Birch tar – how to use the inside of parasites

The tar - a natural substance, anciently used in folk medicine and everyday life. This material was used for the recovery of the skin and hair, but also cure many ailments, such as diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the respiratory system. Also effective birch tar from parasites, if taken internally.

Березовый деготь эффективен при излечении многих недугов
The tar is effective in curing many ailments

Produce it from birch bark by prolonged heat treatment of the trees, felled in the late spring - early summer. The highest healing characteristics different tar, made from trees age 12-14 years old. Important to remember, that just made use tar into dangerous, since it must be appropriately cleaned. usually means, sold in pharmacies, It meets all safety standards.

From what eliminates parasites birch tar

A strong effect is achieved by worming potent substances:

  • resin;
  • various hydrocarbons;
  • Phenol.

All of these substances are harmful to the human parasites in the digestive tract, also plays the role of a strong tar sorbent, toxins and anti-inflammatory effect.

Treatment of birch tar will help get rid of invasive disease:

  • giardiasis;
  • entyerobioz;
  • teniarinhoz;
  • bothriocephaliasis;
  • askaridoz.

In addition to getting rid of worms, reception tar improves skin condition, It clears salts joints and increases their flexibility, cleanses the intestines, improves and normalizes its work, It eliminates toxins through the excretory system, helps get rid of excess weight due to the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.

Деготь также улучшает состояние кожи
Tar also improves skin condition

Use according to the classical scheme

The effectiveness of this scheme tested for years and a lot of people, have improved their health. It is important to adhere to exactly the recipe, avoiding deviations. For, to start treatment, you need to buy birch tar (Pharmacy) and fresh apple juice (best fresh).

On the first day should be taken 1 a drop of tar, diluted 1 st.l. apple juice. From the second to the seventh day every day to increase the amount of tar per drop, ie. on the seventh day should be taken 7 drops of tar, diluted in the same amount of juice.

From the seventh to the thirtieth day, you need to take ½ teaspoon of tar with apple juice. Means taken three times a day for half an hour before a meal.

The thirtieth day after one month break is, then within five days need to take 1\2 teaspoon of tar with juice, in then in half a year on a monthly basis to drink juice for three means a drop for three days.

The circuit is quite simple and very effective. Such prolonged use of intermittent allows to destroy parasites in all stages of the life cycle. The fact, that the first intake kills only adults, and egg preparation is not valid. Therefore, we must wait, until all the parasites come out of the eggs and destroy them.

Important! Compliance with exact proportions is very important, since tar toxic to humans, and increasing the dose capable of causing poisoning. In no case do not pitch to give the child without first consulting with a pediatrician.

Using tar with bread

On a small piece of bread (any) you need to drop 5 drops of tar and quickly eat it, no drinking or chewing. Every day, you must increase the number of drops per 1, until it becomes 10. This is the maximum dose, which must be taken within ten days, and then again for one droplet to reduce the amount of tar, reaching 5.

Прием хлеба с дегтем
Receiving bread with tar

The course is 24 day, bread with tar to eat before going to bed. Through 14 days the same course must be repeated with an apple.

To permanently protect themselves from parasites, necessary in spring and autumn to carry out such cleaning.

Tar can be applied in pure form and, spreading 5-10 drops to a glass of water. Such a "cocktail" need to drink every day for two weeks, then make a ten-day break and repeat the course.

Tar from Giardia

Giardia are often infected with small children. Traditional medicine recommends to add your child daily vegetable or fruit puree for 1 a drop of tar, but there is a more secure way. Baby for a few hours every day to the navel applied swab, soaked in tar to the pre-oiled skin cream. Absorbed through the skin, active substance combats parasites. Without causing harm to the child. Usually on the third day of the baby's condition markedly improved.

That treatment was effective, child's diet at this time should be free of sharp and savory spices, as well as the need to eliminate the garlic, bow, ginger, etc..

Important! Depending on, drinking tar, It depends not only on treatment, but also to human health. Before starting the course you must consult with your doctor and make sure, that sickness is caused by parasites. sometimes, drowsiness, fatiguability, abdominal distention, sweating and chills, that there are worms and helminth, They may be caused by diseases of internal organs. In this case the problem of tar capable aggravate.

opisthorchiasis treatment

Opisthorchiasis - invasive disease, its source - infested fish. Opistorhisov affect gallbladder, ducts and liver, and often settle in the eyes, causes inflammation and redness.

Избавляемся от паразитов с помощью молока
Getting rid of pests via milk

To get rid of parasites, you need before going to bed every night to drink half a glass of juice, milk or water, with dissolved in it with tar. Take it should be for such a scheme:
1 day - 2 drops
2 day - 4 drops
3 day - 6 drops
4 day - 8 drops
5 day - 10 drops
6 day - 8 drops
7 day - 6 drops
8 day - 4 drops
9 day - 2 drops

It is necessary to take senny powder or other laxatives, to cause a slight irritation of the gut and hasten his work. This allows you to quickly get rid of the dead as a result of the treatment of parasites.

If opistorhisov infected child, that for four days he must make application with tar (as described in the case of Giardia), as well as add to the food once a day 1 a drop of tar.

Features tar

This natural remedy, extracted from birch and having a plurality of active substances in its composition, It has its own characteristics, to consider:

  • exact conformance is important in the treatment of parasites, overdose face severe poisoning;
  • common intolerance of separate components;
  • unpleasant specific smell and taste;

Do not forget about contraindications:

  • allergy;
  • liver disease;
  • ulcer, gastritis;
  • pregnancy and lactation
  • kidney failure.

The tar is a powerful poison, therefore use it inside only for medicinal purposes. Prolonged and constant application it is capable of inducing malignant tumor, so it is important to comply with the terms and dosage.

Everything, the above-described methods of treatment, It refers only to the pharmacy tar, which has gone through several stages of cleaning and meets all standards. Do not buy tar from craftsmen and do not use the, who have prepared themselves.

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