Candidiasis in women – how to get rid of annoying thrush

One unpleasant diseases is candidiasis in women, which in everyday life is called "thrush". The name of the disease was due to the white plaque and white cheesy discharge, reminiscent of dairy products. Candidiasis - is a type of fungal infection. Cause yeast fungi such as Candida, which relate to the yeast-like. Learn the symptoms and treatment of thrush can be a doctor, which carry out the necessary studies.

Symptoms and signs

Candidiasis can be localized in different areas of the female body. Depend on it, and the symptoms of disease manifestations. The most common vaginal candidiasis in women. Symptoms of vaginal candidiasis:

  • Burning and itching in the vaginal area. caused by acids, which are released as a result of Candida fungi vital processes.
  • Abundant curdled allocation, white patches on the genital organs. These are the damaged mucosa cells together with the mycelium of fungi and leukocytes.

Important! Many women do not consider candidiasis dangerous disease and any white secretions taken from the antifungals thrush. Determine the cause of discharge can only doctor on the results of analyzes!

  • Frequent urination with pain. Thrush fungi easily penetrate into the urinary system, causing urethritis and cystitis. When aching pain in the abdomen can say, that the infection has penetrated even deeper.
  • Unpleasant sensations during intercourse. Candida type fungi live in the vagina, gradually affecting the deeper layers of his. Small sores formed across mucosal surfaces, causing pain when you touch them.
  • Edema vaginal walls. It occurs due to inflammation and vasodilation in the mucous.
  • Rash on the genitals. Inflammation extends to the entrance area of ​​the vagina, small and large labia. Formed vesicles and ulcers, which burst, turning into nasty sores.

Candidiasis of the intestine appears as follows: stomach pain, frequent unformed stool, diarrhea, spasms in the intestines after ingestion, and swirling gases in the intestine, sensation of incomplete emptying. Additional symptoms include periodic appearance of the skin acne, hives, dysbiosis, sleepiness in the daytime, feeling of constant sickness.

Thrush in the mouth may look different, This can be seen in the photo. Its manifestation depends on the age and condition of the woman's immunity. Distinguishing features - pain during meals, burning sensation, dryness of mucous membranes and white curd plaque on the mucous.

Also yeast infections in women can develop in the esophagus, stomach, of leather, feet and hands.

Молочница во рту. Также молочница у женщин может развиваться в пищеводе, желудке, на коже, стопах и кистях рук.
Thrush in the mouth. Also yeast infections in women can develop in the esophagus, stomach, of leather, feet and hands.

The reasons

thrush occurs, When the vagina is reduced number of lactobacilli. This leads to disruption and the formation of a protective microfilm alkaline medium, conducive to the development of the fungus. Vaginal candidiasis in women appears during sexual intercourse with a partner carrier of this disease. But this is not the most important reason. there are factors, which increase the risk of disease, chief among them - it lowered immunity.

  • Thrush is often seen after previous infection or against chronic diseases. This is due to a decrease in the body's defenses, who can not resist the spread of the fungus.
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy, menopause, oral contraceptives or for other reasons also provokes disease.
  • Some medications also give impetus to the development of candidiasis, especially likely to develop thrush while taking antibiotics.
  • Hygiene products: tampons, daily or conventional gasket, intimate gels - all of which can cause thrush. Gaskets violate air access to the genitals, that daily use is fraught with complications. A scented hygiene products violate the mucosa and may cause allergic reactions.
  • Close and narrow underwear made of synthetic material stimulates proliferation of fungus. It should be noted separately Thong, that doctors consider the most common culprit of the disease.
  • Climate Change leads to a decrease in immunity. The body has to adapt to new conditions, and if you come by sea, then the composition of the water.
  • Meals can also affect the development of thrush. Contribute to its occurrence dishes, rich in carbohydrates, confectionery, yeast baking, carbonated drinks, coffee, spicy and fatty foods. Lack of vitamins also entails deterioration mucosa.
  • Obesity, diabetes and other manifestations of metabolic disorders adversely affect the general condition of the body. The skin folds are formed favorable conditions for the reproduction of Candida fungus, a large amount of carbohydrates is for them a favorable environment.
  • Overwork, stress, increased mental stress - all these factors also affect the appearance of thrush.

In this way, indirect causes candidiasis in women can serve a variety of factors.

Кандидоз – это разновидность грибковой инфекции
Candidiasis - is a type of fungal infection

Important! Candidiasis especially actively developed with reduced immunity, when the body is unable to resist the propagation of the fungus. And the reasons for reducing the body's defenses can be many.


Regardless of places localizations candidiasis, it is necessary to treat. The treatment regimen prescribed by the physician, typically it consists of drugs, have systemic effects on a woman's body. Candida fungi are destroyed throughout the body. multivitamin is also appointed and bracing means to enhance immunity.

Important! If you do not start the treatment of candidiasis in women time, the fungus can spread rapidly throughout the body.


With timely treatment to the doctor candidiasis treated effectively at home. The most effective vaginal suppositories and tablets from vaginal candidiasis:

  • Polizhinaks
  • Terjinan
  • Pimafucin
  • Antifungol
  • Clotrimazole - other. These funds belong to the local drug, which affect only the vaginal area.

Important! If you have symptoms of vaginal candidiasis in women to be treated should both sexual partners.

In the treatment of oral candidiasis is assigned Nizoral, Diflyukan, fluconazole, which stop the propagation of the fungus. Also mouth heals well Dekaminovaya caramel. Intestine is treated Nystatin, Pimafucinom, Levorin as a solution or suspension for washing.

Pills, which should be taken into, They have different mechanisms of action, but the result is the same: they destroy the fungus and stop its reproduction. Pharmacy name tablets and capsules may be different, active ingredients: fluconazole, ketoconazole, natamycin, miconazole.

during pregnancy

Thrush often appears during pregnancy due to hormonal changes, but used for the treatment of candidiasis in Pregnant women can not be the usual preparations. The doctor prescribes the least toxic drugs, are absorbed into the blood stream in a minimum amount and do not harm the fetus.

When pregnancy is allowed to use drugs and Pimafutsin Terzhinan. Douching is not recommended. Pills inside also carried. Usually enough local treatment, which brings good results.

Folk remedies

When candidiasis in most cases appointed home treatment. Many people prefer to be treated after the diagnosis of traditional medicines. Their advantages - the lack of side effects, safety and non-toxicity. By cons include a long healing process, Still pharmaceutical drugs work much faster.

  1. soda solution. Soda destroys Candida fungus and does not allow him to develop. Vaginal douching will help cope with the disease. And cleaning the irrigation is carried out twice a day, solution is prepared from 1 ch.l. soda and 0,5 a liter of boiled water.
Сода разрушает грибок Candida
Soda destroys Candida fungus
  1. Sea buckthorn oil reduces inflammation and has healing properties. Good help with vaginal candidiasis cotton-gauze pads, soaked in sea buckthorn oil. Sticking their need for the night.
  2. Components tar soap prevents the growth of any microorganisms, including fungi. If a girl is a regular wash with this tool, the yeast it is not terrible.
  3. Good healing properties has honey, which can lubricate the affected areas of the mucous.
  4. A powerful means for getting rid of fungi is Candida garlic oil. It is prepared from 50 ml of any of refined vegetable oil and five crushed garlic cloves. Infused oil within two hours. pad, impregnated with this agent, inserted into the vagina no more, than two hours. If a burning sensation is very strong, the procedure should be stopped.
  5. For douching can use herbal decoction. In equal parts need to take chamomile, oak bark, nettles and knotweed. Five tablespoons collection pour a liter of water and boil.

Typically folk remedies used as an adjunct to conventional treatment or prevention of candidiasis.


If a woman is prone to chronic candidiasis, then no harm will be subject to the special diet. It is desirable to eliminate as much as possible from the diet of sugar and fast food. Yeast baking, pastries and buns create a favorable environment for the reproduction of the fungus. Enrich your diet should be fiber, include in the food maximum number of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh greens, eat dairy products.

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