What are worms in dogs – kinds, a photo, the risk of parasites

types of worms, is found in dogs, They are well studied parasitic organisms, are perfectly amenable to elimination with timely diagnosis. From this publication, you will learn, What are worms in dogs, because each species has its own peculiarities of helminth, to help diagnose the specific type of helminthiasis and adequate therapy.

We have tried to give a brief description of each type of worms with photos, that already before the visit to the doctor with your pet, you could at least assume, by some misfortune it is necessary to save.

Без должной профилактики заражение питомца паразитами неизбежно
Without proper prevention of infestation pet inevitable

Completely eliminate helminth infection and to protect itself from it probably will not be able, even the most careful person, and what can we say about the dog, is walking down the street, licks objects or bathing in contaminated waters. But if you do not help your pet in good time to get rid of unwanted guests, they can cause serious dog health, sometimes even irreparable harm.

Some of the types of leads to disruption of the chair, chronic diarrhea and loss of appetite. Others cause problems in the respiratory tract. Third injure internal organs of your four-legged pet. And almost all of them cause chronic intoxication animal, poisoning his food every day of his life and the disintegration products of dead animals.

As suspected worms?

  1. You have seen in the feces of the animal inclusions, like rice or chips whitish. In this case, before you certainly eggs or segments of worms. but, more often they are invisible, because painted in the color of bilirubin.
  2. In the feces of your pet actually contain the worms. Dead or alive, they - it does not matter. this feature, naturally, implicitly indicates a pronounced helminthiasis.
    Do not neglect the batch examining of feces your dog, because it can be useful for your pet, it is not always accompanied by a bot symptomatic, and sometimes before treatment can lose precious time, during which the dog's body is already significant damage may be caused. Most often found in dogs flat worms and round.
  • Roundworms something like an earthworm, but have, usually, light color, a smoother body and sharp ends. Their sizes depend on the species and vary significantly.
  • Flatworms can reach several meters in length, but in the stool or on the fur around the anus of the animal most often visible only to their individual segments, released into the environment. In each segment of containing a considerable number of parasite eggs, and in appearance they resemble grains of rice.

note! Even if you take a picture of the parasite, the doctor will not be able to put 100% diagnosis, without conducting laboratory research.

Your pet in any case it is necessary to show the veterinarian and give a stool sample, so you can choose the minimum and maximum of the toxicity of the drug's effectiveness for getting rid of unwanted guests.

Brief description of helminth species

so, below summarizes regards that, What are worms in dogs and their photos.

  1. roundworms
  • Toxocara canis: whitish, sometimes yellowish-brownish light helminth, reaches 15 centimeters in length, pointed at both ends. The stool is trying to curl into a spiral, If you are considering living parasite. They are often confused with thread or rope, accidentally swallowed by animals.
Гельминт напоминает веревку или нитку, поэтому его часто не видят
Helminth resembles a rope or thread, so it is often do not see

During the day, the only one worm can lay about two hundred thousand eggs. Dogs become infected either in utero, or when in contact with the surfaces, inseminated eggs of parasites. There are also frequent cases of transmission of the parasite to puppies from the mother during breastfeeding. The larvae in the gut of an animal embedded in its shell, then migrate to the pulmonary system, causing coughing and shortness of breath in our four-legged friends. When coughing occurs repeated ingestion of parasites, and the cycle repeats itself - the eggs released into the environment with faeces.

  • Toxascaris leonina - related species, as a parasite in the intestine, but the worm larvae pass development cycles in the stomach, and do not perform migration. In this way, the damage they cause when compared to the previous view is much less.
Этот вид не совершает миграций в организме
This type does not perform migrations in the body
  • Ancylostoma caninum: nematode small size - less 2 cm, color - yellow. The head end is rounded. The mouth is provided with several rows of hooks, damaging the intestinal wall of the dog.
Нематода провоцирует развитие у собаки как минимум анемии
Nematode provokes the dog at least anemia

sucking blood, Worm triggers the dog anemia and enteritis. To catch them, you can even through the skin, after which the larvae of the parasite migration and commit themselves in the lungs of the dog, again find themselves swallowed it by coughing. For puppies and young dogs, the disease often ends lethal, adults also suffer the hard parasitosis and often die.

  • Uncinaria stenocephala: helminths less 2 cm, very rapidly proliferating. Characterized by great voracity. Mouthparts looks like two "scraper", reminiscent of a crescent shape. Trauma kishechika at this high Helminthiases, often the animal develops bloody stools.
Глисты травмируют кишечник настолько, что вызывают кровавый стул
Worms injure the intestine so, that causes bloody stools

The owner can not independently identify the disease, must pass on the analysis of animal feces, where veterinary laboratory experts find the eggs of the parasite. For a man, these worms are not dangerous, they produce only small symptoms, upholstered in leather (and even this is rare, moreover, they quickly die spontaneously). A dog this parasitosis can kill in just a month or less.

  • Dirofilaria: whitish worms, to the ends of the body tapers. females are about 15 centimeters, males reach approximately 5 centimeters in length.
Дирофилярии обитают в самом сердце животного
Dirofilaria live in the heart of the animal

microfilariae (their larvae) tiny size, its front end is rounded. Infected animals through a mosquito bite can. Dirofilaria live in the heart, causing cardiac characteristic siptomatiku (acceleration of the heart rate, fatigue, failure of the heart muscle, "Heart" cough, etc.). Circulating in the blood, the larvae of the parasite harmful to the whole body of the animal. Developing in the heart cavity and filling it, sooner or later they are fatal for dogs. For the life of the people of Dirofilaria not dangerous - they live under the skin, not multiply, and gradually eliminated from the body.

  1. flatworm
  • Dipylidium caninum: worms, tapeworm, It consists of a plurality of segments and reaches a length up to six meters. When defecation segments located on the external environment and disclosed after drying, spilling around her future mammalian intestinal inhabitants.
Гельминт-цепень раскрывается после выхода наружу и высыхания
Discloses helminth-tapeworm outwardly and after drying

Larvae hatch in the body of the flea, swallow eggs, and fall into the dog's bloodstream when swallowed fleas at the time of capture.

Symptomatology of lesions can be quite severe: characterized by enteritis, general intoxication, Liquid frequent stools, decreased appetite until its complete loss. Helminth damage the intestinal mucosa, and sometimes overlaps the lumen, causing symptoms of intestinal obstruction.

  • Echinococcus: the size of these helminths does not exceed 0,5 cm. And eggs larvae are so small, that self-discover them in dog feces is not possible. Mouthparts parasite equipped with cutting hooks in large numbers, which it strongly affects the dog's intestinal wall. After just a few weeks after infection with the disease in puppies and young dogs ends tragically.
Паразит своими режущими крючками сильно повреждает стенки кишечника
Parasite its cutting hooks greatly damages the intestinal wall

Dogs larvae recovered to the external environment, with which they are eaten together with grass livestock. In their organism with blood larva enters the carrier fabric, which is encapsulated. Dog Infection occurs by eating raw meat, Capsules containing such.

  • DiphyUobothrium large;: the tapeworm reaches a length 10 meters and are composed of hundreds of segments, released into the environment with feces.
Цепни попадают в организм через сырую рыбу
Chain enter the body through raw fish

Infection occurs by eating raw fish. In an infected animal are increasing signs of intoxication, progress indigestion, gradually developing anemia.

  • Opisthorchida: this fluke reaches a length of one centimeter, his body is equipped with two suction cups - one of them is located on the belly, the other - in the mouth.
Этот вид паразитов самостоятельно диагностировать невозможно
This type of parasites is impossible to diagnose yourself

In the body, they are parasitic in the gallbladder and bile excretory tract, penetrate the liver and pancreas. Infection occurs by eating fish, not thermally treated. Detect the pathogen in the feces and how else their own - can not be.

Находятся в желчном пузыре, откуда направляются в другие органы
They are in the gall bladder, from which are sent to other organs

Shellfish infected by uncontrolled discharge into waterways feces, and fish feed on clams and swallow the parasite larvae. Flukes cause significant damage to amaze their body and the body of the animal as a whole.

Conventional anthelminthic drugs can not do. Veterinary doctor prescribes a comprehensive long-term treatment for, to restore the health of your pet, and get rid of parasites.


Even the most experienced doctor parasitologist not be able to help your pet, if you neglect preventive measures, and the appearance of symptoms of the disease do not seek medical advice. Do not be afraid to use anthelmintic drugs - modern medicines are not dangerous for your four-legged friend, if you follow the correct dosage. Much more dangerous - do worms. And not just for dogs, but also for their owners. Choose for the prevention of helminthiasis most effective drugs, with a broad spectrum of action. For example, the drug of choice for quality-price ratio is Drontal Plus, working against the most common parasites and giardia infection. by the way, drontal active components have minimum absorbability in the intestine, that will protect the dog from further intoxication.

Important! Should beware of fakes and buy medicines only in the audited hospitals, vetaptekah and pet stores.

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