Getting rid of worms in the home – simple and effective recipes

From parasitic diseases are not insured by any one person, even more so - the child, which often has a habit of all taste and do not always wash their hands before eating. That is why many people from time to time the question arises: how to get rid of worms in the home? Why at home, while the sale is a set of effective remedies against parasites? Not in all cases, you can use the shopping tools, since they are very toxic, though effective. for example, during pregnancy, a woman may use more benign natural remedies, are not too harmful for the baby, but harmful to the parasites. In any case, it is desirable to consult with your doctor, not to harm their health.

Как избавиться от глистов дома быстро и эффективно
Quickly and effectively get rid of worms folk remedies can and

What is helminthiases?

Helminthiasis or worm infestation - a disease, which are caused by parasitic worms. Total known about 300 various types of worms, which may be unwelcome in the human body. They are divided into abenteric (They live in the muscles, light, eyes, liver, a heart, the brain) and intestinal (inhabit different parts of the intestine).

Разновидностей паразитов очень много
parasite species is very much

Enterobiasis occurs most commonly in children, call it pinworms. This small thin worms, no longer than one centimeter, one end of which is sharpened. This explains their name. Do not come at night usually severe itching, the sleeping person is often observed creaking teeth.

Askaridы privodjat J askaridozu. Unlike the small pinworms, Ascaris worms are large, reach a length 30 cm. They do not come across in the feces (except that the dead), because they live in the small intestine, so diagnose ascariasis is not so easy. Roundworm infestation can quickly and live 2-3 of the year.

How do you get infected with worms

People, usually, thinking about how, how to quickly get rid of the worms only after, as a worm infestation was diagnosed. It is actually much easier to avoid disease, than to treat and, and the consequences. Exists 4 parasite process getting into the human organism:

  • perkutantnый;
  • transmissible;
  • contact-household;
  • alimentary.

Alimentary way parasite eggs get into the stomach and into the intestine together with poorly washed vegetables and fruits, dirt from hands, undercooked meat or fish, etc..

Contact-household transmission path of worms carried by patients or family members of infected animals. pathogens may be as helminths, and single-celled parasites, transfer them could such harmless pets like cats, dogs and even parrots.

Переносчиками болезней могут быть домашние любимцы
Vector control can be pets

Transmissible infection occurs through insect bite, which until then bites an infected animal. To get sick quite a bite. bot, namely filariasis transmitted by mosquitoes, This disease occurs in tropical countries, as well as in our latitudes,.

When perkutantnom infecting larvae penetrate human skin during contact with the ground or water. clams, are the intermediate hosts of the parasites, infected through urine and feces sick person, so you can say, that the fight against poor sanitation lead to a complete deliverance from shistomotoza.

Трансмиссийное заражение может произойти во всех широтах
Transmissible infection can occur at all latitudes

Where appropriate treatment of worms in the home?

In earlier times, parasitic infection, combined with poor living conditions and neraznoobraznym power could lead to total exhaustion and weakening of its host. Now the most common helminths (roundworm and pinworm) only cause discomfort, but do not pose a threat to human life (in rare cases), so people do not rush to a doctor, and strive to treat worms in the home.

Important! Get rid of the worms at home can only be, if a person has found a small parasitic worms in the intestine. cloven, Dirofilaria and other large worms, affecting the intestines and internal organs, after his death can disrupt the functioning of internal organs. For this reason, you need to consult a doctor.

Before you bring the worms in humans, You need to purchase antihistamines, which must be taken throughout the course of treatment. Also, in most cases, to improve efficiency should take a laxative.

Important to remember, folk remedies that are not able to bring the worms for 1 day, since there are only adults. The course will have to be repeated after a few weeks, to destroy the "young", hatched.

garlic tincture

This powerful tool, which not only helps to remove worms in children and adults, but also strengthens the immune system. It can take all practical, if there is no stomach diseases.

You need to bring five cloves of garlic and rub them on a fine grater, then pour a glass of milk, bring to the boil and cook for fifteen minutes. After that, you must give the broth brew for at least an hour.

This means you need to take 4 times a day for a glass for a week, it is guaranteed to kill the pinworms. You can also do the same decoction enema. Do it once a day, closer to the night during the week.


This plant is known not only for its anti-parasitic properties, but also improves digestion, It enhances the flow of bile, It stimulates the bowels. Prepare the infusion of tansy is easy: You need to take a tablespoon of plant flowers (fresh or dried), pour them a glass of boiling water and let stand for at least four hours. Take it worth a half hour before eating a tablespoon four times a day. The treatment lasts a week.

Пижма улучшает пищеварение кишечника
Tansy - a great natural remedy for parasites

Show worms can be and with the help of an enema. To do this, the seeds of tansy (1 ch.l.) pour boiling water and leave for a few hours. Glasses of this facility enough for one enema, which should be put before bedtime for a week.


This powerful tool, to get rid of many pests, and effectively cleaning the liver and gallbladder. Taking it in several ways:

  1. Tincture. Pour a tablespoon of alcohol (200 ml) and leave to infuse for two weeks. After that means taking half an hour before meals 20 drops. For treatment takes about a week, then you need to repeat a course through 2 of the week.
  2. dry sagebrush. Pinch the wormwood accepted 4 times a day for half an hour before a meal, the grass should be washed down with water, without chewing. Digestion begins in the gut wormwood, dealing a blow to the adult worms and their larvae. Therefore, it will be enough only one week course, to forget about parasites.

Pumpkin seeds with honey

It's quite nice and tasty way to get rid of invasions. You need to take 300 grams of peeled pumpkin seeds (for a child - 50 g), grind them into flour. Then it should bring the water to the condition of sour cream (water ratio of from about 1 to 1), Add honey to taste. Such means should be consumed on an empty stomach on a tablespoon, slowly and thoroughly chewing. A few hours later to enhance the effect, it is desirable to take a laxative or an enema.

Избавляемся от инвазий с помощью тыквы
Getting rid of invasions by a pumpkin

Pine nuts

This tool is effective in long-term use - at least two months. Conventional shelled pine nuts are taken in the morning before eating 50-100 gram. Serving size is determined independently based on their own sensations, because nuts can cause nausea. In these 2 month need to completely eliminate all meat and animal fats, to reduce the burden on the liver. On pine nuts may be allergic, why the sudden deterioration of health is necessary to interrupt cleaning.

A decoction of pine cones

Not very tasty facility, but very effective. It is necessary to take the green pine cones, fill them with water (in counting 30 g cones - a glass of water) and put on a slow fire, boil, and then left to languish on low heat on 6 hours. The water must be topped up to the extent that, it will boil. After this time, you need to add a little sugar (taste), and then leave on the heat for another hour. This remedy should be taken in the morning before eating 2 tablespoons for a month.

Broth from the pine cones is also a powerful tool immunoukreplyayuschim, which is a good bonus when deworming.

Отвар из шишек явлется мощным иммуноукрепляющим средством
Decoction of cones is a powerful tool immunoukreplyayuschim

Analogue of the "Monastery of collecting"

gathering herbs, which is an analogue distinguished and means advertised, is not inferior to his effectiveness. The structure includes such herbs:

  • chamomile;
  • milfoil;
  • tansy;
  • sagebrush;
  • buckthorn bark;
  • immortelle;
  • Oak bark.

All these herbs are mixed in equal proportions and flooded with boiling water. For the first part of the course (4 day) will take enough about 1 ch.l. each herb, carefully mix them (You can use a coffee grinder) fill 0.5 a liter of boiling water, then instruct at least twelve hours,. Drinking collection needed for half a cup in the morning before a meal for 10 days. A warning: collection has a laxative effect.

Food clay

This tool can be purchased inexpensively at any pharmacy. Typically, the clay used for the preparation for the face and hair masks, teeth whitening, but you can use it for cleansing the body of worms. To do this, mix in a glass of water 2 st.l. clays, so that the water was white, like milk. Through 20 minutes, when sediment appears, water to drink (but no precipitation). This should be done within two weeks of fasting in the morning and at bedtime. Clay not only destroy the worms, but various putrefactive bacteria and fungi. Many after such a cleaning course marked improvement in the complexion, went the extra kilos.

Clay destroys various putrefying bacteria and fungi
Clay destroys various putrefying bacteria and fungi

It is a way of getting rid of the worms is valid only for people with high acidity.

Soda enema

Enema is necessary 0.5 water, in which the dissolved 1 teaspoon of baking soda, after which the temperature was adjusted to about 40 degrees. Such an enema should be done after normal cleansing, and wash the intestines after soda enema, so as not to cause irritation of the mucous. Water and soda is necessary to try to hold inside 20-30 minutes.

This is necessary to put an enema every day for a week, then take a break for two weeks, and then repeat the course.


knowing, how to derive worms, Many people start to take various means unchecked, not taking into account the state of his health, and therefore are thinking about, how to cure the disease HKT, acquired as a result of getting rid of worms.

Getting rid of the infestation in the home is possible only for people, having a healthy stomach, liver and kidneys, it is very important to follow the correct proportions means and dosage. From worm infecting organism becomes weaker, compromised immune system, so powerful punch drugs can significantly worsen health.

Best of all before, how to treat worm infestations, consult a doctor, and make sure, that you are dealing precisely with worms, and not another disease.

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