The process of cabbage pests: folk remedies and chemicals

Cabbage - one of the most popular vegetables, grown in Russia. It attracts many pests, therefore, farming practices and gardeners pay maximum attention when growing sprouts. To collect quality harvest, important time to start the fight against insects. The process cabbage - folk remedies or chemicals? In this question will help you understand our article.

Охотников полакомиться свежими и аппетитными кочанами капусты не так уж и много, но, к большому сожалению дачников, их тяжело вывести
Hunters enjoy fresh and delicious cabbages not so much, but, unfortunately truckers, they are hard to bring

pest species

Harm the cabbage can be more 30 kinds of insects. Experts classify them 2 groups:

  1. Soil - root system damage.
  2. Ground-air - strike stems and leaves.

By common pests are cabbage:

  • black, wavy and svetlonogie Fleas;
  • caterpillars of the cabbage white butterfly;
  • sense, such;
  • cabbage fly;
  • moshka;
  • cabbage aphid;
  • whitefly.

cabbage flea

Cabbage flea has a body no more 3 mm. It winters in the upper layers of soil, in fallen leaves or in crevices greenhouses. It awakens the microscopic bug early spring, when the ground thaws. The first time he eats weeds okolokapustnymi. When planted in the garden cabbage, the pest affects its young leaves. They appear small holes, that provokes the fast drying and leads to death of the plant.

note! Svetlonogaya flea causes strong as in the form of an adult, and in the form of larvae. This fact should be considered when choosing the time and the means for processing cabbage.

The most opportune time for the development of this parasite is hot sunny weather. Its harmfulness can cause 100% crop loss.

The process of cabbage flea beetles?

To get rid of the pest, gardener shall comply with the following rules:

  1. Landing of cabbage to spend a certain period, taking into account information on the period of development of the parasite. When planting early varieties of cabbage in April, and later in July, it will be physically available for these fleas landing.
  2. Timely eliminate cruciferous weeds, appearing before the cabbage seedlings.
  3. Regularly watering cabbage.
  4. Land along the cabbage patch Phytoncidal plants - garlic, dill or coriander. They will repel many insects to its pungent odor.
  5. Cover the young shoots of a non-woven fiber until, until they get stronger.

Make cabbage seedlings unattractive for fleas by using tobacco dust, wood ash or red pepper. It is enough to cause any of the following means for the leaves. Also for their higher efficiency can be combined with each other. It is enough to mix the ingredients, pour into a cheesecloth and trotted over plants. Perform dusting is recommended early in the morning or in the evening after watering. The action of such protection lasts until the first rain.

Блошка очень чувствительна к запахам, поэтому в поливную воду следует добавить масло пихты (на одно ведро до 15 капель)
Flea is very sensitive to smells, Therefore, in irrigation water should be added fir oil (one bucket to 15 drops)

By popular folk remedies against a cabbage flea beetles are:

  1. Tomato, garlic solution. mix 250 g haulm chopped tomatoes through a meat grinder and 200 g extruded garlic. pour ingredients 10 liters of water, add 30 ml liquid soap and mixed thoroughly.
  2. Tobacco. Add 250 g cut tobacco and 40 ml liquid soap 10 l of hot water. When the tool has cooled, they can sprinkle the cabbage.
  3. A decoction of sage. join 1 kg wormwood and 150 g crushed garlic, boil for 30 minutes. When the broth cools, strain it and pour 10 liters of water.
  4. chicken manure. Mark litter and water in proportions 1:20, drain and put on young cabbage seedlings. Such means are doubly useful plants, because their feeds and deters pests of their specific smell.
  5. Vinegar. Fleas rid of black by using a solution of ethyl. Just add 200 g vinegar in 10 liters of water.
  6. Ammonia. Against pests should be added 40 drops of alcohol in 10 liters of water. Also can be used instead valerian.

When selecting chemicals from cabbage flea beetles should pay attention to such means:

  1. Bi-58. It is a system insectoacaricide contact action. Is produced in liquid form. The drug must be diluted in 5 or 10 liters of water.
  2. Decis. Generic drug contact-intestinal action. To remedy was effective, it may only be used in the shade and at a temperature not higher than + 25 ° C.
  3. Diazinon. Drug-treated surface of the ground during the landing of the cabbage seedling. Then the soil is subject to zadelke.
  4. Imidalit. The tool must be used for protecting seed. They are treated before planting, strictly following the instructions.
  5. Karate. Spraying cabbage this preparation is desirably carried out in the growing period.

cabbage white butterfly

Cabbage white butterfly or moth cabbage - one of the most common species of butterflies. In addition it damages radish sprouts, horseradish, Wild Mustard and turnip. Their habitats - a field, steppes and grass meadows. In the villages and suburbs attacked butterfly cabbage seedlings.

Males in the amount of reach 55 mm, females - no more 60 mm. The wings of butterflies are white with black spots. for 1 once they lay around 100 eggs. They can be found on the reverse side of lamina. For the season cabbage butterfly lays over 500 eggs. To supply the larvae require flesh of young leaves. They eat topsheet, Leaky cabbage and leave there excrements.

Капустная белянка – это крупная бабочка, размах крыльев у неё достигает 60 мм
Cabbage white butterfly - a large butterfly, wingspan she reaches 60 mm

Butterflies hibernate on branches and tree trunks as pupae. The lifespan of the mask is a few weeks. During this period, they 3-4 fade times.

Important! Cabbage white butterfly is not only dangerous because, that spoils the integrity of the fruit. it also carries bacteria and fungal spores.

The process of the cabbage white butterfly?

Get rid of the pests have appeared virtually impossible, but you can greatly reduce their population with such folk remedies:

  1. Wax mol. It is a kind of bacterial culture. It causes disease butterfly, then leads to the death of the larvae.
  2. Plants with repellent effect. You can use mint, marigold, chabrets, sage, marigold and lemon balm. Cope with cabbage also helps valerian. Just add 40 ml 3 liters of water.
  3. mustard solution. Useful from cabbage butterflies to water the plants with a solution of, made from 20 g salt, 20 Mr. mustard, 5 g of ground black pepper and 10 liters of water.
  4. coniferous concentrate. join 250 g cones and 3 l heated water, leave on 1 week. Then filtered and put in the refrigerator. Before processing portion composition diluted with water at a ratio 1:10.
  5. wood ash. Add 500 g sifted ash 10 liters of water. The liquid fraction is drained, and add 30 g soap. stir.
  6. herbal teas. Take the crushed leaves of burdock, or wormwood, yarrow and pour boiling water in a proportion of 1:3. Insist 3 day, then filter and to spray.

In mid-April cottagers should be rinsed with running water all the fences and walls of the house, to wash away the remaining pupae. For small seedling can manually collect the eggs deposited on the leaves. In late May, it is recommended to cover the seedlings mosquito net, to pests could not sit on the plant.

note! Any spraying effectively carried out only in the evening and in dry calm weather.

It worked well in the fight against the cabbage white butterfly chemicals:

  1. aktellik. Insectoacaricide intestinal-contact action. The active component acts pirimiphos-methyl. Produced in ampoules in the form of emulsions or in cans 5 l. It has fumigantnoe action. Protection persists for 10-12 days.
  2. Karʙofos. Insecticidal-acaricidal preparation based malathion. Shoots in tablet form, powder, granules and emulsion. Valid only in contact with the pest. Regular application is capable to cause addiction.
  3. Kinmiks. It represents a fungicidal agent, effective in the fight against adults of pests and their larvae. Is produced in ampoules, bottles and cans. On 8 liters of water is required 2 ml formulation.
  4. Lepidotsid. Biological drug intestinal action, which contains spores of beneficial bacteria. If ingested insects for 4 hours, he paralyzes the work of the gastrointestinal tract and lead to the death.
  5. fitoverm. Known biological preparation. For processing to be added 5 ml in fitoverm 1,25 liters of water. Spray the production of an agent leaves. The protective effect lasts for 20 days.

On small plots of land can be used insecticidal biologic bitoksibatsillin intestinal action. butterflies death begins 2-3 day and lasts 10-14 days.

sense, such

Slugs - gastropods, an elongated body having a soft, which is covered with mucus. They live in damp places, including in the topsoil.

As the slugs do not tolerate hot weather, then they hunt in the evening or night. They damage the cabbage leaves, including, color, Beijing and broccoli. Also suffer from pest cucumbers, tomatoes, Strawberry, strawberries and other crops. For the winter, they can take refuge in the cabbages.

The process of cabbage slugs?

By effective destruction slugs popular methods are the following:

  1. Beer. On the cabbage patch in the ground need to bury a couple of disposable cups, filled with beer. Smell it, slugs will crawl to it and will soon die.
  2. Strong coffee. For spraying, you can use strong or instant coffee.
  3. Ammonia. Make a solution of ammonium chloride and water in proportions 1:6. This means deter slugs, but does not harm the cabbage.
  4. Salt. Prepare a weak saline solution and process plants.

In rare cases, for getting rid of slugs gardeners use chemicals. The best of the chemicals are the products based on metaldehyde. These include Thunder and Meta.

Активно охотятся на слизней жабы и птицы, жужелицы и ящерицы. Создавая для них подходящие места обитания, можно привлечь их в сад
Actively prey on slugs the frogs and birds, ground beetles and lizards. Creating for them suitable habitats, you can bring them into the garden

note! To avoid the appearance of slugs on the site is recommended to carry out preventive measures. It is timely to cut the grass in the garden, scavenge, kill all the weeds and not to plant too close to each other.

cabbage fly

Cabbage fly in appearance does not differ from the usual flies. Its size is on average 6-8 mm. On the back and abdomen are strips. egg-laying female produces stem almost at ground level. The larvae feed on roots, damage the stem and penetrate. Cabbage seedlings in this case has the form Slack. Due to the destruction of rhizome sprouts completely spoiled for 20-30 days.

Как вредитель капустная муха проявляет себя в стадии личинки, этакого капустного опарыша, тогда как взрослое насекомое питается нектаром цветов, являясь опылителем крестоцветных растений, то есть в каком-то смысле полезным насекомым
As cabbage fly pest manifests itself in the larval stage, sort of cabbage maggots, whereas the adult insect feeds on the nectar of flowers, As pollinator cruciferous plants, that is, in a sense beneficial insects

The process of cabbage fly?

Insect repellent often use such folk remedies:

  1. The mixture was dry mustard supplemented with acute pepper.
  2. Tobacco dust in conjunction with naphthalene, wood ash, camphor and slaked lime. Such mixture must be dusted ground around the plant root collar.
  3. Sprinkle moth balls land in the middle of May at a distance of not less than 5 cm from cabbage.
  4. Before landing in the open ground seedlings are dipped in a clay solution. For this clay should be mixed with water to obtain a creamy consistency, then add to it an insecticide. The roots of seedling before the procedure is recommended to wash with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  5. saline. For the destruction of the larvae is sufficient to connect 200 g salt 10 liters of water.
  6. Infusion of laurel. Cabbage fly does not carry smell leafs. To prepare the products should take 10 g seasonings and brew in 1 l of boiling water. The resulting solution should be processed cabbage leaves.

They are chemicals in the fight against cabbage fly are well known following:

  1. aktellik. To prepare the solution should take 20 ml and added to the drug 10 liters of water.
  2. Antio. Insectoacaricide continuous action. Is produced in the form of suspension. On 10 liters of water must be taken 12,5 ml formulation.
  3. Bankol. The biological product based on marine annelid worms. On 10 l of water required 20 ml Bankole.
  4. Zemlin. soil preparation, providing contact-intestinal action. It is introduced into the soil before planting seedlings. For higher efficiency of the drug can be mixed with dry sand. The death of the larvae occurs within days.

Also worked well in the fight against cabbage fly insecticides Biorin, Zeta, Fitoverm and other.


This insect is a small size has a dark color and good jumps. midges activity accounted for hot and dry weather.

Crucifer flea feeds on soft cabbage leaves. They appear small holes, the plant grows more slowly, leaves gradually dry up and fall off. Midges are capable of destroying a crop for 1-2 day.

Midges overwinter in the upper layer of soil or under fallen leaves. If they do not ease off, then the next year they will spoil the crop again.

The process of cabbage midge?

The most effective folk remedies for getting rid of lice are:

  1. purity. It should take a dry plant, grind into powder and sprinkle it the surface soil and leaves.
  2. Vinegar. Add 20 g of concentrated vinegar 10 liters of water and to spray.
  3. Fir oil. take 10 liters of water and add 15 oil drops, mix well.
  4. dandelion leaves. Chop the stems or flowers, add water and infuse 2 o'clock. Processing plant has received the infusion 1-3 times through 3 day.
  5. Garlic. grind 1 head of garlic and pour 2 liters of water. Insist 2 o'clock, then spray the entire site.
  6. Tobacco and wood ash. Mix both ingredients in proportions 1:2 and sprinkle the plant.

When the midges on a cabbage you can use these high-performance chemicals:

  1. Initiative. The drug is based on diazinon. Pochin discharged in granular form. During the cabbage planting it should be mixed with the soil at a dose of 30 granules on 15 m
  2. decis Profi. The fast action. The protective effect persists for 15 days. The advantage is that, that it is not washed off the plant after the rain. On 10 liters of water is required 0,5 g product.
  3. Lightning. The drug is fast acting, who fights pests at all stages of development. The protective effect lasts 3 of the week. Consumption rate - 0,1 liters per hectare.
  4. Bankol. low-toxic agent. It can be used at an air temperature over 30 °C. Pernicious effect lasts for 2-3 weeks. It does not accumulate in the soil. Bankole allowed to combine with other chemicals against weeds, as well as with the growth stimulants.

note! To avoid infection, plants should be watered regularly midges beds, keep them clear of weeds after the harvest be sure to dig up the garden for the destruction of all the larvae, which may be located in the upper layer of soil.

cabbage aphid

It represents the insect up to 2,5 mm various color. They feed on sap from the leaves and fruits of plants. Their distinguishing feature is the rapid rate of reproduction.

With the defeat aphids cabbage leaves become brittle and faded, The plant itself lags behind in development, He begins to fade and wither. Over time, the leaves are twisted and deformed, on the plant sticky plaque appears, slows the absorption of nutrients.

Тля поражает любой вид капусты, колонии прячутся на нижней части листа. Сдерживает массовое распространение вредителей прохладная погода, проливные дожди
Aphids affects any kind of cabbage, colonies are hidden on the underside of the sheet. Restrains the mass dissemination of pests cool weather, torrential rains

The process of the cabbage aphid?

In the fight against aphids, you can use the following traditional methods:

  1. tobacco decoction. Because aphids can not stand the smell of tobacco, it should prepare a concentrated solution of tobacco. To do this you need to mix 15 g cut tobacco and 5 liters of water, insist 24 o'clock, then put on low heat, pour more 5 l water and boil over 2 hours. Process should cabbages.
  2. Vinegar. You need to add 200 ml of vinegar and 50 g liquid soap 10 liters of water, Mix well and spray the plant on all sides.
  3. tar soap. Not only eliminates the pests, but also eliminates the negative effects of their life, It helps restore damaged cabbage leaves. enough to dissolve 100 g soap 1 l of warm water, then add the 9 L of cold water and to spray cabbages. It is useful in this solution process cauliflower.

Also be used effectively to repel aphids milk and iodine, baking soda, garlic, boric acid, mustard and vodka.

Save the plant from the invasion of aphids will help chemical insecticides. The most popular are:

  1. Deltametryn. Broad-spectrum drugs, blocking the transmission of nerve impulses and causes paralysis, after which death occurs. Protective properties are retained 3 of the week. On the basis of deltamethrin can buy such drugs, as the Atom, Decis Profi and Faz.
  2. spark. Before spraying the solution should be prepared. enough to dissolve 1 drug in tablet 10 liters of water. The protective effect lasts for 20 days.
  3. pyrethrum. Biopreparat, which is safe for humans and plants, but deadly to pests. Under the action of the active ingredient breaks down the transmission of nerve impulses in insects, resulting in paralysis. Treat the cabbage should be 1 every 2 week during the growing season vegetable.
  4. Karʙofos. Organophosphorus insecticide broad spectrum of action. Suitable for the destruction of the larvae of different ages and adults. Aphids are killed within the first 2 hours after treatment. The protective effect persists 20 days.


Whitefly - this insect powdery white slightly larger, than aphids. The adults do not harm the cabbage, but their voracious larvae feed on succulent plants leaves. Besides, they leave it white discharge, in which the plant fungus. Black spores are clearly visible on the plant, therefore it is forbidden to eat.

При тяжелых формах заражения белокрылками с их вредительством и распространением бороться очень тяжело
In severe forms of whitefly infestation with their sabotage and spread to fight very hard

The process of cabbage whitefly?

With a small number of pests in the garden with them can be dealt with by such folk remedies:

  1. suds. Used for washing both sides of the leaves with.
  2. garlic juice. Squeeze the juice of a few heads, diluted with water and to spray.
  3. Infusion of dry tobacco. take 450 g of dried tobacco leaves, grind their, fill 10 l of water and infuse 2 day. Then the solution was filtered and diluted with water in equal parts. Before processing the leaves add to the mix 40 g soap.
  4. Bleaching powder. In the process the greenhouse cabbage can bleach solution. Suffice it to mix 500 g raw 12 liters of water, insist 5 hours, then to spray.
  5. The solution is based on dandelion. should be crushed 50 g roots and 40 g leaves, fill 1 a liter of water and leave for 3 o'clock. Thereafter the mixture and filter to decontaminate. Spray the plants with a solution of dandelion is recommended every 10-12 days.

a number of chemicals are often used for treatment of cabbage whitefly:

  1. able to. powerful drug, destroying the adults and larvae. It should be diluted with water and treat the seedlings. Eat a minimum of cabbage can not be 30 days after spraying.
  2. Aragventin. Means, quickly stop the development of pest. Particular attention during the treatment should be given to places of egg-laying and larval clusters.
  3. Gold Sparkle. High drug of low cost. It is available in several forms, so you can choose the most convenient for themselves. After spraying, the cabbage can not be used for food purposes at least 30 days.
  4. Fufanon. The integrated product, help get rid of pests in a few hours. Suffice it to dilute it with water and liberally sprinkle the cabbage leaves. We can not allow, to remedy fell on the soil, because it will remain for a long time and it will poison not only the cabbage, but other plants.

note! To reduce the whitefly population recommended abundantly watered cabbage cold water.

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