How to display the parasites from the body at home – simple recipes

Parasites - is being, who are not able to live independently, because totally dependent on his master, get him home, food and safety. However, they significantly impair the quality of life of the host, sometimes leading to serious illness and even death. During his lifetime, each person runs the risk of being infected by some form of parasite, so cleansing the body from parasites at home is relevant to most people. It can be carried out without visible symptoms of infection in order to prevent. better safe, than to be treated for diseases and infestations, they caused.

What are parasites in humans

Cleansing the body of parasites in the home efficiently in most cases, but there are situations, when it not only effectively, but also dangerous. There are species of parasites, are embedded into the internal organs, and their destruction can lead to serious disruptions in the human body and even death (eg, if the worms located in the brain or the heart). Parasitic worms are known to all, askaridы, cloven, Echinococcus, dirofiljarii, and other less common organisms. It is also not uncommon parasitic protozoa being: amoeba, trihomonadы, Giardia, Toxoplasma, chlamydia and other. Most people are infected by some form of mushrooms, which can parasitize various organs. Not all of them lend themselves to home treatment, for the destruction of some necessary medical consultation and the appointment of special preparations, often - antibiotics.

Виды паразитов и место их пребывания в организме
Types of parasites and their locations in the body

Methods for treating parasitic diseases

Typically, doctors prescribe medication drugs, which allow you to quickly get rid of parasites literally 1 day and bring them out of the human body. But many people are looking for alternative methods of treatment at home. Someone has an allergic reaction to medication drugs, someone can take aggressive substances, while others simply do not want to take chemistry. Important to remember, that any method of cleaning of parasites - a powerful blow to the body toxic. All are detrimental to helminths and malicious unicellular beings, they are harmful to humans. So before, how to clean an independent body, it is desirable to consult with their physician, necessarily need a medical consultation, if you are going to self-treat their child. In some cases (eg, ljamʙlioz or askaridoz) deterioration occurs periodically at the time of reproduction parasites, their sharply increasing the number significantly affects health. If at this time to treat, it may be toxic shock.

To reduce the load on the body, you need to keep drinking regime (not less 1.5 liters of water per day), and eat more fresh food, abandoning the refined foods and sugar. If there is constipation, the enemas and laxatives are required.

After deworming is necessary to help the body recover. Shows taking vitamins, drugs, enhance immunity.

Cleanse the body from parasites such simple recipes to help

Carnation and flax

You need to take flax seeds (10 parts) and cloves (1 part), mix them and grind. For this purpose it is convenient to use a coffee grinder. On the day you need to take a teaspoon of the powder obtained three days after three. The course of treatment lasts a month. It is advisable to take the drug in the morning, that he was in an empty stomach, and then - in the intestine. This means quite soft, not too toxic and kills most parasites.

Гвоздика и лен помогают вывести многих паразитов
Carnation and flax help to bring many parasites


For therapeutic purposes, use water and coconut shavings. These ingredients are sold separately, but it is better to buy a coconut and get it yourself. This means very gentle, so it can be given to children.

Coke chips added to coconut milk and mix thoroughly. You need to take the drug before meals three times a day, one teaspoon, and in the refrigerator, such a mixture is kept not more than two days. The course lasts a week, then you need to do a two-week break and repeat the course again. You need to increase the adult dose 2 fold.

Кокосовую воду и стружку можно давать даже детям
Coconut water and chips can be given even to children

Cayenne pepper

Almost all worms, living in the intestine and liver, die from the regular large consumption of hot peppers in food. But this means in large quantities is able to harm even a healthy stomach, not to mention the sick and, so it should be used with caution. Pepper will be a good preventive measure, if you use it from time to time. Children of such a product is not suitable.

Перец используют только в профилактических целях
Pepper is used only as a preventive measure


This accessible and popular product will help to quickly and effectively get rid of pinworms and ascarids, which occur most frequently. For the purification of the body need to take a medium-sized onion, slice it and pour a glass of boiled water. After the "beverage" configure themselves for 12 hours, brought to room temperature. it can be drunk, taking half a cup for 3-4 days. This is best done on an empty stomach 20-30 minutes before a meal.

Лук эффективно очищает организм от аскарид
Bow effectively cleanses the body of ascarids


Garlic can be filled with boiling water, as well as in the recipe with onion, but you can also cook the garlic enema. This method is very effective against pinworms, but it can be used only if, when not colorectal diseases (hemorrhoids, anal fissures, etc.). A few cloves of garlic rubbed on a grater or choke in chesnokodavilke, then filled with lukewarm water for half an hour. This water is subsequently to be used for enemas. In this way be cleaned once or twice, which is usually enough to get rid of worms.

Чеснок применяют в борьбе с острицами
Garlic is used to combat pinworms


Walnut contains enzymes, which are harmful to tapeworms and round helminths. It is necessary to grind the walnuts, all should have something 4 tablespoons. Bring to boiling salted water glass and fill them nuts. After half an hour broth should drain and drink a little for a few days with a few interruptions. That means effective if, if taken with him a mild laxative.

Грецкий орех убивает в организме гельминтов благодаря своим ферментам
Walnut kills the body of worms because of its enzymes

Important! The expulsion of the parasites - a big load for a weakened organism helminths, so it is very important during this period to take antihistamines and stick to a sparing diet. To do this, all heavy for the liver is necessary to exclude products: greasy, smoked, roast, alcohol.

Eucalyptus cleaning the body

This is a very powerful way to cleanse the body from almost all parasites, which can inhabit the intestine. The technique requires a week of training - diet, eliminating all harmful products, alcohol. Meals should consist mainly of fruits, be sure to include in your diet citrus.

need for procedures:

  • lemons - a few kg;
  • dry eucalyptus leaves;
  • High quality eucalyptus oil;
  • enema-pear;
  • Esmarch's irrigator (on 2 l)
Эвкалипт помогает практически от всех паразитов
Eucalyptus helps virtually all parasites

Procedures are carried out in this order:

Day 0. AT 22.00 before going to bed drunk 2/3 cup lemon juice. Can (not necessary) do a cleansing enema.

Day 1. After waking enema (2 l) with the addition of a small amount of salt (1 Article. l) and lemon juice (1 st.l.). Water temperature - 22 degrees Celsius. After the enema (1 l) with hot broth, and Eucalyptus 5 drops of eucalyptus oil. When complete bowel movements, We need to re-enter the eucalyptus broth, again to empty the bowel. After that, put an enema on 150 ml of diluted (1:1) lemon juice.

Day 2. Same, that on the first day, but without an enema with lemon juice. Instead of this 150 ml of juice to drink before bedtime.

Day 3. In the morning - two-liter enema with warm salt water with the addition of lemon juice, after it - 1 liter of broth with eucalyptus 10 drops of essential oil. We must try to hold the fluid in the intestine 15-20 minutes, then emptied and enter 150 ml lemon juice.

Day 4. In the morning - still the same two-liter enema, then - a decoction of eucalyptus 15 drops of essential oil. It is necessary to try to hold on 15-20 minutes. Before going to bed to drink 2/3 cup lemon juice.

Day 5. similar day 3, but the number of drops of essential oil in the broth is 15.

Day 6. similar day 4, drops - 20.

Day 7. similar day 3, drops - 25.

Day 8. similar day 4, drops - 25.

After that, you must enter into the diet of rice for a while, to establish the bowels after many washings.

Important! Before, how to add the essential oil in the broth, it should be diluted in a teaspoon emulsifier, since otherwise the oil does not dissolve in water, which is fraught with burns intestines. Emulsifier - a cream or rich milk.

Purification of the organism against pathogens

fungi, putrefaction bacteria are mostly not fatal to humans, but they can worsen his state of health, cause chronic diseases.

Most fungi and bacteria live in an alkaline environment, so slight temporary transfer of the organism is detrimental to them. To do this, you need to eat to avoid foods with a bitter taste, abandon meat and synthetic products, milk. To pathogenic microflora was destroyed in all parts of the intestine, It recommended to reduce the number of portions or short fasting water. The bitter taste of the broth ensures wormwood or reception in dry form. herb wormwood (1 ch.l.) you need to pour a glass of boiled water, insist hour, and then drink 2 st.l. for 20 minutes before meals three times a day. You can also take a pinch of dry grass, sagebrush along the same lines, decoction. The course typically lasts 3 of the week. Wormwood also helps get rid of some helminths.

Отвар полыни уничтожает паразитов во всех участках кишечника
A decoction of wormwood kills parasites in all parts of the intestine

Get rid of the fungus will help tea tree essential oil. It can be used topically to rinse, sprintsevaniya, and internally with pathogenic intestinal microflora. In the first case, the oil must be diluted in an emulsifier, and then add water. In the second case, a drop of oil must be added to a small bread crumb, roll of his ball (the oil was inside), and drink water as a pill.

Cleansing the body with the help of Triad

Triad - this means, created by VA. Ivanchenko, MD. Proper reception and true proportions calculated to help effectively eliminate almost all the parasites in the human body, how helminths, fungi, and single-celled organisms. Triad consists of:

  • wormwood;
  • tansy flowers;
  • carnations (seed).

All components are ground into flour and are taken in the following amounts: tansy - 60 g, carnation - 30 g, Artemisia - 15 g. All herbs are mixed and taken as follows:

Day 1. One portion (tsp no slides) It is taken before a meal once a day and drink ½ cup water.

Day 2. One serving is taken for 30 minutes before lunch and breakfast, washed down with water.

Day 3. Means taken three times a day for half an hour before meals and washed down with.

subsequent 8 days continues the same method, as well as on the third day.

A few days after administration of the drug may result in poor health, which caused the death of a large number of parasites. To quickly get rid of them and clean the intestines, it is desirable to drink a laxative or use as much fiber.

Remember, that the infestation is able to cause a lot of dangerous chronic diseases, significantly impair quality of life and even lead to death. Therefore it is important not to start treatment, know, how to get rid of parasites and to prevent regular.

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