How to treat a wasp sting in the home?

spring, with the onset of heat, and during the summer, activated insects, including - stinging. Stings of bees and wasps in these times of the year - are not uncommon. they are unpleasant, but tolerable for most people. But people, suffering from allergic reactions, bite can cause serious complications. This article will consider how, than to treat a wasp sting and when to call a doctor.

Why wasp sting is dangerous?

Укус осы опасен тем, что может вызвать резкую аллергическую реакцию, даже с летальным исходом. Причем человек может и не знать, что у него аллергия на яд осы
The sting of this territory opasen, that may cause allergic reaction sharp, even fatal. Moreover, people may not know, that he is allergic to wasp venom

Bites axes are dangerous because, an insect, immersing the sting in human skin, identifies the poison - a liquid, as part of which there are biological substances, can cause allergic reactions.

Currently, the situation is compounded by the, wasps and bees with pollen consumed and toxic substances, which is treated with vegetable crops in the fields.

As part of the wasp venom contains amino acids, biogenic, polypeptides, enzymes, The release of histamine. Included here components may provoke the following reactions organism:

  • inflammation and swelling portion bitten, as well as areas, Situated near to him;
  • toxic effects on the nervous system;
  • the formation of subcutaneous hemorrhage;
  • pronounced tremor, sometimes - temporary loss of mobility of the bitten limb;
  • dizziness;
  • confusion.

Of particular danger is the bite in throat or neck: in this case the swelling can cause overlap airways and asphyxia. the effects of the bite also causes genital area: in this case, urination is accompanied by severe pain.

The insect may sting in the eye. In such cases there is a complete or partial closure of the eye, burning, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the organ of vision, lacrimation, pus, scleral rupture.

note! Adult lethal dose of insect venom is equal to 500 taste, but for allergy sufferers, organism which exhibit sensitivity to particular substances contained in it, can become a deadly one, "prick" wasp sting.

Если насекомое ужалило в шею или веко, то отек может быть большим. Особенно это касается детей и аллергиков
If an insect stung in the neck or eyelids, the swelling may be large. This is especially true for children and allergy sufferers

The most dangerous phenomenon - angioedema, that develops after being bitten by wasps. The event of failure to the doctor a similar condition can cause death. It is important to seek medical advice immediately, as soon as the characteristic features.


After being bitten by a wasp in humans exhibit a number of characteristic symptoms. These need to include the following:

  • local swelling at the site of the bite;
  • the appearance of white spots around the immersion zone sting;
  • soreness;
  • redness of the affected area;
  • severe pruritus;
  • emergence of a large blister;
  • rash.

The most vulnerable to face the bites of poisonous insects with a tendency to allergic reactions, the elderly and children. They are likely to develop angioedema, cutaneous or mucocutaneous articular lesions (hives, arthralgia), laryngeal edema, anafilakticheskogo shock, bronchospasm, astmaticheskoy reactions.

На месте укуса образуется красная шишка, в центре которой видна точка, само место ужаливания
On the site of the bite into a red bump, which is visible in the center point, only place uzhalivaniya

after about 15-30 minutes after the bite pain subsides, but the local symptoms persist for several hours.

Important! In the case of multiple stings appear such signs, as headaches, pain in the joints and loins, dizziness, generalized weakness, nausea and vomiting, chills.

In the most severe cases (with numerous stings of bees and wasps, especially large, and hornets) toxic effects of insect venom causes complex consequences: a sharp increase in blood pressure, liver dysfunction, acute necrosis of skeletal muscles.

What to do, If you are bitten by a wasp?

When a wasp or bee sting in the home, you can do the following:

  • especially the bite should be disinfected. For this purpose we can use a hydrogen peroxide, iodine or alcohol. You can then use funds for local anesthesia;
  • wrapped in a cloth piece of ice and apply it to the sore spot. Leave on for half an hour;
  • Moisten a cotton swab or paper towel in an acidic environment - vinegar or citric acid. The liquid should penetrate the holes, abandoned insect sting;
  • rub the bite with water, then attach washed leaf plantain;
  • attach to the wound rubbed, raw peeled potatoes. This tool helps, if the pain from the bite accompanied by intense itching;
  • take an aspirin, water to drip on it. Then stretch the tablet in the slurry and to make the resulting paste to the affected area;
  • dissolve in a glass of water a teaspoon of baking soda, moisten it sterile gauze and apply to the affected area. This means effectively cope with swelling;
  • attach a piece of aloe. Pre him to survive in the freezer. Drive the cut sheet at the place of the bite;
  • applied to the site of the bite garlic mush. To prepare enough clean and crush the garlic cloves. The resulting mass is applied to the bite site and skin around the. Cover with gauze and leave for 2 o'clock;
  • to prepare a concentrated salt solution. For this join in equal proportions salt and water. Moisten with a piece of tissue in the obtained liquid and attach to place bite. Change compresses at least a compress heated;
  • take a few leaves of parsley and mash in a mortar, appeared to juice. Attach the resulting paste to the affected area. Leave until, until weaken the severity of symptoms. In the same way we can proceed with basil leaves;
  • take bulb, clean, cut in half. Attach to the bite;
  • drop on a piece of cotton wool a bit of essential oil of tea tree. This tool has a strong antiseptic action;
  • take a piece of banana, grind fork, then warm up and cool down for a couple. Attach to the site of the bite.

Wasp sting a child - an occasion for compulsory treatment by a dermatologist or allergist.

Для минимизации негативных последствий нужно постараться замедлить всасывание яда в организм. Вытянуть яд поможет приложение кусочка сахара к ране
To minimize the negative effects need to try to slow the absorption of the poison in the body. Pull out the venom helps sugars application to the wound

If the hole from a bee sting or wasp sting left, you need to gently remove it with tweezers. Squeeze it is strictly forbidden, as such action creates the risk of the spread of the venom.

After primary treatment the bite should take measures to prevent allergic reactions. To do this, you need to take an antihistamine. In this case, such suitable tablets:

  • Loratadin;
  • suprastin;
  • citrine;
  • Suprastineks;
  • Erius;
  • fenistil;
  • Zirtek;
  • Tavegil;
  • Zodak;
  • Claritin.

Suffice drink per tablet.

Also on the bite can put a cream or ointment, having antipruritic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. it:

  • fenistil;
  • Psili Balm;
  • Lifeguard from insect bites;
  • Diprospan;
  • Insektlaйn;
  • Rescuer.

Also with strong bites can appoint more powerful drugs, as part of which there are hormonal substances. Such funds quickly eliminate the external symptoms of allergy, cropped production of histamine, which is responsible for the development of a specific reaction of the body. These are medicines, like hydrocortisone ointment, Sinaflan, dexamethasone, prednisolone.

After that, like a wasp bite, in any case should not rub the wound, cauterize the affected area, take alcohol and smoke.

If an insect stung finger, it is necessary to remove the ring, so as not to aggravate the process of the swelling of tissues.

Once bitten person should be given as much as you can drink. This helps to speed up the removal of toxic substances from the body.

cases, where it is necessary to consult a doctor

In some cases, bee stings or wasp need to see a doctor. Testimony to this are the:

  • Development anafilakticheskogo shock;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • increased body temperature;
  • convulsions;
  • conditions, where the bite occurred in the area of ​​language, eyes, person, lips, oral mucosa;
  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of the victim of any kind of allergy, asthma, heart disease;
  • a sharp deterioration in the person of general health;
  • labored breathing;
  • severe swelling of tissues;
  • sudden blood pressure drop, dizziness and loss of consciousness against this;
  • pronounced pallor;
  • numerous stings stinging insects.
Склонным к аллергии людям медики советуют на всякий случай носить медицинский браслет или ожерелье, где было бы указано об их возможной реакции на укусы
People prone to allergies, doctors advise in any case to wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace, which would indicate their possible reactions to the bite of

Allergies, doctors first aid, to neutralize the effect of toxic substances: cut away the bite adrenaline, injected 0, 5 ml of the substance in the shoulder. In the opposite shoulder administered hormonal drug - Dexamethasone or Prednisolone.

After being bitten by a bee or wasp is important to monitor the status of bitten. If a person has allergic reactions or serious violations of functions of internal organs, you must seek medical advice immediately. In other cases it is possible to manage household processing means lesion.

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