Anthelmintic broad-spectrum drugs for humans – how to apply?

Helminthiasis - a widespread disease, which occurs in people of all ages in every corner of the earth. The prevalence of this disease is caused by infection move. helminth eggs are found everywhere - in the water, in the body and the hair of animals, in the ground. Suffice it to touch an infected surface and wash your hands, or not eat fruit or vegetable washed, and people infected with helminthiasis. The situation is complicated by the fact, worms that lay very many eggs, which are perfectly preserved, even in an open space, and quite a long time.

Гельминтоз - очень распространенное заболевание, которое может подстерегать где угодно
Helminthiasis - a very common disease, which can trap anywhere

In the fight against parasites anthelmintic use broad-spectrum drugs for humans. There is another category of antiparasitic drugs - a narrow focus, but they are less effective and their actions are aimed only for certain types of parasites. In the same time, anthelmintic drugs for people of a wide spectrum of action aimed at combating all forms of worms.

Types of worms and treatment options

At this point distinguish about 300 parasitic diseases, but all in all worms are divided into three classes:

  1. nematodы, another name - roundworms;
  2. cestodes, or tapeworms;
  3. trematodes, they're flukes.

All of these parasites can affect both adults, and children. It should be remembered, that in addition to classes, helminths are divided into intestinal and extra-intestinal. The first live in the intestines, and extraintestinal affect other organs - liver, lungs, muscles and other. Depending on the type of parasite doctor selects treatment. The optimal solution - the choice of medication for worms in humans broad spectrum. Their advantage is an impact on several species of parasite at the same time. Besides, such means have an effect on adults, larvae and eggs.

Important! Do not self-medicate: Worms - this is also a living organism, and that, that kills them, and it has a toxic effect on the human body. Therefore, in selecting tablets from worms broad spectrum skilled trust, which will select the optimum formulation, correctly calculate the dose and monitor the patient's condition.

treatment of helminthiasis

Before, how to start taking tablets anthelmintic, you need to make preparations. A week earlier, exclude from the diet of sweet and fat, meat spices, milk products. Then start taking anthelmintic drugs are broad-spectrum of the said doctor scheme. At the same time, take chelators: they will clear the body of worms life and breakdown products. These drugs include: coal (black or white), Entyerosgyeli, Polyphepan and other.

After the treatment is necessary to restore the function of various organs, so appointed bracing means, vitamins, probiotics and immunomodulators.

The principles of operation anthelmintic funds a broad spectrum:

  • Violation of the parasites in the cells of the important life processes, whereby they perish.
  • The defeat of the muscles of the worm.
  • Damage containment parasite, subsequently it is dissolved by intestinal juice, and worms are killed.
  • Damage cell structures, and this leads to the death of worms.

note! Violation dosage of the drug leads to extremely negative consequences: insufficient dose causes, that not all parasites are killed. and this, who survived, begin to migrate to other organs and tissues. Conversely: anthelminthics overdose leads to intoxication.

Обращаем внимание на дозировку препарата
It is important to observe the dosage of the drug!

Popular anthelmintic drugs

Application of anthelmintic drugs broad spectrum has the features, to be aware of before, than to start treatment. First of all, dosage, appointed doctor, may differ from the prescribed instructions. So do not worry, that the doctor that got it wrong: the drug is assigned based on the individual characteristics of your body. Secondly, the best effect is achieved by treatment with a combination of several drugs for various actions helminthics. Especially, this scheme is effective for the treatment of children.


The operation of this facility - neuromuscular blockade, due to parasites which are detached from the walls of the intestine and excreted with feces. This means from the broad spectrum of helminth, but is most effective in treating enterobiosis, trihocefaleza, askaridoza, ankilostomidoza.


This anthelmintic drug for people broad spectrum used when the infection by any species of worms. At the heart of its action - a violation of the energy metabolism in the cells of worms and glucose utilization obstacle. It causes the death of worms. The means employed to treat worm infestations in adult, and children.


The medicine is indicated for pinworm infection, askaridami, necatoriasis, giardiasis. It is a broad spectrum of action has an impact on the eggs and larvae of worms, and adults.

Levamisole or Dekaris

This is a cure for worms to humans broad spectrum. Appointed in ascariasis, necatoriasis, ankilostomidoze. Another of his name - Dekaris. He has a paralyzing effect on the adults worms, after which they go along with the feces. The advantage of this drug is, what, Unlike other funds, it strengthens the cellular immunity of the person.


It is used in enterobioze, tenioze, askaridoze, trihinelleze, gnatostomoze, multiple nematodes. Vermoxum also refers to preparations from worms broad spectrum. He causes the death of the parasites, after which they are removed from the body along with the feces.

Препараты для лечения
The most popular and effective drugs for the treatment of


It is used to treat all types of parasites, as this is a broad spectrum anthelmintic action. The effect is based on inhibition of glucose utilization and the devastating effects on the intestine worms. Due to this exposure killed parasites.

Most effectively use multiple drugs. for example, to start treatment consumed tablet dekaris, according to the dosage. It weakens the worms. And after three days drunk tablet Nemozola, or Vermoksa, or any other drug, or from the group consisting of mebendazole, albendazole. This will allow the parasites to completely destroy, and then they come out with the feces. Additionally, you can take sorbents, it will speed up the process of removing the decay products and waste of worms.

helminthiasis treatment requires effort and precision of instructions, otherwise there can be serious health consequences. Preparations for getting rid of a large number of parasites, but before you use them, you need to consult a doctor. Especially pay attention to the treatment of intestinal worms is necessary for pregnant women and nursing mothers, because not all drugs can be used during these periods.

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