How to get rid of moths in the closet and in the kitchen? The most effective means of

Mole - Pests, which feeds keratin, contained in products made of wool and fur. A single larva, to it during the day gnawed a hole in the sweater or scarf. The best remedy for moles - it is not only the product, which kill pests, but not causing harm to the person. It should be selected taking into account the species of moth.

Моль на кухне – это не только летающие мотыльки, но и их куколки, личинки и яйца
Mole in the kitchen - it is not only flying moths, but their pupae, larvae and eggs

Types of household moth

The following types of moths:

  • cooking;
  • roomed.

For kitchen moths are:

  1. barn. A place to settle - nuts and a variety of cereals. It can also damage the liver, biscuits and sweets.
  2. flour. One of the largest species. The adults do not spoil foods, and lay eggs on them. Their habitats are cereals and flour products, and sometimes even vegetables.
  3. potato. Very hardy and prolific pest. The larvae are able to eat the potato tubers during their growth or during storage. Once they are back doors. This vegetable is forbidden to eat.
  4. grain. small butterfly, who loves to feast on flour, wheat, rice, rye and buckwheat.
  5. Fruit moth. Lays offspring in dried fruits, tea, bakery products and cereals. If not timely start pest control, it is in the short term will turn into dust products.

Mol room is divided into 4 subspecies:

  1. Hanging - butterfly length 2,2 cm. To power it needs woollens, rugs, upholstery, costumes, sweaters, etc.. It also can be powered pet hair and stains from textiles, food debris and urine. Clothes moth lays eggs on the inside of the garment.
  2. shubnyh. Small butterfly yellow. very voracious, powered down, pehom, wool, felt, felt and feathers. It leads to molting fur. Adults differ rapid proliferation.
  3. Furniture. Light yellow butterfly, reaching up 1 cm. Often settles in upholstery. It feeds both natural, and synthetic fabrics. First larvae spoil textile and an inner filler chair or sofa. Then harms wood.
  4. carpet. The most stable form of the moth. Its larvae feed on fur collars on coats and jackets, gnaw holes in the carpets. Adult females lay their eggs deep in the pile and in the most remote places. Carpet mol useless etch naphthalene or camphor, as these smells it easily transfers.
Чаще всего на кухне в городской квартире можно встретить: мучную огневку, чуть реже — какаовую огневку (очень похожа на платяную моль) и южную амбарную огневку (борьба с ней дается сложнее, чем с другими)
Most often, the kitchen in a city apartment can be found: flour moth, a little less - cocoa moth (very similar to the clothes moth) and southern Meal Moth (the fight against it is given more difficult, than others)

Upon detection of the damaged furniture or clothing should take such measures:

  1. Look around the room for the presence of the parasite nests. Must be destroyed, wash and hot water space or vacuum.
  2. Shake up all linens and clothing, clothes brush handle pockets and seams.
  3. Cloak to warm in the sun, washed at high temperature or put into dry cleaning.
  4. Carry out general cleaning.

How to get rid of the food moths?

Reliable means of food moth trap is in the kitchen. It is a plate with an adhesive based on natural resins and rubber, which are impregnated with pheromones. The trap should be mounted on the cabinet wall using the adhesive strip, products located on the back side. It is odorless and non-toxic.

Феромонные ловушки помогут предотвратить повторное появление насекомых
Pheromone traps help to prevent the re-emergence of insects

One of the most popular manufacturers of moth traps a raptor. To his peers are Aeroxon and ARGUS.

Important! Placing the trap in a dry and protected from drafts, cool place. After bonding necessarily must wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

In addition, many manufacturers produce adhesive stationary electron traps for flying pests. To them belongs Eco Sniper GH1M. The principle of operation is to attract moths with UV diodes, after which the fan sucks the pests in storage. The device is suitable for the protection of an area of ​​the room 30 m2. It is ecologically clean and quiet.

In order to avoid contamination of food grains eaten should be periodically flush out all the kitchen cabinets with a solution of vinegar and water, regularly ventilate them. Cereals and all bulk products should be stored in special containers.

List of the most effective means of moth

Get rid of the moth larvae will help various pills, aerosols, plate, traps, cassettes and fumigators. Their action lasts from several weeks to six months.


Designed for protection of fur and woolen products, stored in the closet, commode, pantry and on the mezzanine. Moth detrimental effect on adults and larvae, It protects against the emergence of new pests in the house.

Releasing the drug in tablet form. He gives a nice flavor to things, and the protective effect lasts for 4 months. The structure includes means termite aroma composition. You can also buy Cinderella moth on the basis of lavender.

Price moth varies 20-30 rubles. Country of origin - Russia.


Aerosol Armol reliably protect against moths leather, wool and fur products, and textiles. The product does not stain clothes, It has a pleasant lavender fragrance, destroys mol and its larvae, without damaging the fur structure.

Аэрозоль от моли Армоль выгодно отличается от многих подобных средств отсутствием запаха
Spray against moths Armol favorably with many of these tools lack of odor

The protective action of the product lasts for 6 months. According to customer reviews, it is easy to use. Enough to shake the bottle a couple of times, remove the cap and blasted the necessary products.

Price Armol aerosol - 130-145 rubles. Country of origin - Ukraine.

Clean house

Aerosol Clean House is designed to destroy moths and carpet beetle. The facility has a sharp smell of flowers and butterflies instantly kills moths and their larvae in the closets and the attic.

This product can be treated shelves, cabinet doors and wall, but it is forbidden to put it directly on the clothing and textiles. He is considered a universal, as help to protect not only the premises of the moth, but also on ants, cockroaches, flies and other pests. One spray is enough for processing 70-80 m2.

On store shelves, you can find a remedy Clean House in the form of beads from another manufacturer. Active ingredients it acts paradichlorobenzene and lavender oil. Product repels clothes moth and its detrimental effect on larvae.

note! Clean means the house has high toxicity and can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, care should be taken to use it.

Price aerosol Clean house - 100-110 rubles. Country of origin - China. Price balls - 30-40 rubles. Country of origin - Russia.


Means no odor and protects things from moths for 5 months. Raptor discharged in the form of section indicator. When the validity period is about to end, it appears the word End.

The advantage is that the Raptor, that it is intended to remove all kind of

Раптор эффективно защищает вещи от моли на протяжении 5 месяцев
Raptor effectively protects things from moths for 5 months

You can also find a Raptor in aerosol form. Its protective effect persists for 12 months. Aerosol Raptor has a pleasant lemon scent and leaves no residue on clothes. After each washing or cleaning things treatment should be repeated. Also clothes spray may be applied to the surface of the cabinets, upholstery, carpets and other places of pests.

Price sections Raptor - 70-80 rubles, price aerosol - 160-175 rubles. Country of origin - Russia.


The tool is designed to protect against moths and carpet beetle wool, Leather and fur. It does not stain clothes, and gives it a pleasant lavender scent. The protective effect lasts 6 months. Molemor discharged aerosolized. Its advantage is the safety for people.

Important! After treatment should be within 30 minutes to ventilate the room.

Molemor price ranges 60-80 rubles. Country of origin - Russia.


One of the popular sprays against moths. It has a pleasant smell of lavender. Moskitol can be taken to protect against pests and residential premises suitable for large surfaces.

Active ingredients in insecticide permethrin and transfluthrin act. They destroy the mole and to protect against the emergence of new insects for 12 months. It intended for processing fur, woolen, silk and leather goods, upholstered furniture and carpets. Its advantage is the absence in the composition of preservatives and propellants.

Москитол с запахом лаванды подходит для защиты от моли жилых помещений, позволяет обрабатывать большие поверхности
Moskitol with the smell of lavender is suitable for protection from moths premises, It allows to process large surfaces

Moskitol effectively destroys 6 species of moths and carpet beetle, inhibits egg laying. In addition to spray in stores can be found Moskitol section. They must be installed at the top of the closet or in the attic. These sections help to bring adults and larvae of moths.

Price spray Moskitol - 80-100 rubles, sections of the price - 50-65 rubles. Country of origin - Russia.

Dr. Klaus

Dr plates. Klaus designed to protect wool and fur from moth. Active substance therein is transfluthrin. The product has a pleasant smell of lavender and protects clothes from moths for 6 months. It is safe for humans and pets, but disastrous for eggs, larvae and adults of moths.

Use plates can be in the cabinets, crates and boxes for shoes, boxes, headgear, carpets and other products, which may appear mol.

Price Dr plates. Klaus – 60-80 rubles. Country of origin - Russia.

Stop Mole

Highly effective insecticide, protects clothes from moths, footwear, carpets and upholstered furniture. Its residual effect will last 6 months. Release Stop Mole in aerosol form. Leaves no residue on clothes.

Price Stop Mole - 50-65 rubles. Country of origin - Turkey.


fumigator, working on tablets. In its basis - an insecticide against flying insects. The principle of operation of the device is in the active allocation vapor, that kill mosquitoes, moths and other pests. It is not recommended to use in the kitchen due to the high vapor concentration. consuming device 4,5 watts of power.

Price repeller Dick 3 - 240-270 rubles. The kit includes 4 of the plate. Country of origin - Russia.


Effective means of moth lavender or pine. Is produced in the form of a gel, cushions, suspensions and aerosol. Buyers view, most convenient to use a gel. It can be hung or placed in boxes. The active ingredient in the product is transfluthrin.

To protect the silk and cashmere products manufacturer recommends using the pads Raid. Their residual effect lasts for 3 months.

Price Raid - 170-200 rubles. Country of origin - Germany.

How to get rid of moles folk remedies?

Repellent effect per mole have proven such folk remedies:

  1. naphthalene. For a long time he was considered one of the most effective, but now very few people apply. This is due to the fact, that insects have developed resistance. Besides, drug and harm the human body, because it is carcinogenic and provokes the development of cancer.
  2. Spices and plants with a pungent odor. Like many insects, moles can not tolerate strong odors. Therefore, tobacco should be used to fix the problem, tansy, mint, eucalyptus, cloves, lavender and chestnuts. Tobacco should be placed in a fabric bag and hang in the closet. A pot of geraniums is better to put on the kitchen windowsill to deter food moths. Chestnuts must be expanded in cabinets or furniture, but only in well-ventilated areas, otherwise they will soon be covered with mold. From spices to control pests suit vanilla, cloves and allspice. It is enough to place the selected spices in small bags and put in places of occurrence of moths.
  3. Economic or soap. One of the known means. Sufficient to expand the bar of soap in the pockets of clothes and on the shelves in the closet.
  4. Essential oils. It is recommended to use a lavender, mint, eucalyptus, orange, mandarin or rosemary essential oil. a couple of drops of the selected oil should be applied on a cloth or paper towel and put them around the room or in the kitchen.
  5. citrus. Since citrus fruits have a strong odor, they are well repel insects. Sufficient to expand into kitchen cabinets and wardrobes fresh lemon rind, orange, tangerine or grapefruit.
  6. Lavender. It has a very strong and pleasant smell, intimidating caterpillars and adult butterflies. Use may be in dry form or oily. Just put lavender leaves in porous bags and put in cabinets and between clothing. Lavender oil in an open vessel should be put in the closet and nightstand.
  7. Garlic and vinegar. These agents have a specific flavor, but that it repels pests. Garlic should be left in the cupboards, lockers and there, where food products are stored. Vinegar should be added to the water when cleaning the room.
  8. Pixta. Repel insects, you can use a cotton swab, soaked in fir essential oil.
Не любят бабочки моли и запаха табака, перца, сухих апельсиновых корок, земляничного мыла
They do not like butterflies and moths smell of tobacco, pepper, dry orange peel, strawberry soap

note! When using substances with a pungent odor should take precautions. Some essential oils can cause allergic reactions and even burns, therefore, prior to use it is desirable to dissolve in the vegetable oil or milk.

Folk remedies against moths only help in repelling adults. With tracks you can deal exclusively with chemicals.

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