fecal worm eggs (helminth): Why take it and how to do it right

Worms or helminths commonly called worms, parasites, living in the body of animals (and to whom a person applies) and plant organisms. To identify cases of helminthiasis usually dealt feces and the analysis on helminth eggs.

What is a bot

Helminthiasis called the defeat of an organism parasitic worms. This disease is characterized by increased severity of existing disease, exacerbation of chronic diseases, suppression of the human immune system, and sometimes neurological symptoms.

Parasites tend to reduce the effectiveness of vaccines, cause dysbacteriosis, intoxication and mechanical damage to the intestinal wall. What about children, suffering from helminth, They may even lag behind in development. Therefore, each child, attend kindergarten and school, you must comply with one immutable rule: at least once a year, and better every 6 months, take fecal parasites.

Donating fecal worms, of course, It recommended for adults, simply it is in the children's communities to each other parasite transmission takes place as quickly as possible. Therefore to pass feces on worm eggs to children's institutions need to regularly and without fail.

Паразиты приносят существенный вред организму человека
Parasites bring substantial harm to the human body

Among parasites unpleasant and dangerous to the person's symptoms are not only helminths. And simply too can cause significant harm to human health. Ameʙiaz, giardiasis, Toxoplasmosis - this is not a complete list of ailments, caused by uninvited guests from the kind of Protozoa.

Fecal yaytseglist, conducted in special laboratories, It may in some cases also include fecal protozoa. In that case, If you have a suspicion of the disease, caused by protozoa, or you just want to preventative check, You need to contact the laboratory and learn, Does it kala research on protozoa and helminth eggs.

Particularly dangerous for pregnant women are helminthiases. Symptoms of toxicity are increasing, there is a weakness, entering the body of vitamins and minerals are absorbed in the minimum amount, if digested at all.

Worms "like" the male body less, and the defeat of these parasites of men as a whole is not as common. but, their danger to the stronger sex this does not become less.

note! The group of susceptibility risk, and the severity of developing serious complications gelmintozov, are:

1. elderly;
2. children;
3. people, suffering from any type of immunodeficiency.

Representatives of these social groups is recommended to hand over for analysis to a laboratory feces on eggs of worms for at least 1 semiannually.

Группа риска должна не забывать сдавать анализ 2 раза в год
risk group should not forget to take the analysis 2 once a year

Clinic and symptoms of helminth infections and protozoozov so diverse, that to describe them require more than one publication. In the present article we will tell you, how to collect a stool sample. Since it is recommended to gather on common rules for all the diversity of parasites.

How and why to give up analysis

Analysis of the parasite eggs - a microscopic examination of stool, which allows to identify the eggs of worms in it, to diagnose the most characteristic for our latitude helminthiases, such, as:

  • askaridoz,
  • tryhotsefalez,
  • ankilostomoz,
  • entyerobioz,
  • other.

Biomaterial is in this case a chair (mud) patient (sometimes, especially in the study of the presence of the simplest, it is collected in a few techniques on different days and hand in individual portions).

How to prepare

so, to fecal worm eggs was the most informative, let's find out, how to donate material. As I mentioned above, even this has its own universal rules. And the man, I am going to pass fecal worm eggs, should start to observe them for 72 hour to control bowel movements.

  1. Absolutely excludes the use of any rectal suppositories.
  2. Not allowed use of laxatives.
  3. Limited intake of medicines and food, influencing processes peristalsis, and changing the color of feces.
  4. Storage of biological material may be no more in the refrigerator, than 24 o'clock, otherwise the analysis may be uninformative.
  5. To conduct the study on the presence of feces in the simplest material should be as fresh. Ideally, its selection is made directly on the territory of the institution, wherein disposed Laboratory, during its opening hours, and then the sample was immediately transferred to a specialist.

Norm or pathology

The norm is the result, where the parasite eggs are not found in the biomaterial. In that case, if they're still there, Specialist produces their count and identification, and then transmits the result of your hands or your doctor for the appointment of appropriate therapy.

Проводим исследование биоматериала на присутствие паразитов
Conducts research biomaterials for the presence of parasites

If the number of parasites in the sample is negligible, in some cases, follow-up study is assigned to confirm the presence of a pathological condition.

When the analysis

so, Obligatory study fecal worm eggs should be appointed:

  1. when recording in pools;
  2. hospitalization;
  3. at the time of medknizhki;
  4. Before enrolling in pre-school and education of children.

In these cases, the result is considered to be valid within ten days of its receipt.

Terms of delivery

Recommended sampling to collect fecal material to a specialized container, fitted with a screw cap and a plastic spoon. Such containers are sold in conventional pharmacies.

Правильная сдача анализов - залог получения достоверного результата
Proper specimen collection - the key to obtain reliable results

The amount of material should ideally not exceed 1/3 volume of the container. but, trifle is not worth, sample size of a match head considerably complicate work technician, and analysis of the information content will decrease by several times.

legible on the container label, specify your name, First and middle name, Your age, as well as the date and time control bowel movements. Sampling avoid ingress of urine and other foreign biomaterials, not related to the content of your intestines. If you can not send the sample to the laboratory immediately, Material should be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of from 4 8 ° C, but not more 24 hours.

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