Mycoplasma in women – what threatens disease?

mycoplasma - prokariotы, one of the smallest living creatures on earth, which are the cause of many diseases, including. Mycoplasma. Mycoplasma in women, and treatment of symptoms which can vary depending on the disease neglect, It is often. The statistics say, what 80% women, suffering from infections of the genitourinary system, ill mycoplasma, as well as half of women, having acquired infertility.

What are mycoplasmas

mycoplasma gominis - are microorganisms, which occupy an uncertain position between fungi, viruses and bacteria, deprived of the cell wall and have a size 300 nanometers. These organisms are parasites and can not live independently in the environment. Based on this, can say, that mycoplasmosis - a disease of viral etiology. Once in the human body, they settle in the bronchi, gastrointestinal tract or urogenital system (depending on the type), penetrate the epithelium, causing serious irregularities in his work.

Микоплазма гоминис – это микроорганизмы, которые занимают неопределенное положение между грибами, вирусами и бактериями
Mycoplasma gominis - are microorganisms, which occupy an uncertain position between fungi, viruses and bacteria

Since mycoplasmas are short and quickly killed the life cycle in the external environment, mycoplasmosis infected through everyday is almost impossible. The appearance of the disease, usually, associated with unprotected sexual intercourse, while infected women more likely to have visible signs of illness, than men.

Important! Ill mycoplasmosis can not everyone, but only one, whose immune system is weakened. These micro-organisms are unable to withstand the attack of a strong immune system, so quickly perish, Once in the body of a healthy person. Therefore, in the treatment of mycoplasma in women and men need to pay attention and on the immune system.

Sometimes the cause of the activation of becoming pregnant, menopause, colds and stress. During this period, the body is weakened, so dormant bacteria wake up and begin to attack healthy cells.

Mycoplasmosis women and comorbidities

If the infection occurred, the first signs of the disease appear after 1-2 of the week, but not necessarily. The disease can "wait" comfortable conditions for themselves even a few years. For this reason, the analysis of mycoplasma in women yields positive results in the diagnosis of cystitis, skalʹpingita and vaginita, as well as various diseases, Sexually Transmitted (chlamydia, gardnerelez, various fungi).

mycoplasmosis, even without obvious external manifestations, It affects the mucous membrane of the uterus and cervix, gradually destroying tissue. This leads to a decrease in fertility, it does not matter, latent disease or not. The consequences of the disease include pregnancy miscarriage, is at an advanced stage, it can lead to infertility.

Первые признаки микроплазмоза появляются через 1-2 недели
The first signs appear after mikroplazmoza 1-2 of the week

Often mycoplasma cause chronic inflammation of the ovaries, splice with ovarian tubal. Sometimes there are pains in the lower back and abdomen, discomfort during intercourse. endometritis, uterine bleeding and painful menstruation in many cases are caused by these microorganisms. Pyelonephritis also often find mycoplasma.

Symptoms of mycoplasma in women

Very often it mycoplasmosis long asymptomatic and detected only under stress, hormonal swings, pregnancy, diseases and other situations, causing a significant reduction in immunity. At the beginning of the disease is difficult to diagnose, because its symptoms are scarce: not strong itching in the vagina, and clear or whitish discharge, It has a faint smell. Sometimes there is redness of the external genitalia, the appearance of a faint rash, which sometimes goes away. Mycoplasma are sometimes confused with conventionally thrush (candidiasis), candidiasis but it is more pronounced in the first symptoms and can occur spontaneously, in contrast, and mycoplasma.

In the next phase there is discomfort when urinating, which many women take for cystitis symptoms and start to treat it. Sometimes this treatment eliminates symptoms, mycoplasma and development continues "underground". Soon mycoplasma affects cervical mucous, penetrates into the uterus and appendages, causing inflammation. There are nagging pains in the lower abdomen, which become stronger before menstruation and during it. Often there is a slight rise in temperature, especially during menstruation or during pregnancy. Sexual intercourse becomes painful.

In pregnant women, the symptoms of mycoplasma is a risk of miscarriage and premature birth, and rupture of membranes.

Important to remember, that women are no self-healing of this disease (unlike men), therefore, access to a doctor should be promptly.

Mycoplasmosis in pregnant women

During pregnancy, many women reduced immunity, thereby remind yourself many not cured infection, including mycoplasma.

Gynecologists and obstetricians strongly recommended before planning pregnancy to both prospective parents be tested for mycoplasma and undergo treatment, If these organisms are found. The disease poses a significant threat to the fetus and 70% cases leads to spontaneous abortion.

Before pregnancy and in the early stages of the mycoplasma can not be felt, but eventually it begins to "be screwed" between ovum cells. Body recognizes damage and interrupts pregnancy. If this does not happen, it is likely (to 17%), that the child will be amazed by all the internal organs mycoplasma, often, these children have no chance of survival.

In those cases,, when the disease does not progress, course of pregnancy is still complicated: possible strong toxicosis, polyhydramnios, feeling unwell, improper attachment of the placenta and flaking.

Treat mycoplasma in the first trimester of pregnancy should be with great caution, carefully selecting products and correlating them with the risk of harm to the child. The fact, that during this period the child laid all the internal organs, and aggressive treatment could cause serious pathology. In some cases, doctors are advised to hold off on treatment until the beginning of the second trimester, if the disease does not progress and have not had time to do much harm to the fetus.

There are a variety of mycoplasma, which causes pneumonia. If a pregnant woman becomes ill with pneumonia, caused by these microorganisms, the high risk, that the child will be ill with meningitis.

Во время беременности у многих женщин снижается иммунитет
During pregnancy, many women reduced immunity

diagnosis of mycoplasma

Detect these microorganisms is difficult because of their small size, but there are methods, to do so:

  • seeding algorithm;
  • DNA - diagnostics;
  • IFA
  • PIF

seeding algorithm used mainly when, when deadlines are not "burn", Results come about a week. Accuracy is almost 100%. Almost - because the size of the microorganism may cause false-negative and false-positive test results.

The cheapest and fastest method is the ELISA, Results are ready within a few hours, but its accuracy is only 70%. Typically this method is used in case of emergency or as an additional confirmation of the presence / absence of the disease. There are also mutual fund method, which has the same advantages and disadvantages, and that the IFA.

DNA diagnostics is quite expensive way, but the accuracy is 90-95%, and the results have to wait 1-2 day. This is the most popular method of diagnosis, which is used in most laboratories.

Important! One month after the treatment must be re-diagnosis, To make sure, mycoplasma that is no longer the norm and analysis.

mycoplasma treatment

The treatment regimen mycoplasma is selected individually depending on the "seniority" of the disease, Treatment usually consists of a complex and:

  • Antibiotics of tetracycline, macrolides. Most other antibiotics, including penicillin, powerless against Mycoplasma.
  • physiotherapy.
  • Immunomodulators as an adjunct in the treatment of. As I mentioned above, mycoplasmosis affects primarily people with reduced immunity.
  • special diet.

Timely treatment allows you to get rid of the disease. Unfortunately, not all the consequences in severe cases can be cured. Doctors recommend once a year for tests and examinations.

Important! Not there are folk remedies, allow to cure a mycoplasmosis!

Микоплазмы невозможно вылечить с помощью народных средств
Mycoplasma can not be cured with the help of folk remedies

The causes of the disease and prevention

As I mentioned above, by household is almost impossible to get sick mycoplasmosis. Most often they are infected during unprotected sexual intercourse. Pregnant woman infects child in utero or during birth. Notably, that at the time of birth are infected more often girls.

Avoid infection is quite simple - you need to use condoms and to avoid casual sex. In the case of the first signs of the disease should immediately seek medical advice, since timely treatment will give an opportunity to forget about this unpleasant disease.

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