Toxocariasis in adult: Symptoms and Treatment

Toxocariasis in humans - a parasitic disease, which is caused by a parasite toxocara. It is not typical for a person, and the infection - is the result of "mistakes" when moving to an animal. Most often their destination are cats and dogs. In humans, it causes non-unique symptoms - characteristic of different forms of infection of worms. It develops in the body for a long time and affects multiple internal organs.


The mechanism of parasite infection in humans is similar to the process of animal infection. helminth eggs into the soil with feces. Their maturation occurs depending on the temperature of 5-36 day. It was after this period they become infectious, this state is maintained parasite larvae.

Important! The incubation period of the parasite from a couple of months to several years.

The main source of infection in humans are puppies, less adult dogs and cats. In the body, they get into contact with the animal's fur or ground, in which the eggs of worms can live for a long time. Also, it is typical occupational disease diggers, veterinarians, Kennel, employees of public utilities.

The larvae can develop in several ways:

  1. The infected dog passes at birth your puppy parasite and in its body, it develops and multiplies. As young puppies can pick up larvae from feces.
  2. The second option is more complicated, When larvae infect other animals, which are the only carriers, as well, as a man. But if in the human body, they can not fully develop, the, for example, in mice, and a number of cats with / farm animals well.

Important! carriers toxocara (the causative agent of toxocariasis) can be pigs. In case of insufficient heat-treated meat or absence of contamination is also possible.

Man human toxocariasis can not infect, as the habitat - the human body is not peculiar to the parasite, and in it he can not develop to adult.

Основным источником заражения у человека являются щенки, реже взрослые собаки и коты
The main source of infection in humans are puppies, less adult dogs and cats

Forms and symptoms

There are several forms of toxocariasis flow:

  • worn - almost no symptoms manifested;
  • latent - a hidden form, parasite develops inside the body without symptoms;
  • symptomatic - it has distinct symptoms characteristic of a particular type of infection.

The period of the disease is acute to 3 months, if the infection lasts longer, then it flows into the chronic form. For the latter type of characteristic is in remission. When larvae are moving from one to another of the affected organ.

Since this worm in the human body can be moved in the process of growth and development, symptoms depend on the affected organ. for example:

  1. Focusing toxocara under the skin reveal itself symptomatic of the skin - itchy, swelling, redness, nodules under the skin.
  2. If they are placed in the eyeball, it can injure retinal vessels and - as a result of, you will feel discomfort and blurred vision. Besides, Perhaps pupillary pomutnenye, mucus, inflammation.
  3. If larvae toxocara lot, something called visceral toxocariasis infection, the person has a fever, cough. At night, the worse the pain in the abdomen, flatulence, vomiting and diarrhea accompany every day. Liver increases in size.
  4. The larvae can penetrate even into the brain, that leads to the development of neurological disorders - deterioration of attention, utrudneno perception of information.

Important! Toxocara larvae migrate throughout the body, when there is no medical care can lead to serious health problems.

В ночное время усиливаются боли в брюшной полости, метеоризмы, рвота и диарея
At night, the worse the pain in the abdomen, flatulence, vomiting and diarrhea

consequences of infection

Though to adulthood parasite does not develop in the human body, the consequences of his stay very unpleasant. blindness may develop in lesions of the eye. Infection of worms in large quantities leads to pneumonia, even fatal. the organ, which penetrated the larvae, may form cyst, centered on the area of ​​necrosis. If toxocara penetrated the heart, they can cause a heart attack. Localization in the brain results in paralysis, absent-mindedness and constant headaches.

Important! Timely and proper treatment will eliminate all the consequences of infection.

Diagnosis and prevention

The advice you need to contact parasitologist or infectious diseases. In case of eye, We need to consult an ophthalmologist. In the future, treatment and inspection experts take part as a function of the affected organ.

note! analysis of feces, which helps to identify the majority of human parasites,is not effective in the case of toxocariasis. Exploration exposed to human blood.

At the moment, there is no reliable information on this type of infection of worms during pregnancy. There is still no data on the effect of larval development of the fetus, so expectant mothers should be extremely careful.

infection prevention measures include:

  1. Personal hygiene. Always wash your hands after contact with sand, ground, animals.
  2. Vegetables, herbs and berries to expose thorough washing. This applies to any food, which may come into contact with the soil and keep it to themselves particles.
  3. Timely and regular deworming of pets. And, if it concerns a large monastery, that all who live on the territory of the animals, because they are intermediate hosts, and therefore, vector larvae.

On the territory near the house, when it comes to apartment buildings, must be area for dogs, because feces are less spread on footwear.

Соблюдение правил гигиены снижает риск заражения паразитом
Compliance with the rules of hygiene reduces the risk of parasite infection

note! walking the dog on the beaches, in public parks and other public places leads to total contamination toxocara.


The information in this section is presented as a fact-finding. Without diagnosis and prescription drugs, listed bellow, can not be used.

In identifying toxocariasis as a result of medical research, you need to start treatment immediately. The most common drugs are Vermoxum, Mintezol, Ditrazina citrate and Alybendazol.

note! None of the drug can not kill adult toxocara. They are effective only for the larvae. This explains the relatively low effectiveness of any drug.

При выявлении токсокароза необходимо, приступать к лечению незамедлительно
In identifying the need to toxocariasis, start treatment immediately

Virtually no side reactions occur when using drug Vermoxum. its dosage 100 mg per day. When heavily infected amount can be adjusted to 200 mg per day. treatment lasts 3 day, the drug is carried out twice a day.

It is also quite effective Mintezol, but it has a number of side effects, such as nausea, headache, drowsiness and fatigue. Treat this drug can only adult.

Important! All side effects disappear soon after drug withdrawal.

its dosage is calculated from the weight. it is 25 mg 1 kg weight per day. Duration does not exceed 2 days. It has fast effectiveness of.

Ditrazin tolerated quite difficult, plus to the adverse reactions likely to occur fever presented above. It is used for 10 days 6 mg per kilogram body weight per day. And, refresher courses need to just twice at an interval of 10 days.

Albendazole has similar side effects Mintezolu, but they are very rare. adults appoint 400 mg per day, and all 1 tablet and 1 day. Repeat the drug recommended by a week.

Important! Use any of the presented anthelmintic drugs during pregnancy should not be.

Treat toxocariasis a must. Otherwise, there is a strong intoxication. Until death.

Folk remedies

People's treatment without the drug will not have the necessary effectiveness, and as a result - the disease becomes chronic. treatment options:

  1. A decoction of the bark of ash. The bark is cut into small pieces, suit even young twigs. Teaspoon of bark pour a glass of water and warm over low heat for 10 minutes. After the compacted pan and let stand 1 time. The resulting broth drink after waking up and before going to bed at 1 st.l.
  2. Broth devyatisila. The roots of plants in the amount of 1 Article. l. finely chop and boil in 1 cup of boiling water. Wrap and leave for the night. take 1 st.l. every 3 o'clock.
  3. Broth oxalis. Chopped sorrel (1 st.l.) Pour into water (200 ml). Bring to a boil and let stand. Drink 4 times a day 1 st.l. Furthermore medicinal properties has a good preventive effect.
  4. Pumpkin seeds. For an adult human need 150 g seeds. They are in a crude form of crushed and mixed with 60 g honey. You need to eat all at once. A few hours later to take a laxative pill.

Народное лечение без медикаментозного не будет иметь необходимой эффективности
People's treatment without the drug will not have the necessary effectiveness

Important! Even with severe infection prolonged use of public money will have a negative effect on the kidneys.


Neglect characteristic symptoms can not be. Even, If you are confident that, that contact with toxocara you do not have, should be tested regularly to this parasite. It is worth remembering, that kill adults, which can get into any organ and even in the eyes, brain and heart, almost impossible. Prevention and regular screening - it's your health.

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