bovine tapeworm: Symptoms in humans, Causes and Treatment

Bovine tapeworm - species of parasitic tapeworms Teniidy family. A parasite in the body of cattle and human, causing the latter teniarinhoza. Teniarinhoza - a parasitological human disease, helminth-induced bovine tapeworm, characterized by the presence of parasites in the gut, violating the function of the gastrointestinal tract. Inside human bovine tapeworm gets together with the infected meat of cattle and is the cause of nausea, unstable chair, abdominal pain. In humans, there is rapid weight loss, flatulence, asthenovegetative and neurotic syndromes, increase in appetite, vypolzanija independent segments of the parasite through the anus and urticaria. To protect against this parasite should be thoroughly inspected and processed meat before cooking, so as not to catch.

Бычий цепень – вид паразитических ленточных червей
Bovine tapeworm - species of parasitic tapeworms

Sam looks tapeworm, like a long worm with suction cups on his head, that reaches 7-8 meters in length and capable of damaging human organs. A large concentration of individuals can lead to bowel overlap and damage to its shell, so the detection of symptoms to do stool / blood test and, if necessary, use drugs, putting out the worms from the body. The risk to humans is even one larva.

teniarinhoza Treatment involves taking anthelmintic drugs (fenasal, biltricid). These pills will help as quickly as possible to destroy the bovine tapeworm inside the body. After treating individuals bovine tapeworm out naturally with feces.

The causes of the disease and its effect on the body

Pathogen helminthiasis - bovine tapeworm - is classified as tapeworms, It consists of a head, neck and strobill (segments). Mature segments are located in the distal and have mature uterus, they filled hexacanth (eggs), the number of which has up to 150 pieces in each segment. Bovine tapeworm in humans is a result of eating raw or improperly processed meat cattle. individual tapeworm, parasitizing the human body, It is mature, so during defecation human eggs into the environment with feces. Segments can move freely on the grass and move on the patient's body after defecation, and actively crawl out of the intestines that act independently of. Cattle - is the intermediate host of bovine tapeworm, which is infected topically oncospheres with grass or soil. Hexacanth migrates to those or other organs, forming Finn - larva tapeworm, which matures into muscle tissue and become dangerous to human infection by 4-5 months. The man is the definitive host and source of infestation. Parasites feed on nutrients (minerals and vitamins), that as a result leads to a deficiency in the body. This will break the functionality of certain organs and lead to poor performance of the secretory and motor function.

Человек заражается паразитом в результате употребления плохо приготовленного мяса домашнего скота
A person infected with the parasite through the consumption of undercooked meat livestock


Beef tapeworm infection is an illness -, which appears after the full development of the helminth, and has two stages: early and late. For early stage is not characterized by any signs of diseases, it can be diagnosed through a survey at the doctor (blood / fecal, X-ray), tapeworm segments detection in feces or independent vypolzanija through the anus. But the chronic stage is full legkozametnyh symptoms.

Боль в области живота, сопровождающаяся урчанием и отсутствие аппетита, может свидетельствовать о тениаринхозе
abdominal pain, accompanied by rumbling and lack of appetite, may indicate teniarinhoze

for patients, According suffering disability, characterized by a feeling of constant fatigue, weakness, irritability, bad dream, heartburn, flatulence, unstable stool and abdominal pain. Syndrome of late stage teniarinhoza is nausea mealtime, and vomiting at any time of life activity. Evidence of illness may be a pain in the abdomen, accompanied by rumbling and lack of appetite, which abruptly gives a heightened sense of hunger, as a result - a strong weight loss. The segments have an effect on the mucous membrane of the small intestine, irritation of mechanoreceptors, dysmotility and secretion of the digestive tract, catarrh development. Teniarinhoza stimulates duodenal ulcer. Bovine tapeworm segments can move through bauginievu damper between the large and small intestines, causing cramping pain. These are the main symptoms of bovine tapeworm, noted that the disease itself can support.

Condition of the body can also tell about the presence of parasites, which can cause allergic reactions, and sensitization of the host organism. In the blood increases the content of eosinophils, but reduces the number of leukocytes and erythrocytes.

possible complications

Improper treatment can result in complications, which have a negative impact on health. These complications include:

  1. Overlap the intestinal lumen. This happens due to the strong accumulation of parasites, because their number is growing every day.
  2. peritonitis. Inflammation of the peritoneum - a process, which is caused by parasites of the intestinal wall opening.
  3. inflammatory processes.
  4. Offset parasites and new infection. Due to the rapid growth in the number of individuals tapeworm there is a risk, they fall into the appendix, pancreatic duct and bile duct, causing obstruction.

Must pass a timely blood and feces for analysis, starting treatment, in fact get rid of complications is very difficult. If you let the disease take its course, there is a risk of contracting other dangerous diseases.

diagnosis of the disease

To diagnose the disease is difficult because of the small number of symptoms, allowing to determine the bovine tapeworm. First, you need to interview the patient, to find out the maximum amount of information about the latest eating meat, his treatment, very important fact is the use of raw meat. Gathering information about the patient's state of health, in order to recognize its symptoms, signs of the disease, and also held a delicate survey to establish the facts vypolzanija segments of the parasite from the anus or their presence in the feces after defecating.

Для обнаружения паразита необходимо сдать анализы
For the detection of the parasite must pass tests

At the first suspicion of invasion need to pass a stool sample for the presence in it of the Finns. This is done in a special laboratory, but the patient himself can detect larvae, that came out during the act of defecation. Additionally used enrichment techniques and the method thick smear, informative and perianal, rectal scraping and sticky tape mark. Needs a complete blood count, in order to know its condition and contents, and an X-ray of the intestine, with the help of which you can see specimens of bovine tapeworm in the body.

therapies: deworming

teniarinhoza outpatient treatment using various medications. main tablets, Allows you to display the body of bovine tapeworm, - a "fenasal". It can take a morning, or in the evening, you need to choose a more suitable option for you. Fenasal kills parasites inside the body, and leave them in a natural way with the act of defecation.

An alternative drug is "biltricid", but more often it serves as a complement to Fenasalu. Withdraw worms data pills help similar to the previous formulation.

If pills and other drugs seem to be unreliable and would like to learn, how to get rid of bovine tapeworm folk ways, the output will phytotherapy - treatment with the herbal. Bovine tapeworm in humans will help bring an extract of male fern and ordinary pumpkin seeds, is the best medicine, created by nature, allowing withdraw bovine tapeworm.

Treatment lasts until complete recovery, ie complete absence of segments of worms in the faeces over the following 4 months. Preparations perfectly cope with their work, but if the segments continue to be allocated on the expiration of this period,, then appoint a second course of treatment.

details deworming

Print the larvae from the body can only complex of therapeutic measures - deworming. In the case of treatment of diseases bovine chain passes through special preparations.

note! To a prolonged healing process must be well prepared, deworming so before and during treatment is necessary to adhere to a diet bezshlakovoy, wherein the following features:

  1. Exclusion from the diet of fatty, fried, smoked, salty and sweet foods. Replace the above foods must be low-fat soups, broth, cereals, fermented milk products. You can add the fish to the menu, tea, bread and jelly.
  2. Completely get rid of the need to beet, cabbage, garlic, radish and spinach. Some fruits and berries, such as apricots, raspberry, grapes, peaches, too, will have to forget. These products are a safe environment for the development of larvae. Dairy products are permitted, but milk from the diet is necessary to remove, replacing it with yogurt. Prohibited use of alcohol and carbonated drinks.
  3. Portions should be small, but should eat 5-6 once a day. It will not load the organism strongly and eliminate the possible failure of metabolism. Adhering to this diet, get as quickly as possible to bring the Finns from the body.


Teniarinhoza - this is a dangerous disease and dolgoizlechimaya, therefore it is necessary to take into account the methods of its prevention, so as not to catch.

Необходимо хорошо обрабатывать и прожаривать мясо
It's important iterated through and roast thoroughly meat

In order to eliminate the possibility of infection is necessary to adhere to the basic rules:

  1. Exclude from the diet, the use of raw or half-baked meat. It is warned against inadvertent entry of the product into the body as part of a previously unknown dishes. Do not try to taste the raw meat during cooking of meat dishes.
  2. Carefully inspect the raw meat before handling and cooking. This is done for the possible detection of bovine tapeworm larvae, also known as Finns. They are not always visible, but if you examine the product carefully and slowly, you can see them without any problems. The meat should be discarded, so as not to catch. It is necessary to apply the heat treatment of meat. This procedure is done in order to avoid possible contamination of helminth infestation.
  3. Be sure to monitor your health. At the first signs and symptoms of bovine tapeworm should immediately conduct a blood / fecal doctor and treat disease.

These are the main rules, following which will be able to avoid infecting bovine chain. These tips are necessary and the, who got rid of the disease and does not want to get infected again.

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