Determine, whether there are worms in the dog. What you should pay attention to

Hardly anyone tries to dispute the fact, that the vast majority of dogs, living in the house and not taking periodically anthelmintics, They are infected with worms. Worms in dogs often do not cause severe symptoms and for a long time remain undetected for careless owners.

Глисты зачастую на начальной стадии не проявляют себя
Worms often at the initial stage does not manifest themselves

However, we know, that some types of worms (for example, askarida) can be transmitted from dog to man. by this, twice a year, animal owners recommended mandatory prevention of worms in dogs. It needs time to display unwanted guests from the body of your four-legged friend, to protect him from serious health problems, and themselves - from the risk of infection. Even at home you are completely free to give the dog a pill or applied to the withers drop. Modern medicine for worms for dogs toxic to parasites, but safe for your pet - naturally, subject to the correct dosage.

Important to remember! Even if you have no idea, They look like worms in dogs, never seen any of their own, or their eggs in the feces of your pet; and even if your dog is not the breed room to leave the apartment, and it does not have any signs of the disease - it does not mean, that in the animal there is no parasites!

Helminths people often bring on a shoe, clothes and even on hands. Transfer of helminth infections is possible not only from animal to man - the converse. What to do, to avoid this? Do not neglect the timely prevention, in fact give the dog a tablet from worms easier, than to treat the disease in its later stages. Besides, such treatment may lead incomparably large outlay, than the cost of a tablet from worms to dogs.

Заражение может произойти не только от животного к человеку, но и наоборот
Infection can occur not only from animal to man, but on the contrary

What are worms, they enter the dog's body

Worms - parasitic worms is, perfectly adapted to life at the expense of the host animal. Signs of worms in dogs begin to show already at strong infection and severe helminth intoxication. Basically the disease is symptomatic with softly, every day more and more weakening and poisoning your pet. Therefore, we must not wait for the moment, when insidious parasites clearly demonstrate its presence, and in a timely manner to carry out prevention.

May be infected and adult dogs, and small puppies. Worms lodge in the internal organs of animals, provoking the development of many diseases. First of all, they cause depletion of the animal, but in some cases affect the brain, pulmonary system, liver, Forming organs, provoke the development of gastrointestinal pathologies, cutaneous diseases, etc..

Puppy, infected with helminths, stunted, susceptible to infectious agents, and often sick, in some cases, Alas, helminthiases lead to the death of small puppies.

Щенок, который инфицирован, отстает в росте, потдатлив к разным инфекциям
Puppy, who is infected, stunted, subject to various infections

As the disease develops

Most species of worms live in the human and animal gastrointestinal tract. But some of them may settle in other organs: in the liver, pancreas, and sometimes even in the muscle tissue.

Besides, Not all types of worms once settled in the intestine. for example, nematode worm is known, that its larvae migrate, penetrating through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream, and gradually reach the respiratory system, where there are. Upon reaching the adult stage, they go out of the lungs with cough, then again fall if swallowed sputum into the esophagus. Returning to the intestine, in an organism grown larva is transformed, and the light reappear round worms.

Helminth infections refers to a disease of the whole body, even if struck by only one body. life and decay products of worms in animals cause an allergic reaction and intoxication. Absorbing a large part of nutrients, received a dog with food, they deprive the animal source of energy, causing wasting and sometimes - death.

Гельминтозы поражают весь организм полностью и ведут часто к тяжелым последствиям
Helminthiases affect the entire body completely, and often lead to serious consequences

Resistance to infection in an infected dog with worms will be much lower, than in healthy. The infectious agent may be ingested together with worms, and can - be developed later with a decrease in immunity in a diseased dog in the process of activation of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora, already present in the body of an animal.

In the most severe forms of the disease occurs in puppies. In their small intestines worms form tangles, causing obstruction, and then - and ruptures the walls, peritonitis and death of children.

As infected dog

  1. through fleas. If your pet is infected with fleas, veterinarian always assigns the appropriate remedy for worms for dogs. After Tapeworms in dogs carried by accidental ingestion of fleas caught.
  2. during pregnancy. Get "a gift" from the mother of worms puppies can during fetal development. If by some miracle they managed to avoid it, then the feeding worms still making their way into the body of newborn.

Important! If you plan to spend your binding pitomitsy, be sure to perform preventive deworming - as she, and the future father of puppies.

Новорожденные заражаются или внутриутробно или через молоко матери
Newborns infected or in utero or through breast milk
  1. through the mud. helminth eggs are very often present in the soil. For this reason, deworming is necessary to subject including those of animals, who live in apartments. After all, to make bot, they will have enough contact with your shoes on and then slizyvanie helminth eggs with wool. If you find the dog owners in public places, they have every chance to bring the eggs of parasites and on clothing, and in their hands.

Symptoms and treatment

Quarterly recommended deworming dogs. But more often it is done in connection with certain events, taking place in your pet's life. For example, twice a year after the end of estrus, or in front of the cottage on departure and on return to the city.

In some cases, it is recommended to conduct deworming unplanned. For example, it is held in front of a viscous dog 10 days prior to mating, before birth and after the add - for the 7 days, Young puppies - for 10-14 days before each vaccination, adult dogs - prior to the annual vaccination for 10-14 days.

How to find out, Do you have a dog worms? Are there signs, which can be suspected worms in dogs, identify symptoms, the doctor prescribed her timely treatment? - Yes, such indication exists, although they are not one hundred per cent diagnostic indicators.
so, how to identify, that the dog - worms?

  1. Puppy grows slowly, poorly gaining weight, depressed and maloaktiven. On the white of the eye appears bluish tint rim. Wool does not shine, It looks matte.
  1. If the animal's appetite to maintaining or improving, and it continues to lose weight, in this case the dog vomits, and its chair has a liquid consistency, it is almost certain your four-legged friend is infected with helminths.
  1. Worms in the dog can be seen directly in the stool or vomit (cm. a photo).
Глисты у собаки можно увидеть в кале или рвотных массах
Worms in the dog can be seen in the stool or vomit

Together with them are present in the faeces mucus, bloody issues.

  1. The animal often develop constipation, Symptoms of intestinal obstruction.

Important! Dog, lumen of the intestine is blocked worm conglomerate, may perish. If you experience constipation in an animal required to show it to the veterinarian!

  1. If the puppy swollen tummy, enlarged liver or constantly rumbling in the stomach - do not ignore these symptoms.
  2. Migrating larvae cause damage to the respiratory tissues, which promotes layering of secondary infection and the development of bronchopneumonia in dogs.
  1. Different kinds of worms in dogs affect different internal organs. for example, worms in the dog's heart causing symptoms of cardiovascular disease, and in the liver - hepatic symptomatology.
  1. With the progression of the disease the dog shows loss of appetite, weakness, lethargy. The animal is observed blanching mucous, skin rashes occur, dermatitis.

Treatment and prevention

preparations, for the treatment of helminth infections, used for their prevention, and this should be done already from puppyhood. With three weeks of age, through 10 days again and 10-14 days before the first vaccination the puppy should receive an adequate dose of anthelmintic drugs.

Important! Can not exceed a dose of anthelmintic! Accurately calculate the dosage of the drug before, how to give him a puppy.

If the puppy is very pronounced zaglistovannost, then the death of helminths their decay products can poison the baby. In such cases, it is best to consult a veterinarian, it will give you clear advice with regards to, how to get intestinal worms in dogs and how to give a dog a tablet from worms.

To the dead worms could leave when defecating, puppy can give mineral oil after taking the drug in half an hour. It is not absorbed in the gut and "siphon" comes out, contributing to the promotion and conclusion worm conglomerate. In some cases, the animal is assigned to concomitant therapy and intravenous or subcutaneous infusion.

Вазелиновое масло способствует выходу глистного конгломерата
Vaseline oil promotes the exit helminthic conglomerate

Since the drugs kill only adults, assigned the second dose with a strong zaglistovannosti through 10 days after the adoption of the first. It was at this time the eggs will come out new worms, but still will not have time to defer a portion of fresh eggs.

What are the means of de-worming for dogs?

Modern anthelmintics subject dosing not dangerous for dogs, but, worth remembering, that are dangerous themselves disintegrating worms at the time of death, when a lot of them.

Для профилактики глистов есть ряд универсальных препаратов
For the prevention of worms has a number of generic drugs

Anthelmintics are divided into 2 species:

  1. Destroying certain helminths.
  2. Broad-spectrum, universal.

Generic drugs are used for routine prevention of parasitic infestations. A highly specialized drugs are prescribed by a veterinarian on the basis of the analysis in the case of massive infestation in dogs.

note! Puppies prescribe medication strictly according to their age and body weight, it is very important!

In terms of price-quality worked well for puppies: drontal Junior, dirofen, prazitsid suspension, prazitel.

Adult dogs: dirofen plus, drontsit, drontal plus, vermoks, kanikvantel, Prat and other. Beware of fakes!

When you are in the apartment other animals, deworming is performed all at once. If not detected in the feces of worms, it does not mean that, that the drug had no effect. maybe, parasites disappeared in the gut of the animal. In addition to tablets, there are drops on the withers of the worms, as well as preparations, Available in the form of sweet cubes.

If your animal is weakened, with chronic liver disease or urinary organs, or in the case, if the dog is pregnant, but it needs to conduct deworming - contact your veterinarian, that it has appointed suitable for your animal drug.

При ослабленности собаки нужно обратиться к ветеринару для дегельминтизации
When dogs weakened need to see a veterinarian for deworming

As I mentioned above, in case of massive infestation, at the exit of worms with vomitus or faeces in large numbers - it is also recommended to take a sample for the study and visit a veterinarian.

При обильном выходе инвазий берем образец и немедленно обращаемся в ветеринару
With abundant output invasions take the sample and immediately call in the vet


In that case, if you follow our recommendations, as well as to follow the prescription of a veterinarian, You and your pets will be protected from serious health problems, caused by parasitic worms.

Необходимо следить за здоровьем своих питомцев и проводить не только лечение, но и профилактику
It is necessary to monitor the health of their pets and carry out not only treated, but also prevention

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