAH (95-143 p)

oxolinic ointment (Ointment)

Effective antiviral agent of local action, undeservedly forgotten in recent times. Oxoline able to destroy the herpes virus, adenovirus, Most pathogens flu, shingles, and molluscum contagiosum. The drug is used topically for the treatment of viral skin lesions, conjunctivitis, as well as for the treatment of viral rhinitis (lubricated nasal mucosa). The ointment can be applied to the nasal mucosa during the influenza epidemics, during, and after talking with people, patients with influenza and SARS.

This tool is not toxic, it is possible to treat children 5 years old, if the child is under the age of, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Use the ointment can be a long time, if no adverse reactions, since it does not accumulate in the body.

Оксолиновая мазь (Мазь) - эффективное противовирусное средство местного действие, незаслуженно забытое в последнее время
oxolinic ointment (Ointment) - an effective antiviral agent of local action, undeservedly forgotten in recent times

Comments about this old, but effective means mostly good.

"I work in a big team, and in the cold time of the year is difficult to keep fit - always someone ill, but he comes to work. recent 2 , I use oxolinic ointment, putting it on the nasal mucosa. Apply it is not very convenient, at first felt a slight burning, but cold it effectively protects me!»

Carrot, 23 of the year

"Controversial means in influenza and SARS, because the symptoms have not disappeared. But as prevention - good. I do not know, true, it is a merit ointment or immunity. But what the drug is struggling to "cheers" - a herpes. The same nasty cold sores, which appears on the lips in the cold and stress. Oxolinic ointment him "choking" in the very beginning, Only when there is redness - and herpes disappears. "

Nataša, 28 years old

Price ranges from ointment 10 to 20 UAH (23-46 p)

Altabor (pills)

Effective antiviral drug, used in treatment of influenza, vesicular stomatitis and herpes. It contains plant phenolic, many antioxidants, and also produces an anti-inflammatory effect. For influenza and SARS greatly facilitates the course of the disease, It helps to avoid the effects of, successfully shave with symptoms. Also, the drug can be used to restrict what as a preventive agent during epidemics of influenza or contact with sick people.

Altabor is a very potent drug, it can take adults and adolescents with 14 years for three - seven days. Contraindications to the use of a pregnancy, allergic reaction and intolerance to one of the components.

Альтабор (таблетки) - эффективный противовирусный препарат, использующийся в комплексном лечении гриппа, везикулярного стоматита и герпеса
Altabor (pills) - effective antiviral drug, used in treatment of influenza, vesicular stomatitis and herpes

Virtually all people, Leave a comment were satisfied with the drug.

"Good, efficient, and most importantly - natural medicine, who helped me with the flu. It advised me pharmacist at pharmacy, and I was very pleased. Side effects were not, disease complications - also. Pity, that it can not give kiddies "


"I learned about the drug a week ago, and once convinced of its effectiveness. SARS I have always endured bad, ill for a long time, and then everything went three days. Who were mild cold symptoms, no more. Recommend."

Sashta, 26 years old

Average price Altabora 38-50 UAH (90-120 p)

When should I take an antiviral

To combat viruses with any real preparation should appoint a doctor. The fact, that viruses mutate very quickly have many strains, so pick up antiviral difficult, it needs a medical examination and tests, to understand, a virus has infected person.

antivirals, cheap and expensive, help with flu only 30% cases, in the remaining 70 the patient needed hospitalization. But with SARS, these tools can help to recover faster. Also recommended for people taking them, who care for influenza patients, to prevent infection.

What can replace the antiviral drugs

If there is a virus in the body, replace special preparations can not be anything. You can combine products, eliminating the symptoms to alleviate the condition with immunomodulators, but in this case, treatment may be delayed for a long time, not excluded complications.

Antiviral drugs can be replaced with SARS drugs, which lowers the temperature, and eliminate other symptoms. These include Nurofen, Immunol, Koldreks, Hrypeks, Tamiflu and other drugs, which are presented in each drugstore in a wide range. All he has a similar structure, They differ only at the cost of additives and. less expensive, but equally effective alternative to these drugs are well familiar to all paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). These drugs can be used as painkillers, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory, parallel or taking immunomodulators, old-fashioned, tea with lemon, honey and jam.

Effective antiviral drugs for children

Most antiviral drugs as described above is discharged and adults, and pediatric formulations. Homeopathic medications are relatively safe even for children 2 years old. Important to remember, that giving antiviral drugs kids needed only in case of full confidence in the diagnosis, and this should apply to the pediatrician. At home, you can treat a cold, but if it does not pass in a few days, possible presence of the virus. This is often said Dr. Komarovsky.

There is no safe medicines for children 3 years old, which are able to home to cure flu. But the greatest danger is incorrectly recognizes the virus, which can not respond to medication and "rage" with a bang in a weakened aggressive medications the child's body.

The best solution in case of occurrence of the first symptoms of the common cold will homeopathic medicines, which also can be used during epidemics of influenza for the prevention of. Some of them can be taken from the 1 of the year. It is also important not to forget by the full and fortified baby food and other ways to strengthen its immunity, as it advises Dr. Komarovsky.

When receiving antiviral drugs do not forget about the additional funds, relieves: plenty of warm drinks, good nutrition, vitamins, as well as natural antibacterial products, such as garlic, ginger, lemon.

If SARS obvious symptoms persist while taking antivirals, you need to see a specialist. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.

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