Worms in pregnancy - the risk of infection? How to get rid of them?

The big danger for the life of the baby, and for the life of the woman, are worms in pregnancy. Considering that, how easy it is to catch them, especially during, when a woman is very vulnerable, it becomes clear, that is a real problem for expectant mothers. Helminth infestations are dangerous by the fact, that symptoms initial infection period greased, and against the background of general toxicity is extremely difficult to recognize it. The ability to detect worms in pregnancy helps to strengthen the health of mother and keep his future baby.

Ways of infection

Worms are transmitted by the fecal-oral route. helminth eggs are extremely hardy and can remain viable for a long time, spreading farther. Therefore statistics disease affects - according to WHO, about 95% of the adult population are carriers of the parasites, more-less. Since the eggs easily take root in the human body, catch is possible in such situations:

  • eating unwashed vegetables;
  • poor personal hygiene;
  • lack of adequate heat treatment used products;
  • visiting public places;
  • The use of public objects.

Since completely limit their contact with the outside world can not, you need to try as much as possible to protect themselves from infection. If, however, the expectant mother was infected by worms, should begin treatment as early as possible, to prevent the impact of toxic waste products on the fetus.


Difficulty in diagnosis is the blurring of symptoms. And pregnancy in this situation only complicates diagnosis. Worms during pregnancy have symptoms, virtually identical toxicosis.

Большую опасность как для жизни малыша, так и для жизни женщины, несут глисты при беременности
The big danger for the life of the baby, and for the life of the woman, are worms in pregnancy
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • stomach ache;
  • flatulence;
  • constipation;
  • itching sensation in the anus;
  • weight loss;
  • migraine;
  • generalized weakness.

In the presence of the above symptoms should seek immediate medical care. He will be able to evaluate the state of health of the pregnant woman and the child and provide treatment recommendations.

Important! Worms are never alone! helminth infections have the ability to reduce the severity of symptoms, go into hibernation step, while preserving its viability.

It should be immediately note, that under the concept of worms fall not only roundworm, but ostritsы, Trichinella and other representatives of parasitic roundworms. Therefore, only an experienced doctor will be able to identify specific symptoms, since in each case it may differ.

risk of infection

In some sources you can find information, that can infect the baby through the mother's bloodstream worms. In the process of evolution in pregnant women formed a natural defense for a child called "placenta". He reliably protects the baby from the effects of many negative factors, affecting the child. Blood system do not intersect, and therefore infect the baby larva worm with the blood flow is not possible.

Larva worm to infect the child with the blood flow is not possible
Larva worm to infect the child with the blood flow is not possible

But it is very dangerous parasites are products of metabolism. They are not living organisms - bacteria or viruses, can be absorbed into the mother's bloodstream and penetrate into the child's bloodstream. Their impact on the child slows down its development, It may affect the further development after birth. These children are more painful, inclined to allergies, less active, They may lag behind in development of their peers.

The most dangerous invasion

Some parasites can be a long time just to spread on the mother's body, causing her discomfort. However, they can enter the body of the child only during the passage through the birth canal. Once in the blood or skin during childbirth, they can infect the child.

The greatest danger to the health of the unborn baby are Toxoplasma and roundworm. Ascaris parasite not only in the medium intestine, as is commonly believed. One of its stages involves lung damage, in another stage roundworm migrate from the blood. All the while they are in the body, they point out across the surface of the skin, toxic waste products. They cause manifestation of symptoms in mothers and influence the development of the baby.

Toxoplasmosis is dangerous both when planning pregnancy, and in the process of carrying a child. In nonpregnant women toxoplasmosis may cause infertility. It affects the fallopian tubes, It causes inflammation and causes the formation of adhesions. If the infection occurred during gestation, multiplication of Toxoplasma can cause premature termination of pregnancy, unborn fetus, stillbirth.

methods of diagnosis

The diagnosis is carried out after the fecal contents helminth eggs. A positive result may not give an accurate assessment of what, at what stage is the patient. If difficulty is further diagnostic analysis is carried out on blood ELISA.

Linked immunosorbent assay (IFA) It allows you to create a complete picture of the patient's condition. In this analysis, we investigate antibodies to certain bacteria and parasites. According to the severity of the immune response it is already possible to draw a conclusion on the stage of infection and to pinpoint the causative agent.

Methods of treatment

Worm infestation are dangerous not only because of the oiled symptoms. During the period of gestation of the child it is strictly forbidden to use the majority of anthelmintic drugs. They have a very high toxicity, because their active ingredients poison and kill parasites. Application of anthelmintics have a strong influence on the operation of the main "filter" body - Liver.

В период вынашивания ребёнка категорически запрещено употреблять большинство противогельминтных препаратов
During the period of gestation of the child it is strictly forbidden to use the majority of anthelmintic drugs

Therefore, only a doctor should indicate, how to get rid of the sheets during pregnancy. Any self-acceptance of any drug can cause developmental disorders and further the child's health. The choice of drugs based on personal experience can cause not only of defects, but also to disability or premature termination of pregnancy. A doctor in the presence of all necessary tests can accurately say, how to treat intestinal worms.

Based on the experience of many young mothers, women can independently use drugs, which are shown to children under 3 years old. This may lead to deterioration, for several reasons:

  • incorrect identification of the pathogen;
  • selection drug of low activity;
  • use low-quality medicines.

Before treatment, to bring worms, you need to calm down. Stress is not the best way to affect the state of the baby. If you suspect of being infected with worms, you must first apply to the attending gynecologist. He will write a referral to an infectious diseases or parasitologist, and that will help take the worms from the body with minimal impact on the child.

When choosing a drug, doctor additionally focuses not only on the type of parasite, but also on the duration of pregnancy. In some cases, more appropriate solution would be to wait for delivery, and after this treatment, Only then determining what to do. When choosing a drug, need to be taken into account, that during the first trimester is the formation of all organs and systems. It means, that the greatest harm from the use of medicines for worms during pregnancy is just the first trimester.

Treatment of folk remedies

Means of Alternative Medicine, given the right, can gently, but effectively remove worms even in a period of, pregnancy. It is worth noting, that for best results, should first consult a doctor and agree with him treatment. The doctor will tell, Whether correctly selected recipe, how long it can be used and whether it has an impact on the child.

  • Raw pumpkin seeds have long been used as an anthelmintic. To apply them every day is enough to eat about 0,5 cup of raw pumpkin seeds.
  • beet juice can also have an impact on the parasites, because it purifies the blood and reduces the load on the liver. For the treatment of worms need to drink it within 7 days 1 st.l. A few days later, according to the recipe, the state should be easier.
  • Watermelon is also great effect on the presence of parasites in the body of pregnant women. It contains the necessary components to stimulate the purification and renewal of the body. The only nuance use of watermelon is a large amount of fluid. In case of increased formation of edema is necessary to refrain from using watermelons.


Prevention of worms, aimed at the prevention of helminthiasis, calls to minimize infection sources:

  • observe proper hand hygiene;
  • eat only thoroughly washed vegetables and fruits;
  • no contact with stray animals;
  • perform complete thermal processing of used products.

By following these recommendations, you can successfully avoid catching the worms in pregnant women, thereby having protected the baby from the negative influence of the world.

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