for use Nemozola instruction for children and adults. The price of the drug, reviews and analogues

The human body can live a lot of variety of parasites. Worm infestation - common diseases, which require timely treatment. Everyone, who faced a similar problem, in the future, he sought to carry out the best drug therapy. However, there is no perfect means. Medicines should be selected taking into account the specific situation. for example, instruction to Nemozolu prescribes the use of the drug in the defeat of nematodes and some other microorganisms.

Немозол - противогельминтное средство, его назначают для вывода из организма различных паразитов
Nemozol - worming agent, it is assigned to the output from an organism different parasites

Release form and composition

Nemozol The drug is available in three versions. In pharmacies, you can buy the usual tablet, Chewable and the suspension. In all cases, the active ingredient is albendazole. Additionally, the tablets come:

  • Corn starch,
  • propyl,
  • methylparaben,
  • Sodium starch glycolate,
  • propylene glycol,
  • magnesium stearate,
  • Laurilsulyfat,
  • hydroxypropyl methylcellulose,
  • isopropanol,
  • methyl chloride,
  • Titanium dioxide,
  • purified talc,
  • Povidone-30.

According to instructions, chewable tablets Nemozol present sweeteners and flavorings, and gelatin and citric acid. Supporting elements of the suspension are:

  • sodium Karbroksimetiltsellyuloza,
  • Microcrystalline cellulose,
  • sorbitol solution,
  • Glycerol,
  • Polysorbate-80,
  • potassium gidrokhlorid,
  • Benzoic acid,
  • sorbic acid,
  • Purified water,
  • flavors.

All tablet formulations manufactured weighing 0,4 g. Capsules packed in outline on one piece of the cell. Thus in packages is one tablet. The capsules were film coated painted white. Nemozol suspension concentration 20 mg / ml is sold in vials of 20 ml.

Суспензия Немозол выпускается во флакона по 20 мл, назначается для лечения гельминтоза у детей
Nemozol slurry is discharged into a vial of 20 ml, prescribed for the treatment of helminthiasis in children

Effects on body

Nemozolom treatment is prescribed to eliminate worms and other parasites. The active ingredient, albendazole, It acts on a wide spectrum of pathogenic microorganisms. He destroys them by suppressing protein polymerization process called beta-tubulin. As a result of these changes affected the work of the cytoplasmic microtubule system of parasites.

Nemozol worms violates a number of biochemical processes and changes the structure of the muscle cells. Secretory granules and a number of other organelles can no longer move, because of which work cells is blocked. In the end, a set of processes, provoked Albendazole, It causes the death of helminth. Best of all the action of the drug markedly against tapeworms, such as pork tapeworm Echinococcus and, as well as against roundworms, such as intestinal ugritsa. Can I use Nemozol to eliminate other parasites, should be decided by the doctor.

Once in the stomach, the drug is practically not absorbed. It is characterized by low bioavailability, about thirty percent, and not into the blood stream until, until you pass metabolization processes. To enhance the absorption of the drug and its concentration in plasma, Nemozol should be taken with a fatty meal. Transformation is actively going after, as the medicine gets into the liver. There is formed a primary metabolite, which begins to destroy parasites.

note! Albendazole plurality accelerates metabolism of drugs and promotes the activity of microsomal enzymes.

Appeared after transformation albendazolasulfoksid well it binds to blood proteins. It is evenly distributed throughout the body, whereupon found in urine, bile, liver cells and cerebrospinal fluid. Later component is converted into the secondary metabolite is excreted by the kidneys and. Violations in their work do not affect the output of medication, and liver disease increases the bioavailability parameters.

Indications and contraindications

Receiving Nemazola assigned to excrete various parasites. Firstly, it nematosis, which include ascariasis, ankilostomidozы, necatoriasis, tihotsefalozy and enterobioze. Also Nemozol can drink from:

  • strongyloidiasis,
  • giardiasis,
Немозол - эффективное средство для лечения лямблиоза у взрослых и детей
Nemozol - an effective tool for the treatment of giardiasis in children and adults
  • roundworms,
  • Larvae pork tapeworm,
  • tapeworm larvae.

The drug is used in the case of destruction of the body by several species of parasites. It can add to the main treatment of patients, which will remove the cyst surgically. Nemozol worms strictly prohibited for pregnant women, persons, sensitive to the components of the composition and in patients with retinal lesions. Sometimes the drug is not suitable nursing mothers, people with impaired hematopoiesis and liver dysfunction. In the latter case it requires regular monitoring of body condition.

After Nemozola patients may develop a variety of side reactions, among which:

  • vertigo,
  • Headaches,
  • Nausea and vomiting,
  • transaminase activity,
  • Liver function abnormalities,
  • Stomach ache,
  • itch,
  • Skin rash,
  • Increased blood pressure,
  • Temperature rise,
  • meningeal symptoms,
  • Acute renal failure,
  • Various hypersensitivity reactions.

Not deviate from the use of suspensions and tablets instructions Nemozola, because otherwise it may develop signs of overdose. If this happens, necessary to carry out gastric lavage and activated charcoal or take other chelators. In severe cases, a symptomatic therapy. It is important to take into account, that the amount of drug in the blood increases, if it is combined with dexamethasone or cimetidine.

for use Nemozola instruction for children and adults

Детям после года назначают препарат в виде суспензии, дозировку устанавливает врач, учитывая возраст ребенка и вид паразитов
Children after a year of prescribers in the form of a suspension, dosage determined by a doctor, taking into account the child's age and the type of parasite

Tablets and suspension Nemozol contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, but can be administered to children. Typically, doctors are allowed to use the liquid form since the year. Kids prescribed medicine for trichinosis, ankilostomoza, enteroʙioza askaridoza. Instruction Nemozolu children drink prescribes one small spoon of suspension, about 10 ml, once. If the child is older than two years, the following regimen may be used:

  • From strongyloidosis teniasis and drink 20 ml once a day for three days,
  • If it affects the body's nematodiozami children's dosage is 20 ml, who drink once,
  • From toksokaroza kids give for 20 ml of fluid every day for ten days.

If the body is infected with both Weaver and trematode fluke Chinese, Nemozol the children are given by 20 ml for three days. From giardiasis suspension drink for five days. In adults, treatment scheme does not change, Esslin diagnostirovana invasion nematodiozov. If the patient is suffering from neurocysticercosis or alveolar echinococcosis, then you need to drink 20 ml twice a day. If an adult weight of less than sixty kilograms, then consume 15 ml, which should be divided into two stages.

Hydatid disease and neurocysticercosis require treatment duration 28 days. Permissible conduct re-treatment after a two-week break, but all can be no more than three courses. Creeping eruption eliminate reception 20 ml of the suspension once a day for one to three days. Regardless of the disease, Nemozol for adults should not be taken in the amount of, exceeding 800 mg.

How to take the tablets?

Irrespective of age, Patients should drink tablets, along with fatty foods, because in this case, they are easier to assimilate. In this form Nemozol approved for use for children over three years. How much of the drug is required to adopt, It depends on the pathogen, As in the case with the slurry. Askaridoz, enterobiosis and other similar parasites are eliminated one tablet.

Strongyloidiasis and taeniasis need to drink a capsule a day for three days. Similarly operate with mixed helminthiasis. Toxocariasis treated for ten days. When giardiasis children drink tablet for five days. For adults using the same dosing, but increases the duration of treatment. It complies with the instructions to receive a suspension.

During treatment, it is important to remember, that drink tablets must simultaneously all people, living together. Usually the result is observed after at least a week. Since tablets and suspension are dispensed by prescription only, Typically, patients initially know, how many medications they need to drink, and how long it takes to do. Nemozol not used for prevention.

Cost and analogues

Вермокс - аналог Немозола, выбор препарата должен осуществлять врач
Vermoks - analog Nemozola, the choice of the drug should carry a doctor

The price of the drug depends on different factors, including the release form, the city and the network of pharmacies. Nemozol tablets can usually be bought for about 200-250 rubles. Chewable capsules weight 400 mg are approximately the same price segment. In the case of children, people usually try to get suspension, because it is easier to swallow. The cost of the liquid is within 170-210 rubles.

Structural analogues Nemozola presented albendazole, Gelmodolom-VM and Sanoksalom. Also considered as a replacement Vermoxum and Dekaris. To solve, what works best in a particular situation, you should consult with your doctor. All drugs are prescription, so the choice will be carried out by experts.

Sanoksal has no fundamental differences from Nemozola. It is made from the same active ingredient in the same forms. The drug indicated for nematodoses, ehonokokkozah, neurocysticercosis and mixed helminthiasis. Pills affect blood condition and can lead to leukopenia, agranulotsitozu, pancytopenia and granulocytopenia. The rest of the list of side effects and contraindications are similar Nemozolu. Sanoksal price averages 180 rubles.

The tablets and suspension are made of mebendazole Vermoxum. This anthelmintic appointed against the same parasitic infestations, that means on the basis of albendazole. However Vermoxum banned in hepatic insufficiency, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. It can only be used in children older than two years. The cost in pharmacies is approximately 100 rubles.

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