Tar soap from head lice and nits – effective natural means

An infestation of lice - trouble, which can occur with virtually every person. This is especially true for children, sometimes brought lice from summer camp or a holiday in the countryside. This problem is solved quickly, since there are many pharmacies insecticidal shampoos, which allow to quickly destroy lice. But if you are a supporter of exclusively natural products or have an allergic reaction to harsh chemicals, the tar soap from head lice and nits will be for you an excellent yield.

Дегтярное мыло - отличный выход
Tar soap - excellent output

Does tar soap from head lice? On this question in the affirmative answer, many people of several generations. This means not only effectively eliminates the parasites, but also has an antibacterial effect, heals minor damage on the scalp. Besides, tar, part of the soap, practically does not cause allergies (Such cases are extremely rare) and harmless to the hair. true, Many experts say, that tar soap - not a panacea for the treatment of head lice.

How the tar soap parasites?

The main active component of tar soap is the birch tar. This substance, extracted from birch bark, It has been known for hundreds of years. It has long been used for the healing of wounds and the disinfection, treatment of herpes and chesotok, and it is taken orally for getting rid of a variety of helminths. A little later, the tar was a part of many therapeutic drugs, such as ointments Vishnevsky and Wilkinson. Tar soap was first produced 20 century, still it is used for disinfection and treatment of the skin, and disposal of various fungi and parasites. The fact, that the phenols in the composition of tar cause denaturation of proteins, thereby causing the death of small creatures, such as insects, bacteria, fungi, etc..

Мыло вызывает гибель мелких паразитов
Soap causes the death of small parasites

It is worth noting, it is wrong to assert, tar soap that kills all the parasites. Some of it really destroys, and some weakening, paralyzed. The positive effect is noticeable not only because of insecticidal effect, but also heals. Vshy, pliers and t.d. damage the skin, excoriate, irritation and redness, sometimes the infection gets into the Rani. Soap kills bacteria and soothes the skin, so her condition improved markedly, even if not all parasites are killed. This tool can be used independently in the event, if you do not need instant results. In other cases, it can be used as an additional tool, unless there is an allergic reaction.

How to use tar soap against lice

Before, how to start treatment of pediculosis, We need to know the following facts:

  • washing is more like a mask for hair, leave a soapy solution on the hair for at least need 20 minutes, that means can penetrate through the thick shell chitin lice. At the same time on a fly they do not die, but only temporarily lose the ability to move;
Процедура мытья волос дегтярным мылом практически не отличается от обычной
Hair washing procedure tar soap is not substantially different from the usual
  • lice eggs (nits) They do not react to soap, so you have to use the tool several times and wait, until all the insects get out of eggs.

Together with the soap you need to buy a thick ridge, without which the cleansing of the hair of lice will not be possible. After that, as a means to be washed away with water, hair should be slightly dry and begin to comb the comb from the scalp. Comb need until, until all paralyzed insects will be removed.

Паразитов нужно вычесывать гребенем
Parasites need to comb crest

Important! Tar soap does not spoil the hair, but making them more stringent, neposlushnыmi. Therefore, on the tips while washing is necessary to put the air conditioner or balm for hair. Otherwise, comb hair with a fine comb will be very difficult, special, if the hair is curvy.

This method of using only kills the adult lice, through 1 week cleaning is worth repeating, to get rid of new parasites, that came out of nits. As practice shows, two pomyvok usually insufficient, to completely cure head lice, must 4-5 just use soap. In this state koi head is improved immediately after the first use, dandruff disappears (if it was caused by lice)

Tips for use

The efficiency depends on, what kind of soap you purchased, as it contains tar, what other components are present. tar shampoo, which is sold in most supermarkets, does not have insecticidal properties.

Which soap would you choose, Above all, it sure, that you have no allergy to it. If the soap has been successfully used before to conventional shampooing or washing, it does not guarantee the absence of allergies, as the impact on the scalp will take longer. As a test, you need to apply a soapy solution on the crook of the elbow and leave for 20 minutes. If the redness does not arise, the tool can be used.

Before washing, it is desirable to use regular shampoo, to wash the hair, dust and grease - this will facilitate access to the scalp and strengthen the action of soap. After that, as a means to be washed away, hair should be divided into thin strands, it was convenient to comb. Comb better to take a bone or plastic, since wood, especially the new, It may be difficult to slip and spoil the hair.

Time keeping soap on the hair also selected individually. 20-30 minutes - at least, which is required to kill insects, but the time limit is unlimited, can hold an hour or more. It is important to focus on the sensations, if there was a burning sensation, you must immediately rinse. It is also necessary to take into account the condition of the hair, because of their caustic dries, on dyed and damaged hair it can affect not the best way.

If tar soap lice is used as an adjuvant, the first insecticidal shampoo is used according to the instructions, and after the tar soap can be used according to the recipe described above. It should take into account the individual characteristics of skin and hair, since such an overload active substances may adversely affect their status.


As with any product, having active components, tar soap has its contraindications. In addition to allergic reactions it has its own peculiarities:

  • aggressive alkaline dry skin, breaking the lipid balance, so use this soap for washing the hair regularly is not recommended. Such an embodiment is admissible only if seborrhea;
  • tar, contained in a lather, It is a poison, so this means you need to be used with caution to pregnant women and children. It is best to consult a doctor in;
  • tar soap can kill the lice too long, special, If the infection was severe. More 10 consecutive use of such soap masks can not be, I have yet to resort to chemicals, so as not to spoil the hair and skin.

To suit tar soap with lice

This tool is not 100% assistant in the given problem, its effect may be small and very slow. In addition, it has a peculiar smell, who like it is not everything. But all this does not reduce the number of adherents of this method of getting rid of parasites.

Прекрасное решение проблемы
The perfect solution

If a pregnant woman suddenly discovered her lice, Insecticidal shampoos that use can be dangerous for the unborn child, because the toxic substances are able to penetrate through the skin. Tar soap too unsafe, if you use it often, but still more than acceptable. In any case, you need to consult a doctor.

Aggressive antiparasitic shampoos can be harmful to the child, Unlike soap, which is gentle on baby's skin and hair.

Tar soap will yield Available, who can not tolerate artificial chemicals.

Finally, Now a growing number of people, prefer only natural means, including treatment. Tar soap is a great alternative for them is not only anti-parasitic agents, but antidandruff shampoo and acne.

Nature generously gives us his wealth, it is only important to use them wisely.

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