Instructions for use fitoverm. How and when to handle?

When growing indoor plants and garden owners are faced with various difficulties. Often required to fertilize the soil fertile enough or eliminate pests. In both cases, the problem can be solved with the help of specialized tools. for example, pest control treatment is carried fitoverm. Instructions for use, which is attached to the package, says, how to use the tool correctly.

Назначение Фитоверм – инсектицид, предназначенный для борьбы с колорадским жуком, клещами, пилильщиками, трипсами, тлей, белянкой, совкой, плодожеркой и листоверткой, пяденицей
Appointment Fitoverm - insecticide, intended to control the Colorado potato beetle, tongs, sawflies, Trips, aphids, Belyanko, cutworms, plodozherkoy and listovertkoy, moth

Features fitoverm

Fitoverm The drug is available in several embodiments, which are used for different purposes. Standard formula refers to Biological means. It means, that it does not act immediately. harmful insects, to be poisoned by a mixture of, continue to eat more during the day for a maximum of. Usually destruction of parasites comes after an average of two to three days from the date of pesticide use on plants.

Fitoverm different contact action. It penetrates poorly into the intestine pests, so it should be used to control insects, in which the body sufficiently thin veils. Despite such limitations, application means for processing plant has its advantages. Fitoverm differs lasting effect on insects. Although they do not die immediately, gradually pests begin to eat less and stop reproduction. Yad permanently stored in their bodies, and can therefore be passed on to others.

Due to the nature of work fitoverm, the drug is not suitable for a large gathering of insects. They will destroy the plants faster, manifest itself means action. It is used when the first signs of pests, wherein audio processing is insufficiently. To effectively influence the poison would be required repeat procedures.

Препарат средне-опасен для пчел. Безопасен для человека и животных
The drug medium is dangerous to bees. Safe for humans and animals

Release form and composition

Fitoverm biological product - a concentrated emulsion with a specific smell. It was placed in ampoules of various sizes. received options on sale 2 ml, 4 ml 5 ml. This variant is labeled as Fitoverm TBE. Pesticide is also produced in a volume of bubbles 10 to 400 ml. For those, who need to process large areas, sold jars, containing 5 l preparation. This embodiment is called poison Fitoverm MR.

note. The sale also comes Fitoverm Fort CE, which refers to a higher hazard class.

Means are made of natural ingredients. The basis of the composition of the substance was fitoverm, derived from mycelial mass of soil fungi of the genus Streptomitsesovyh. They are capable of releasing element, called avermectin C. It is used as a basis for the production fitoverm. The avermectins are two ways. First of all, material selection enhance chlorides. Secondly, they do not allow them to get to the necessary receptors.

As a result, such effects occur with chloride current problems in the nervous system pests. Gradually this leads to its destruction. Due to the slow effects on the body of insects, they rarely develop resistance to avermectins. Typically, the emergence of resistance is needed more than six years of regular use of funds on this basis. However, even in the case of emergence of resistance, just two years the use of other pesticides, to insects again become susceptible to avermectins.

Fitoverm produced by several companies. Depending on the type of avermectin, which was used for the base, The drug belongs to the second or, or to the third class of danger. On the territory of Russia is allowed to use only the means by LLC "Farmbiomed". This option is safe for use in suburban areas, farms and other places. All other manufacturers, such as OptiRoza and Letto, only suitable for indoor plants and non-food crops.

Действие препарата при благоприятных погодных условиях продолжается 7-20 суток. Незначительные осадки или обильная роса значительно снижают эффективность препарата
Effect of the drug under favorable weather conditions continue 7-20 day. Slight precipitation or heavy dew significantly reduce the effectiveness of the drug

impact fitoverm

According to the instructions for use, Fitoverm not pollute. composition of components quickly destroyed, getting into the soil or water. Concerning, pest control requires several treatments. If Fitoverm used for plants, with which they will harvest, then shoot the fruits will be a minimum of three days from the moment of the use of poison. Typically, the composition of ingredients disappear from the leaves on the second day. Longest avermectins delayed in fruits fruits.

If Fitoverm hits the ground, Plant roots do not absorb it. Therefore, a pesticide is considered safe. Its protective effects are maintained in the open field to fifteen days. If you apply for houseplants Fitoverm, then this period will be up to twenty days. The drug is effective even when used in hot weather, but usually begin in the evening processing plants, when there is no rain. For the first time are advised to use a pesticide in the morning, before, as the buds bloom. In this case, you can not fear for the health of pollinators, since Fitoverm very dangerous to bees.

However, the pesticide is dangerous to humans. Before, how to apply for Fitoverm cucumbers or any other plant, you need to pay attention to precautions. They include the use of:

  • Ventilator-petal,
  • latex gloves,
  • points,
  • Long pants and work clothes with long sleeves,
  • closed shoes,
  • headdress, closing hair.

Spraying of plants in the greenhouse or outdoors, you can not spend more than four hours. This is the maximum time to work with pesticide. In this period it is forbidden to eat, drinking and smoking. If someone does not use protective clothing, he shall not come near to the place fitoverm spraying. Suspected pesticide poisoning is possible by nausea and a general deterioration of the. For the treatment of drink activated charcoal, a few glasses of water, and then cause vomiting and seek medical attention.

Гибель вредителей наступает на 2-3 сутки после обработки, а максимальный эффект достигается на 5-7 сутки
The death comes to pests 2-3 day after treatment, and the maximum effect is achieved at 5-7 day

How to breed Fitoverm?

With fitoverm treated cucumbers, cabbages, strawberries, strawberry seedlings, beds of flowers and other plants. The amount of the pesticide is selected based not only on crops cultivated, but also because of the type of pest. for example, if used Fitoverm for strawberries, it is usually enough to dissolve 10 venom ml per liter of water. In comments to the recipe write, that pests begin to die within five days after treatment.

The same concentration is used on fitoverm spider mite, which can affect the cucumber, peppers, eggplant and tomatoes on a protected ground. Spraying is carried out during the growing season, based on the maximum flow rate 10 per liter 100 m. If spider mite appeared on indoor plants or flower open field crops, the ratio used 2 ml means for 1 liters of water. consumption is 0,1 liters per square meter for a room, and 10 l 100 m. for open ground.

Fitoverm by aphids bred on 2 ml of 0,25 water for indoor plants. If the flowers are growing in the open ground, is used 8 ml of 1 liters of water. Similar dosage suits against the melon aphid on peppers, tomatoes, eggplants and cucumbers. If flowering plants appeared green Rosana aphids in greenhouses, is used 4 fitoverm ml per liter of water.

By whitefly tool can be used, if the pests have appeared on indoor plants. In this case, divorces 2 ml poison in a glass of water. Repeated processing of whitefly carried about a week. Usually, to get rid of the insects manage after three or four treatments. Also, according to the description, fitoverm 2 hazard class are used in the following cases:

  • Colorado beetle on potato. divorces 4 ml means, consumption is 4 l 100 quarter. m.
  • leaf, moth, scoops and tongs on the currant and apple trees. used 2 ml per liter of water. For currant consumption of a liter per plant, and for apple - five liters per tree.
  • Thrips on flower crops and houseplants. In the first case diluted 10 ml venom in a liter of water and used for 10 l 100 quarter. m. In the second case is taken 2 ml of 0,2 liters of water, and consumption is 0,1 l sq.m..

Price depends on the amount of pesticide and producer. On average, you can concentrate Fitoverm buy 20-50 rubles. According to the responses of people, who purchased the pesticide, its efficiency is strongly dependent on temperature. for example, toxicity against tick drops in cool weather and increases in heat. As the poison in the treated plants disappear in three days, you frequently enough to re-spray the culture.

Обработку проводят в сухую, ясную и безветренную погоду, когда выпадение осадков в первые 8-10 часов после обработки маловероятно
Treatment is carried out in a dry, clear and calm weather, when the precipitation in the first 8-10 hours after the treatment is unlikely

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