demodecosis (subcutaneous mite on the face): a photo, the reasons, symptoms, treatment

Inflammatory skin disease - it is not just a cosmetic defect, which is visible only when you look in the mirror. Subcutaneous mite on the face can cause a lot of discomfort, among them - itching, burning, redness, a feeling of dryness and tightness. In some cases, the demodex mite causes of mental disorders, depression, because a person feels constant attention surrounding his face. How to treat demodicosis, to forget about it forever?

A few words about demodex

Demodex - mite is a parasite, who lives under the human skin. This subcutaneous hair mite is not able to live and develop independently, but on the human skin, he feels great. Particular mite activity manifests at an air temperature 30-40 degrees, so in the summer it is amplified as the spread, and total activity. The cosmetic creams Demodex mite can live for a long time, but the presence in the composition of tar, chloroform or carbolic acid, it dies instantly. When immersed in a composition with 10% salicylic acid mite Demodex die through minute.

Демодекс – это клещ-паразит, который обитает под кожей человека.
Demodex - mite is a parasite, who lives under the human skin.

Do not try to see it yourself, even if through a magnifying glass. Mite Demodex on average achieves a half-millimeter in length, therefore, it is extremely difficult to discern. Moreover, live mites under the skin, and therefore, undertaking a scrutiny of the face, hoping to see unreasonable disease pathogens. It is deep in the epidermis layer occurs all life tick. There happens the fertilization of the female, and egg laying. larvae, usually, come to the surface together with subcutaneous fat. Some of them die, and the remaining part safely settled on human skin, regularly bringing him inconvenience.

To check, whether there is a person demodekoz, you need to see a specialist, namely - a dermatologist. Acne facial is much more common, than I would like, but many cases are held in a latent form, and only individual patients reach a doctor. Important to remember, that demodicosis - an infectious disease, and therefore, it may strike, and other family members, friends, colleagues, and therefore to identify the parasite and to begin treatment as soon as possible just need.

Attention! Demodex mites from the person can move on to other areas of the body, and now the itch, burning and deterioration of the skin becomes more global. Timely and correct treatment would necessarily lead to the, Demodex that on the face will remain only in memories.


In various cases, the symptoms may be different. In the first stage you will notice a slight rash, which few people pay attention.

Одним из первых симптомов является легкая сыпь
One of the earliest symptoms is easy rash

Later, in some places, a rash may develop into ulcers. particularly dangerous, if people confuse these with ordinary acne sores, often because many patients with acne do not go to a dermatologist, and try to squeeze the contents of subcutaneous inflammation independently. Later, the skin becomes bumpy. I even facial expressions.

If the mite gets into the hair follicle, it may be noted hair loss. Few people notice loss vellus facial hair, but sometimes demodekoz strikes and eyebrows, and eyelashes, and that's when people start to sound the alarm.

Попадание паразита в волосяной фолликул, может иметь тяжелые последствия
Hit the parasite in the hair follicle, It can have serious consequences

Usually, the hair follicle begins to rot, there is swelling. The skin around such an inflammation begins to peel off. It's not just looks awful, it even affects the quality of vision. Man gets tired quickly, can not continuously look at a single point. In the most extreme cases, the business can reach blefarokonyuktivita or demodectic blepharitis.

The causes of the disease

Why symptoms in some people, isolated and almost imperceptible, while others - pronounced? All the matter in the body of the man himself. So, there are many factors, which may affect the progression of the disease:

  1. The use of new cosmetics. maybe, some of its components are irritating to the skin. Coupled with demodex infection disease becomes clearly pronounced. Often in this case, the girl's sin on the allergenicity of cosmetic products and reject it, however unpleasant symptoms remain. Also some cosmetics can provoke excessive sebum, and which feed on mites.
  2. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Condition of the flora in the system organs largely influences the progression of certain diseases. So, even in the presence of gastritis cold symptoms and the frequency of its appearance will be much more pronounced.
  3. frequent stress. The state of the human nervous system is generally considered the most important indicator of health. Stress not only worsen the mood, but also to destroy the immune system, daily undermining its.
  4. Problems with the immune system. If a person is more than in any autoimmune disease or in remission after suffering a recent illness, demodekoz the person may become an unpleasant surprise.
  5. Frequenting saunas, bathhouses, solariums, as well as the excessive enthusiasm for beauty treatments. In the first case, the pores of the skin revealed much, and the natural protection of the dermis disappears. If someone from the present suffering from subcutaneous mite, then everyone else can easily get infected. Some cosmetic procedures are aimed at skin injury, even a slight and gentle. for example, Scrubbing the face not only removes dead skin particles, but also increases the wounds.
  6. endocrine pathology. Correct operation of the endocrine glands contributes to the overall improvement of immunity.
  7. High-calorie diet with a predominance of fatty and sugary foods in the diet. All this also promotes the release of blubber, which often provokes the development of demodicosis.


Complete recovery from human subcutaneous this parasite - a difficult task. It is not uncommon, even when you follow all the doctor's recommendations after some time, the person again finds a familiar and unpleasant symptoms such. It should be understood, that the treatment process at any particular patient will his, individually. This applies not only to the terms, but also to methods of treatment. All preparations and procedures should be appointed exclusively medical specialist, and only then can you get rid of the parasite. Invalid self-administration of drugs, on "recommendations" of friends or on the basis of reviews on the Internet. Little of, the drug may be ineffective, so also-mite Demodex develop resistance thereto.

Attention! Some medications have their contraindications. for example, Sulfuric ointment in any case can not be applied to the lips, ears and eyes, as this can cause burns.

so, the most common drug, applied topically for the treatment of demodectic mange, are gels based on metronidazole. gels, Unlike creams, contain virtually no fat components, and therefore, will be deprived of the power of the tick.

Along with them, your doctor may recommend medications such, as Fizostimin, Armin, Tosmilen. The active components of these tools are easily absorbed into the skin and affect the mites, paralyzuya s muscles.

Also, doctors often prescribe the patient the same drug, as against the scabies mite. This can be Sulfuric ointment, benzyl benzoate or water-soap emulsion.

The main methods of treatment - topical agents, however, this does not mean, you can ignore the rest of the doctor's advice. Moreover, get rid of demodectic mange fully only with the use of local resources is usually not possible. This disease becomes complex character, and to treat it should be on all sides. Be sure to exclude the impact of irritants. If there are problems with the thyroid gland - to visit an endocrinologist and receive appropriate treatment. If you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it makes sense to go to an appointment with a gastroenterologist. Today there are many drugs for restoring gastrointestinal flora in the short term. Immune-boosting drugs are prescribed only in exceptional cases. Self-medication can be dangerous here.

Demodex treatment necessarily involves and diet. smoked, sweet, oily, spicy and salty foods should be avoided. The diet should introduce fruits and vegetables, which not only reduce sebum, but also help to nourish the body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Finally, to treat demodicosis person, Stress also should be minimized. Perhaps, perform this paragraph treatment guidelines for human hardest, because often there are stress at work, where it is difficult to control your emotions. It is necessary to rethink their behavior and try to quickly resolve the conflict situation, until it reached the level of a dispute.

The girls at the time of treatment should refrain from the use of cosmetic products. Only in case that, if the skin looks too overdried, you can rub a little soft cosmetic base oils, eg, peach or grape seed oil

Attention! Particularly dangerous are alcohol-based. At first glance, they dry the skin and rob it of fat. But after a couple of days of the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively the former, skin again becomes oily, and therefore, in the fight against demodex this method would be not only useless, but harmful.

During treatment, it is imperative to apply and anti-allergy. They help to improve the clinical picture and help to improve the general condition. Also, these drugs reduce skin temperature, and in the cool of the mite feels not so cozy and comfortable.

The average duration of treatment will be a month and a half. After this period, should be re-visit a doctor and get tested (scraping). If a dermatologist to confirm the absence of live parasites, it is possible to enjoy life again.

And of course, during treatment should maintain complete hygiene of the face and body. You must wash your face as often, as the doctor says. Towels and all the things you need during treatment perestirat, setting on the washing machine with the highest temperature regime. All this will prevent a recurrence of the possible.

Treatment of pregnant women and children

These patient groups are the most sensitive, but because of their treatment should be more gentle and careful, but effective. To cure demodex, better to turn to qualified doctors, who already has experience with similar patients.

To get rid of the parasite and does not harm the patient, some medications a doctor can be replaced with homeopathic remedies, outer pharmaceutic agent - a mixture of, made at home. Watch these patients, the doctor will more carefully. May be, in the course of treatment will require a blood test, to detect abnormalities.

Domestic aids

Useful thermal water to moisten the face. Dissolved salts also help relieve irritation. Spray on her face should be immediately after washing.

  1. A decoction of chamomile with a small amount of aloe juice is also beneficial in the treatment process demodectic. To do this, pour a teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers 100 ml of water, insist 15 minutes, drain and add a teaspoon of aloe juice. This decoction calms the skin. Camomile acts as an antiseptic, and aloe juice helps to heal cracks and slightly cools facial skin.
  2. Well to get rid of demodex and decoction of the leaves of wormwood. The proportions are the same, and that in the broth with chamomile. Therefore broth you need to wipe the face several times a day. If the broth seems too concentrated, you can slightly change the aspect ratio, eg, increasing the amount of water.
  3. Finally, It can be dissolved in 100ml of water aspirin, Moisten a cotton swab and wipe the face, focusing on the most affected areas. Aspirin should be dissolved completely, otherwise large particles it will act as an abrasive.

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