Hellebore water lice – natural way to get rid of parasites

Hellebore water is called tincture of medicinal plants on ethanol (to alcohol). hellebore Lobel (there is still the popular name - puppeteer) - a perennial one and a half meters high, plant lives for a long time, to 50 years old.

What is the hellebore?

Hellebore grows in Europe, in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean, Mongolia, Siberia, in the Far East, in the Caucasus. Fairly common in Russia.

plant neprihotlivoe, easily tolerates extremes of temperature, It found even in the Arctic. A protected species of flora in many areas, It used mainly as a way to control pests. Because it is made hellebore water and tincture hellebore.

Included in the list of plants, whose components are banned for use in the composition of biologically active food additives.

Ingestion of raw or tincture of this plant is extremely dangerous, tincture of this plant, cooked at home, and especially their use, eg, as a means for developing an aversion to alcohol are not valid. Great danger of overdose, leading to death, especially in the case of an uncertain dose.

Чемеричная вода
Chemerychnaya water

Application area

Insekticidnыe (amazing insects) Properties of this plant have been known for many centuries, for the treatment of plants against pests it was used in ancient Rome. Infusions of the plant can be used even during fruit ripening, which makes this tool even more valuable. Hellebore extracts are effective even against the Colorado potato beetle.

In a typical common parlance is known as an effective means for a method of controlling parasites, living on the surface of integument, they are treated with lice.

Such properties provide alkaloids hellebore, most of them in the roots. A particularly strong effect is aminoalkogoli. Under the action of these components is markedly reduced blood pressure, thus it falls cardiac activity - heart rate slows. In a small number they cause sneezing and coughing.

Despite the high toxicity, plant is widely used as an external agent, with analgesic and irritant. ointments, tinctures, based broths used in the treatment hellebore:

  • podagrы
  • pains of neuralgic character
  • muscle aches
  • radikulita
  • other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

But mostly known hellebore acquired as an excellent means for getting rid of parasites, that hit the surface of the skin. And it's not only the lice and nits, There are cases of successful application against the scabies mite, as well as parasitic organisms. To safely use this inexpensive and effective means, should be carefully considered, how to use hellebore water lice.

Чемерица - отличное средство от паразитов
Hellebore - the perfect remedy for parasites

The action on the parasites

For lice used hellebore water - the roots of hellebore tincture on alcohol. In addition to the efficiency and ease of use in favor of the drug and said its price, no more 50 rubles per vial.

Hellebore water lice consists of purified water and the alcohol tincture of plant roots.

This tool instantly kills the lice and nits, not only on the scalp and body, but also on clothing.

Components of the plant destroys the digestive and reproductive system of insects. In this hair is not damaged, in front of, preparation facilitates their recovery, strengthening and stimulates growth.

Besides, means completely cleans the surface of hairy body parts from bacteria, fungi and other microflora. After treatment, the hair and scalp dandruff disappears hellebore water, hair get shine and silkiness. Therefore, it is sometimes these means being treated fatty seborrhea, it helps with hair loss. However, it should be applied, Guided by the physician, he will tell, how many times and how often it is necessary to use the medicine.

If applied topically water hellebore, toxic properties of the components virtually do not appear. However, when frequent application, with enhanced rubbing of the skin, The active substances can get into the bloodstream and have an impact on the body, to a small extent. Alkaloids ability to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin is enhanced by the presence in the composition of ethanol.

Which should be done tolerance test - Apply a small amount onto the skin, wait. If irritation, discomfort, redness, other allergy symptoms postpone the application of the drug. After a while you can try to do a repeat test, if there are the same signs, We have to look for another way to treat lice.

Делаем тест на переносимость
Doing tolerance test

How to carry out the procedure correctly

  • Before use, the vial should be vigorously several times to shake.
  • Hair should be washed with shampoo
  • Hellebore water should be applied to the hair so, so she got all the hair roots. This can be done with a cotton swab. It is also possible to draw water in conventional medical syringe without a needle and gently spread over the hair, wetting the strand by strand.
  • Particular care should be applied to the back of the head and temples.
  • After application head polyethylene wrap and put on a cap or scarf.
  • The drug must be on the head is not more than an hour.
  • on expiry 30 minutes hair is rinsed with water, then again washed with shampoo.
  • After that the hair must be carefully fine-toothed comb to comb, to remove dead insects and nits. It is necessary, especially if the hair is long, because sometimes part of the nits can remain viable.
  • The comb must be frequent and better, if it is a metal.
Расчесываем волосы металлическим гребнем
Comb the hair metal comb
  • There are special combs, designed for this purpose.
  • If found, not killing all parasites, then repeat the procedure can only be done in a day. If after treatment the insects found survivors, the procedure is repeated as many times, as needed, with appropriate breaks. But it is usually possible to get rid of lice the first time.
  • Before you start to process a child's head, you need to carefully examine her, that there was no healing, abrasions, other damage.
  • When high sensitivity of the organism may occur signs of intoxication: nausea, dizziness. In this case, you can take the sorbent.

Important! The drug should be kept in place, reach of children and animals - when ingested can even be fatal.

  • To prevent re-infection need to disinfect clothing, treat the lower and bedding.

Do hellebore water poisoning possible?

Symptoms of toxicity may occur in contact with the substance in the bloodstream. This can happen in the following cases:

  • the presence of wounds and lesions on the skin
  • repeated use of the drug with vigorous rubbing of the skin
  • accidentally hit in the mouth.

Signs of overdose hellebore water component:

  • reduced pressure
  • nausea, vomiting
  • slow pulse, What causes depression of the heart muscle.

It must be remembered, that the oral administration of the drug is extremely dangerous, there have been cases of cardiac arrest. In case of accidental contact of the drug in the stomach gastric lavage performed with solutions of activated carbon or kaolin, prescribe medication to neutralize the active ingredients and their consequences of their stay in the body.


Due to insufficient study of the effects on the fetus hellebore water it is not recommended for pregnant women.

  • The same can be said for nursing women, they should not use this medication.
  • In the presence of infectious lesions of the skin to apply water contraindicated hellebore.
  • persons, having open lesions on the skin areas, which will have to handle - in this and similar cases is not only a tincture, but other forms of the drug is completely prohibited.
  • Doctors can not say with certainty, hellebore water that is safe for children, so to 12 years, her children do not apply without special doctor's advice.

persons, not included in the short list, The above, you need to carefully follow the rules of hellebore water lice and nits and to know, how to prevent possible toxicity. The tool should not be exposed to mucous membranes, in the eyes, on damaged skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

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