Shingles – how it manifests itself and what to do when the first symptoms?

Herpes virus causes many different diseases, including herpes zoster. Medicine considers it to infectious diseases, since similar symptoms. Besides, Shingles affects not only the skin, but also has an effect on the human nervous system. Most often seen in herpes zoster in adults over 50 years old, with a history of chickenpox. But in recent years among cases occur more middle-aged people and young.


symptoms of herpes zoster can not be seen. The disease begins abruptly, and the first signs appear very sharp. Affected skin begins to get sick, burning sensation, there are specific herpes. The disease usually affects any one side of the body.

Herpes zoster is localized in the areas of clusters of nerve endings. It affects the genitals, buttocks, face, nape, neck, chest, shoulders, back, intercostal spaces, upper and lower limbs. Facial rash will appear in the course of the facial nerve or ternary, on the body - in the course of spinal nerves.

Allocated three periods of the disease, symptoms and treatment of each of them are different:

  1. prodromal phase. This initial period, Only when the virus enters the body. This period lasts two to four days and is characterized by neuralgic pains and general malaise. Probably appearance chills, slight fever, swelling of the lymph nodes. In those places, which subsequently will be rash, burning sensation, itch, pricking. Possible irregularities in the digestive system, as well as emptying the bladder.
  2. period rashes. This second stage, which it is very easy to diagnose disease, since there are characteristic rash. First, there are no more than small size pink spots 0,5 cm, between which are areas of healthy skin. The next day on their site you can see the bubbles with clear liquid, which later becomes cloudy. View rash is best to look at the photo.
Вирус герпеса вызывает множество различных заболеваний, в том числе и опоясывающий лишай
Herpes virus causes many different diseases, including herpes zoster

Important! When you see any rash, similar to herpes, You need to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment regimens.

There is also a mild form of the disease, when the liquid is not formed pustules. But there are severe cases, when the liquid inside the liquid pustules can be seen in the impurity blood. In this case, the rash gradually encircle the whole body, hence did the name of the disease.

  1. formation of crusts. This is the last stage of the disease occurrence, When shingles a person already comes to naught. pustules burst, in their place appear brown, which subsequently fall off. Below them there are areas of pigmentation, which is well seen in the photo.
Формирование корочек. Это последний этап протекания заболевания, когда опоясывающий лишай у человека уже сходит на нет
formation of crusts. This is the last stage of the disease occurrence, When shingles a person already comes to naught

Time seen herpes zoster in a child or an adult helps the appointment of a competent and timely treatment.

The reasons

The cause of shingles in humans is varicella zoster virus, the same, and that causes chickenpox.

Diseases are very different from each other, but if the children moved chickenpox, the virus still remains in the body and may eventually cause a shingles. This occurs when the failure of the immune system, as well as other disorders in humans.

Important! If you have had chickenpox, the virus forever lodged in your body.

Причиной появления опоясывающего лишая у человека является вирус Варицелла Зостер
The cause of shingles in humans is varicella zoster virus

Triggers and causes of diseases identified the following:

  • older than 50 years old. According to statistics, the elderly suffer from herpes zoster in seven times more often young. This is due to the natural decrease in immunity with age.
  • Autumn and spring time. Here affects beriberi, change of weather conditions, decrease in the body's defenses.

Young people can also develop the disease, The following main factors:

  • HIV infection. Shingles is one of its symptoms, and is very common in HIV-infected.
  • chronic diseases: diabetes, hepatitis, tuberculosis, kidney or heart failure, and some other.
  • hematopathy.
  • Malignant neoplasms and tumors.
  • severe injuries, associated with large blood loss or long-term recovery. Radiation therapy or chemotherapy.
  • Chickenpox. If an adult not a child had chickenpox, then once the virus can manifest itself in the form of shingles. The symptoms and treatment in this case will be shown from both diseases. However, this is a rare case.

Many people wonder: shingles is contagious or not. herpes virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, and also in close contact with diseased. but, namely shingles is transmitted from one person to another, in rare cases,. High risk of infection with reduced immunity, after stress, severe fatigue, infectious diseases.

Important! If close contact with a sick adult children in child care after an outbreak of chicken pox.


If the disease is caught up with a man at a young age, is often no consequences or complications, it will not bring to him. After recovery, you can forget about the disease. Older people, as well as those, who has a problem with the immune system, possible grave consequences:

  • Paralysis, arising due to nerve damage. The manifestation of this complication is most common on the face.
  • Diseases of internal organs. This may be bronchitis or pneumonia. Diseases of the digestive tract or urogenital system.
  • Reduced visual acuity.
  • meningoencephalitis. It may occur when the encephalitic form of herpes zoster and leads to disability.
  • purulent processes. If the body gets a bacterial infection during the course of the disease, the recovery may be delayed for months.

The standard form of the disease is quite easy and is not marked by relapses.


Symptoms of shingles so specific, that the purpose of diagnosis and treatment is usually not a problem. Clarification of patient complaints and an external inspection enable a clear picture.

Если болезнь настигла человека в молодом возрасте, то чаще всего никаких последствий или осложнений для него она не принесет
If the disease is caught up with a man at a young age, is often no consequences or complications, it will not bring to him

If the disease occurs on the background of other diseases, It has implicit symptoms, then the following survey:

  • Cultivation of virus culture
  • PCR diagnostics
  • The blood test for antibodies


Shingles is by nature akin to chicken pox. And also, like chicken pox, It does not require special treatment. During normal functioning of the body, the absence of serious health problems and a strong enough immunity shingles does not need treatment. Most often the disease occurs is mild and passes at home for two weeks after the onset of his symptoms.

Attention! Consultation with a physician is required in any case,, because only a specialist can make an accurate diagnosis and rule out the occurrence of future health problems.

When handling patients in the elderly or immunocompromised, when the disease develops more actively and relief does not come, doctor may prescribe one of antiherpetic drugs with the following active substances:

  • acyclovir
  • valacyclovir
  • penciclovir
  • Farmciklovir

Scheme antiviral treatment determined by a physician. Treatment with these agents in adults undergoing a course of no more than 10 days.

when complications

When to shingles joins any bacterial infection, treatment just need:

  • The doctor prescribes the patient antibiotics broad-spectrum.
  • Often needs also receiving immunomodulators: Genferon, Viferon, Tsikloferon or other.
  • Physiotherapy if necessary.
  • Complex of multivitamins course.

pain relief

Pain shingles are one of the first symptoms of the disease. Besides, they can persist long after recovery, because the disease affects the nerve endings. One way, how to treat shingles, it is a pain relief, Therapeutic drug should appoint a neurologist.

Current drugs, which are prescribed by a doctor, able to permanently get rid of the pain, and eventually eliminate them altogether. Today the most commonly prescribed tricyclic antidepressants, pregabalin or gabapentin. A good remedy for pain is particularly intense - a blockade, which is performed by administering injections to near the nerve lesion.

Traditional methods

At home, often practiced treatment of folk remedies, its methods can be found in abundance. Most often, it compresses, which is made from various infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs. The most popular packs with immortelle, pumpkin, onions, mustard, Calendula, meadowsweet, elm bark, burdock, bitter herbs.

Attention! People's ways bring only symptomatic relief and are in addition to the medical treatment of herpes zoster in humans, doctor's appointment.

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